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Congressman Hollingsworth to Speak to Seniors at PHS

On Tuesday, October 8, Indiana’s 9th District congressman, Trey Hollingsworth, will be coming to PHS to speak to seniors in government and economics classes along with other teachers’ students who are allowing them to attend.

“We were told it is mostly a Q&A session for the students. I’m sure, like all politicians, he will have something to talk about,” said government and U.S. history teacher Chris Lindley. 

Hollingsworth will be speaking in government and economics teacher Neil Dittmer’s classroom.

Story by Gracie Walls

Herff Jones Class Ring Parent Night on October 8

The annual Herff Jones Class Ring Parent Night will be on Tuesday, October 8 from 3:10 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The booth will either be set up in the library hallway or the Chromebook room across from the cafeteria. There will be catalogs and example merchandise that parents and students can choose from when creating a class ring.

Story by Gracie Walls


Herff Jones Senior Informational Meeting October 1

On Tuesday, October 1 from 8:15 a.m. to 9 a.m., the annual Herff Jones senior informational meeting will be held in the auditorium. 

There will be a brief video about what it means to be a senior and discussions about purchasing items for graduation, such as a cap, gown and tassel. Herff Jones will also share a catalog of additional memorabilia items that will be available for purchase. 

All seniors need to attend if they plan to walk at graduation. Parents can also attend but will need to sign in through the office.

Herff Jones will be back at PHS on Tuesday, October 8 from 10:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. to accept order forms and payments.

Story by Makiya Russelburg

Intramural Sports Club Kickoff

The Intramural Sports Club will be holding their first kickball tournament on Wednesday, October 2. The tournament will be starting at 6:30 p.m. There was a google survey sent out to all junior high and high school students about participation in the event, and 120 students and 15 staff members signed up. The tournament will be held at the baseball and softball fields at PHS, and students are welcome to come and watch the tournament. 

“I’m really excited for the first event. Before my time as a student at PHS, intramural sports were a really big deal. A lot of kids and teachers participated in them is what I have been told. I hope a lot of students show up to watch as well. I think it will motivate more students to sign up in the future if they see everyone having a good time. I’m glad to be a part of starting this club back up with Coach Cole and Mrs. Hudelson,” said club Co-leader Aaron Key.

Story by Faith Wilder

PHS Opens a New Book

Starting this year, PHS is giving students the opportunity to borrow books. Seventh grade English teacher Loretta Brown is starting a new book donation area.

In the last few years, I have learned that there are people who have a love of reading and want to share that love with students. This year, I sent a letter to parents asking about different ways they might want to be involved. Several said they would like to donate books,” said Brown. 

One can drop off books at anytime to her room located in the junior high section of Paoli High School. Brown hopes to get students reading more, which could also lead to an increase in reading scores.

“Hopefully, it will help my seventh graders capture the joy of reading. Their future depends on being a reader and a thinker,” said Brown.

Story by Faith Wilder

PHS Weight Room to be Used for Defense Tactics Training

From September 16 through 20, unfamiliar faces may be seen throughout the building of PHS.

12 to 15 police officers will be using Paoli High School’s weight room to conduct Defense Tactics training. Officers have used PHS’s facilities in the past and chose to use them again because of its central location in Orange County.

“I love the fact that they are here. They do so much for the community and our facilities allow them the necessary training they need to do their jobs effectively. Anytime police are present in our building the whole school benefits from it,” said Assistant Principal Ed Wagner.

Story by Makiya Russelburg

College Fair to Take Place on October 23

This year, the annual College Fair at PHS will be held on October 23. The event will take place in the auxiliary gym during all lunches. At the time guidance counselor Brandi Kerley was interviewed, 24 colleges had confirmed their attendance. A total of 80 schools were invited, and Kerley hopes to see at least 50 present at the fair.

“[The College Fair is a way] to expose students to many colleges and careers in Indiana and surrounding states. We want students to be able to speak with college representatives and talk about what their University has to offer in terms of majors, degrees, housing, scholarships and many more topics. It is also a great opportunity to speak with college reps about admissions requirements and what to do to prepare,” said Kerley.

Story by Faith Wilder

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