New scheduling techniques are a challenge

This year, there have been several changes in the way the students are scheduled for next year. The biggest change has to be the way students are put into classes for next year.

In the past, student grades 8-11 have filled out their schedules, and then the counselors put them into classes by hand. Not anymore. In the 2012- 2013 school year schedules are being figured out by computer this year rather than individually by hand.

“The way this system works is that it tries to put you into the class you want in the period you want,” said high school counselor Brandon Crowder. “This way, if too many students want a certain class and certain period, and you cannot get into that class period, it will put you in another class period that is more suitable to your schedule by creating a new class.”

This new way has disadvantages, though.

“Of course, if not enough people want that same class, we may not be able to put you in it,” said Crowder.

Many people may thing that this way is easier than the other way, but it is not.

“It has been challenging,” said Crowder. “This is new to us, and we are learning along the way.”

Hopefully this new way of scheduling students for the new school year will proof to be more efficient and helpful than the last.

Info by Emma Walker