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Media Students to Attend Fall Press Day at IUS

On Friday, October 25, the PHS Media Department will be traveling to the annual SISPA Fall Press Day at IUS. The students will attend two workshops and find out if their work from the previous school year received any awards. 

“I like the SISPA Fall Press competition because it allows students to submit the hard work they have completed and use any awards given to them as résumé builders for future references,” said Media Advisor Heather Nichols.

Story by Kinley Block

Shellenberger Takes On Spanish Club

This year, Spanish teacher Crystal Shellenberger will be sponsoring Spanish Club. The Spanish Club is open to all students in grades 9 through 12 who are taking Spanish classes. 

“This is my first year so I’m hoping to meet at least once a grading period,” said Shellenberger.

In September, the club had a discussion about Hispanic Heritage Month. They also shared a popular dessert called ‘Tres Leches,’ which means ‘three milks’ in English. 

“I hope students in the club have ideas they’d like to explore. I’m excited about the possibilities,” said Shellenberger.

Story by Ruby Chesnut

Tri-Hi-Y Makes a Difference

Tri-Hi-Y is a service club where students do service projects that help people in the local community and around the world.

At this point in time, the club is working on making hats for cancer patients and orphaned infants in Africa. They are also helping nutrition and finance teacher Debbie Andry’s sewing club with pillowcases for kids in the hospital. Tri-Hi-Y is also making Halloween cards to deliver to Paoli Health and Living residents. These projects involve everyone in the club and students who want to lend a helping hand. Tri-Hi-Y is always looking for new members and everyone is welcome to join.

“We would love to have more people involved. You can be part of whatever projects you want as your time allows,” said Club Sponsor Maria Wishart. 

Students interested in helping with these projects can email Wishart at or attend the Wednesday homeroom meetings in Wishart’s classroom.

Story by Amanda Bowles

Nutrition Students Put Their Skills to the Test

Starting next grading period, the junior high nutrition and finance class will begin cooking for the first time this year.

During the first nine weeks, students learn how to handle finances, such as writing checks, doing taxes and dealing with payments. In the second nine weeks, students learn different cooking techniques and ingredients and apply those skills by cooking different foods. 

For their first dish, they will be making cinnamon roll bites.

“I think it will be fun just learning how to cook,” said eighth grader Kayson Simpson.

Story by Michael Hannon

Art Students Brighten Up Classrooms

Paoli High School art teacher Chris Jones is continuing the tradition of making ceiling tiles for teachers this year.

Jones’s drawing 2 and Pre-AP drawing students are tasked with creating the tiles during the first semester of the school year. Every teacher is given the opportunity to purchase a tile to add to their classrooms. Teachers are also able to select a certain student to design their tile and can contact their artist to give them ideas or discuss their desired design. Tiles are $20 a piece, and the funds help the art department purchase new art supplies, computer software or any other necessity that the budget set does not cover. 

“Every classroom has about 100 boring white ceiling tiles. This project adds something a little more interesting. Bringing color to the space that could brighten up someone’s day,” said Jones.

Story by Amanda Bowles

Fall Musical Auditions Begin October 7

On October 7 through 9, the Paoli High School Drama club will be hosting auditions for their fall musical, The Sound of Music. Auditions are open to any student in grades 7 through 12 and will take place in the Ruth Farlow Uyesugi Auditorium.

The main consideration for casting is how you audition, who best fits which part. Other considerations are dependability, ability to cooperate, availability, seniority, what we already know about you,” said Drama Club Director Maria Wishart.

Anyone wishing to audition for a featured or lead role are recommended to prepare a karaoke or an a cappella song to sing for the audition panel so they can determine each person’s strengths.

Story by Michael Hannon

Speech and Government Students Learn About the Town Council

On Friday, September 27, Town Clerk Treasurer Amy Morris visited PHS to talk to the advanced speech and AP government classes about the town council election forum. Speech teacher Carol Fullington and government teacher Neil Dittmer’s classes are working together to put on the event.

The position Morris holds requires her to work closely with the town council. During her visit, she gave the students basic information about the town council, and the students could have their questions answered.

“I thought Amy was very informative and professional about describing the responsibilities of the town council. I really appreciated the time she took out of her day to help us learn more about the topic to inform our students and our greater community,” said Fullington.

The forum will be held in the Ruth Uyesugi Auditorium on October 24 at 6 p.m.

Story by Elizabeth Workman

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