Junior High Homeroom Activities

This week another option is available during homeroom for Junior High students.  A movie, Pole to Pole, will be presented in the auditorium.  This movie illustrates how animals in nature survive in their habitats and the dangers they face.  Learn how penguins survive in Antarctica and the dangers polar bear cubs face in the Arctic.  You do not need to sign up for this option.
This week you must sign up for the gyms as an option.  Only 50 students will be permitted to sign up in each gym.  You must select either the walking option or on the floor activity.  You will not be allowed to switch back and forth.
You must also sign up for the computer lab or the study hall options.

Remember you must sign up in Room 223  by the end of the day on Thursday for the choice you want:  gym, computer lab, or study hall.