NJHS Preparing Future NHS Members

This year the faculty is hoping to start a National Junior Honor Society for the seventh, eighth and ninth graders. The idea was brought up by new I.C.P. and chemistry teacher, Eric Noble.

Noble is the sponsor for NJHS and hopes that the younger students will benefit from the program.

“NJHS will provide the community with valuable community service and promote scholarship, leadership, character, citizenship, and community amongst the students, and will give them some achievement goals,” said Noble.

NJHS will not guarantee membership into the high school chapter of National Honor Society, but it will help prepare students for NHS.

“NJHS is similar to being in NHS. NJHS has the same expectations and criteria that NHS has, and helps students become stronger candidates for NHS,” said Noble.

Although not every kid wants to be in NJHS, Noble hopes that he’ll get a strong number.

“There are 84 kids eligible to apply for NHJS, and I’m hoping for around forty eighth and ninth grade students, and when fall semester grades come out, we’ll be looking at including members of the seventh grade class,” said Noble.

Noble feels NJHS will be a good learning experience for the seventh through ninth graders, and it has already been sent into the School Board.

“The school board was notified September 10,” said Noble, “but since NJHS has no officially paid positions it will become a new club starting this year.”

NJHS is the newest addition the school’s clubs, and the school is hoping to get a lot of applications. NJHS will be an opportunity for the younger students and help them become more involved in the community.

News Info by Emma Walker