• Football All Conference

    This past fall, the PHS football team had a successful season, as they reached the Sectional championship. Throughout the season, coaches notice which players excel in performance. This year, there

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  • Jubilee Christmas Boxes

    TriHiY will be making Jubilee Christmas boxes again this year. This was the first year that selling ice cream in the fall gave TriHiY enough money to buy some of

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  • Holiday Ball

    High school Student Council will be hosting a semi-formal winter dance for students in grades 9-12 on January 20. Tickets will go on sale soon, so keep an eye out.

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  • FYI: Schedule Changes

    With the semester coming down to its final days, most might not be thinking about the second semester to come after break. However, some make it their priority to make

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  • Spaghetti Dinner and Other Fundraisers

    With The Lion King play going on, the senior class took advantage of all of the extra people visiting the building. The 2018 graduating class sold spaghetti dinner tickets to

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  • The Life of Mahalia Taylor

    The Life of Mahalia Taylor (Click link above to see photo essay) By Audrie Hardin Junior Mahalia Taylor focuses on school. Taylor’s favorite classes are yearbook, newspaper and advanced Photo.

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  • Lee in Photography

    Photography seems to be something that is very popular in our area, and a lot of people enjoy it. There is also a lot of talent that is involved in

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  • Football Senior Smith

    Senior Tyler Smith has been playing football since his fourth grade year. Smith wanted to play football because there is nothing else he could participate in where he can hit

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  • HOSA Pizza Fundraiser

    The Future Health Professionals HOSA will be selling Pizza Hut Cheese and Pepperoni pizza during high school and Jr. High lunches on Friday 12/15/17. The price will be $2 per

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  • Terrarium Time

    Terrarium Time (Click link above to see photo essay) By Emma McCrary Students in Lori Stroud’s eighth grade science class make terrariums to learn about mass.

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Football All Conference

This past fall, the PHS football team had a successful season, as they reached the Sectional championship. Throughout the season, coaches notice which players excel in performance. This year, there are nine all-conference players on the football team. The players and their positions are quarterback Garrett Vincent, punter Tyler Smith, kicker Dietrich Sears, wide receiver Dawson Easterday, linebacker Ty Lawson, running back Ian Strange, running back Timothy Burton, defensive lineman Michael Campbell and offensive lineman Matthew Webb. Being selected for this award should bring athletes pride in their abilities.
“It really is an honor to be chosen as an athlete out of the entire conference. Playing your hardest is all you can do,” said junior Ty Lawson.
Make sure to congratulate these young men, as they have reached a level of play that has been noticed.

Story by Jace Ingle

Jubilee Christmas Boxes

TriHiY will be making Jubilee Christmas boxes again this year. This was the first year that selling ice cream in the fall gave TriHiY enough money to buy some of the items instead of relying on donations. TriHiY sponsor Maria Wishart hopes to get even more donations next year.
“We didn’t get very many from people outside of the club. Even a small gift from the dollar store is helpful,” said Wishart. For a little over 10 years, TriHiY has made the shoe boxes for Christmas. They may make as few as 7 and as many as 30. All of the boxes will include toys, school supplies and other things such as toothbrushes and washcloths.
Children globally do not get the Christmas most of us get to have, so putting things together for those children makes a huge difference to them.
“The boxes are so amazing because it gives us the ability to feel as if we are impacting the world. Deciding what to put in each box and knowing it is going to make a child’s day is the best feeling,” said junior Sierra Rodewig.

Story by Kinley Block

FYI: Schedule Changes

With the semester coming down to its final days, most might not be thinking about the second semester to come after break. However, some make it their priority to make changes to their schedules to make the rest of the school year better for them.
Anyone wishing to change their schedules are encouraged to do it before Christmas break, but changes can be made until Sunday, January 4. No guidance counselor will be at school over break. The process is as simple as getting a form from the guidance office, filling it out and bringing it back in.
Electives can easily be switched out, but necessary courses cannot be dropped. In addition, changing classes in order to change lunches will not be allowed.
It is important to know that the earlier students fill out the form, the better their chances of getting into the class.

Story by Sara Kesterson

Lee in Photography

Photography seems to be something that is very popular in our area, and a lot of people enjoy it. There is also a lot of talent that is involved in being a good photographer. Sophomore Kyla Lee has been doing photography for two years now and is doing phenomenal work.
Lee first started intro to media as an eighth grader, and going into it, she was already interested in photography. Last year, she was in Photo 1 and is now a part of the journalism staff as the Clubs and Student Life Photo Editor. Lee’s mother was a photographer when she was in high school, which inspired Lee to try it. Lee also wanted people to see the work she puts into her pictures.
When she is working on her craft, Lee looks up to Lily Thompson the most.
“Seeing all of her work and how she captures everything in such a beautiful way gives me the inspiration to do the same,” said Lee.
Out of all the things to take images of, Lee enjoys shooting sports the most. Lee thinks taking pictures of sports is more interesting since there’s more going on. Although she enjoys taking sports, she has a love-hate relationship with them. It’s frustrating for her from having to change the camera settings all the time to missing perfect shooting opportunities. Lee also enjoys getting to see how different people spend their time.
On average, Lee spends about 4 hours a week taking pictures. She usually takes photos of a sports event each week, such as a volleyball game on Tuesday or Thursday and football games on Friday. She takes photos of other events as well, such as pep sessions or activities in classrooms.
After high school, Lee plans on taking pictures in her free time and possibly minoring in photography.

Story by Avery Owens

Football Senior Smith

Senior Tyler Smith has been playing football since his fourth grade year. Smith wanted to play football because there is nothing else he could participate in where he can hit someone and not get in trouble for it. For Smith, it’s also a lot of fun to be with friends and win.
“I have improved over the years by lifting weights every summer. I put on some weight to make me stronger, but I have also gotten faster over the time, too. I came in my freshman year weighing in at 175, and my senior year I weighed in at 210. There are some improvements in my weight so I wouldn’t be too little to run the ball at the fullback position,” said Smith.
This year, Smith had three goals he hoped to achieve. The first goal was to win the Orange Bowl, which the team did. Another goal was to win PLAC, and they succeeded. His last goal was to win Sectional. The team made it to the last round of Sectional, but, unfortunately, did not succeed.
Coach England in youth, coach Adam Stroud in junior high and former varsity head coach Brian Balsmeyer helped Smith become the player he is today.
“Tyler is a very talented football player and a great kid. He has started playing for us for four years now. The way he runs the ball inside makes everyone around him a better player. His athleticism makes him very difficult to block,” said varsity football coach Jeremy Lowery.
Smith was a great asset to the football program at Paoli and would like to play football in college, but is unsure of where right now.

Story by Haley Owens

Wishart Proud of King Performances

This past weekend, the PHS Drama Club put on the production of the Lion King Jr.

Director Maria Wishart thought the production went very well.

“I was very pleased with the production. There were some really beautiful moments. I always enjoy watching individuals grow,” said Wishart.

While putting the performance together, the students did a lot of work and made sure everything was progressing at a good rate. A lot of people put in hard work to help improve the show and get through the challenges. One of the hardest things for the drama club was to put on the show with a low budget and with such little time. Something the drama club decided beforehand was to use current and former student to help with makeup, such as former student Tyler Pavey.

The storyline taught both the audience and cast about family, challenges in growing up, how to face loss, taking responsibility and the great circle of life. The cast and crew of the show helped the audience see all of these great life lessons.

Following Friday’s performance, the cast got a standing ovation; partly because of the great performance and also because the audience was really feeling what the show was all about.

“We thought that the show was great, but to see that many people on their feet at the end took my breath away. We have never had that kind of reaction to a high school show before. It really validates our hard work and effort,” said senior Keegan Anderson.

Story by Avery Owens

Rams Plan January Trip to Hoosier Gym

On January 20, the Varsity boys basketball team will be playing in the the famous Hoosier Gym in Knightstown, IN. The gym is most famous for being the central location for the 1986 basketball movie Hoosiers. The Rams will face off against Lapel High School at 2:30 p.m. Tickets will be on sale this Friday, December 8 at the boys game against West Washington. Tickets will be $10.00 and are only eligible to use for the Paoli game. Availability for tickets is limited so make sure to get your tickets ASAP. Come out and show support for the boys as they play in one of the most famous high school gyms in Indiana.

By Jace Ingle

Sears Recognized at Colts Game

Football has always played a big role in the life of senior Dietrich Sears. In the third grade, Sears began his football career for Paoli and continued through his senior year. Sears most certainly holds true to the phrase “student-athlete, student comes first.” Sears’ grade point average (GPA) is phenomenal and is in the running for the title of 2018 PHS Valedictorian. Sears’ determination to succeed is what led to his recent recognition at Lucas Oil Stadium.
Because of his dedication to his education, Sears was recognized during the Indianapolis Colts game on Sunday, November 26 for being in the top 2% of GPAs for football players in Indiana.
“It was a very fun and cool experience and a good way to feel like the work in the classroom paid off,” said Sears.
Sears will continue to work hard as he gets closer to his anticipated graduation date in May with the class of 2018. After graduating from PHS, Sears looks to further his education at Indiana University in the field of chemistry or astrophysics.

Story by Hunter Hamilton

Basketball Sophomore Cunningham

Sophomore Madison Cunningham has been playing basketball for 6 years. Playing mainly as a guard, she knows the mental toughness and physical capacity needed to compete with other teams.
“My favorite thing about basketball is the experience that I get to have in front of everyone, the memories and the life lessons it teaches me,” said Cunningham.
Basketball for Cunningham is always competitive. Each day in practice helps her increase the skills she needs to be a guard, but it is not easy. With the right mindset and focus on the court, competition is a cakewalk.
She looks up to people who she always watched growing up. Role models help push Cunningham and motivate her to become a better athlete.
“Morgan Kingston and Sophie Sears inspire me because no matter the circumstances, they always gave everything they had to the game. They were able to walk through PHS as some of the best girls basketball players and hold records of our school now,” said Cunningham.
The team is striving to achieve PLAC champion and go back to defeat Eastern Pekin for Sectional. Cunningham knows the team has a lot of talent and can do whatever they set their minds to. She hopes to bring home a state title for the season.
“I hope that we work as a team and achieve the most that we can. We just have to work together and make each other better every day,” said Cunningham.
Outside of the sport, players may or may not be friends with their teammates. However, everyone needs to get along and work together. Teamwork makes the dream work, and all it takes is having confidence in yourself and your teammates on the court.
“As a friend and a teammate, Madison really pushes herself, and it shows when she is on the court with everyone. She’s going to go really far with her attitude and ability to play,” said sophomore Sierra Manship.
Although Cunningham does not plan on playing basketball after high school, she still wants to work hard and be the best she can.

Story by Kinley Block

Basketball Sophomore Manship

Basketball season is approaching, and sophomore Sierra Manship is beyond excited to get the ball moving. Manship has been playing basketball since she was in third grade, and ever since, she has developed a passion for it. Manship pursued the sport because she was inspired by her dad to start playing.
“My dad has always just pushed me to be better at everything I do, and he always helped me,” said Manship.
Manship is a center, and just like every other athlete, she has set her goals for the season. Her main goal for the season is to have the highest free throw percentage out of all her teammates and to win Sectional.
With every sport comes the pros and cons, and Manship is confident on what they are to her.
“My favorite thing is playing with all of my friends and least favorite thing is running at practice,” said Manship.
As the years went on, Manship worked to improve both her mental and physical game. Playing sports can be so much more than just the game. Athletes tend to learn life lessons that they can take with them after they walk away from the sport. Manship says that with basketball, she has become better at keeping calm in certain situations.
“Basketball has taught me to take harsh criticism and how I can respond back better,” said Manship.
To anyone wishing to play basketball, or any sport in general, Manship says to, without a doubt, be confident.
“Always be confident in yourself. I’ve learned this because the coaches are always saying to be confident that you are going to make the next shot or anything else relating to the sport,” said Manship.
Manship hopes to continue making memories with her team and to improve twice as much as last year. Manship also hopes that she and her teammates can be more successful this season.

Story by Sara Kesterson

Lion King Rehersal

Lion King Rehearsal

(Click link above to see photo essay)

By Katie May

Paoli Jr. Sr. High School drama club is putting on the original Disney Lion King Junior performance. Their first performance will be held this Thursday, December 30. Drama club has been practicing since the beginning of October to make this play a memorable experience for all of the audience.

Becht’s Holiday Spirit

Eighth grader Taylor Becht is involved with the French Lick Scenic Railway. She is currently playing as an elf and chef in The Polar Express.
“On The Polar Express, you are an entertainer and try to make every night the best for all the families. You also see how you can change any person’s life in a positive way,” said Becht.
A skill Becht has that helps her with her job is being able to talk with people and communicate in different situations.
“You should be able to make up conversation, see happiness in any situation, and be great with children,” explained Becht.
In order to have a good, well functioning show, everyone must work as a family. Each person must do their part as an “elf” so everyone on the train can keep the Christmas attitude. This job suits Becht very well simply because she loves to make people happy and has good communication and improv skills. In this type of job, you must be able to do lots of improv.
“This job suits me because I can make things up on the spot, act like a child, and sing and dance like nobody’s watching,” said Becht
Becht is good with communicating with not only kids, but adults too.
“I feel like being able to talk to the kids and adults is a big part of it all. I mean, you want to sing and dance, but if you can’t act and be an elf, then it kills everything about the show,” said Becht.
Over the years that she’s been involved with The Polar Express, she’s improved in areas such as communication. At first, she didn’t know how to talk to people, but now she is more confident than ever in herself. Becht’s favorite part of The Polar Express is being able to make people laugh and be happy and being able to change someone’s life in a positive way.
“Being involved with such a big corporation really makes you feel great. Knowing that you could have changed a person’s life in a positive way is one of my favorite things about the entire experience,” said Becht.
Becht plans on doing The Polar Express throughout her high school years, and her performance skills will only improve.
“I will probably stick with The Polar Express all the way through high school. Once you get out of school, you can no longer be an elf. I’m going to make the most of my time and do it every year,” said Becht.

Story by Angie Ceja

Vincent Reflects on Football

Millions of students across the country participate in high school athletics. In fact, there are approximately eight million high school athletes in the United States. The friendships formed, memories shared and life lessons learned through sports is what draws kids to play. Some of the most cherished memories of students can be gained through their athletic careers.
For senior quarterback Garrett Vincent, this is most definitely the case.
“My best memories are just being in the locker room with my team. A lot of times, people take for granted the bonds that are formed when people spend so much time together like teammates do. My teammates really feel like family, and it’s really something special,” said Vincent.
Vincent has participated in football for ten years and has been around the game his whole life. With his father being his coach and his entire family religiously devoted to watching football, Vincent has plenty of experience with the game. Playing for Paoli ever since third grade, Vincent has developed a passion for the game and the desire to win.
“My favorite thing about playing is winning. I love to win and to see our hard work pay off. It’s especially sweet to win now because of how much success we lacked when I was an underclassman,” said Vincent.
High school teaches students a lot of important things, but some just cannot be learned in the classroom. Football has taught Vincent many important life lessons he will always remember.
“It has really driven skills and characteristics into me that I could not have gotten on my own. One of the main things is accountability. In the Paoli football program, accountability is huge. The coaches always talk about doing your one-eleventh on the field for success and that’s a great way to teach young men how to be accountable. I’ve also learned how to be a leader on and off the field and how to relate to lots of different personalities,” said Vincent.
During his junior year, Vincent suffered an injury early in the season that shattered his hopes of playing another game that season. After receiving the news that his collarbone was officially broken and he would be missing the rest of the season, Vincent was absolutely crushed.
“My injury completely devastated me last season. I felt like I worked so hard to be where I was only to have it all taken away from me. A big thing it taught me was how to be a good teammate no matter what. Even though I couldn’t contribute on the field, I knew that my role on the team was a big one. I just turned into a cheerleader and sometimes a coach. I tried to encourage as much as possible and to help the guys who had to step in and take my spot. It also just made me really excited for this season and really determined to make it a special one,” said Vincent.
This season being Vincent’s last year at PHS heightens his determination to make it spectacular. One last chance at victory has Vincent and his senior teammates working extremely hard towards a title.
“My goals for this season have been the same since day one: win every championship possible,” said Vincent.
With the team already winning the Patoka Lake Athletic Conference title, Vincent is accomplishing his dreams. As the season is coming to an end, Vincent knows he will miss it every day.
“I really try not to think about this being my last season too much. I have loved football since I was able to walk, and the fact that it’s almost over and gone is really sad. I know that I’ll never be a part of anything like Paoli football. It’s cliché, but there is not much like it. Football has been such a huge part of my life, and it really makes me sad that in a few weeks I will never play another down,” said Vincent.
Every year, senior athletes will touch the field or court one last time, and the outcome for Vincent is no different. After finding something truly special, it’s heartbreaking to grasp the reality that in a few weeks, it will be gone. Come support Vincent and his teammates as they play what could be their final game for PHS on Friday, October 20.

Story by Hunter Hamilton

Lewellyn’s Hopes for Volleyball

In 2002, the PHS girls volleyball team won their first Sectional. For years, the girls could not get past a rough competition, until 2016. The volleyball team had successfully won Sectional for the first time in over a decade. This was a huge step for Paoli history, as the girls made it to the first round of Semi-State against Covenant Christian. The Rams fell in three sets, but the girls continue to strive for a State trophy. Sophomore Kaden Lewellyn was a part of this school history.
“I want to go back to Semi-State and finish what we started,” said Lewellyn.
Lewellyn has been part of the Paoli volleyball program for almost six years and counting. Being a freshman in last year’s Sectional and Regional victories, Lewellyn is prepared and determined to conquer any team, including new Sectional opponent Christian Academy. She knows if the team can put it away from the first point and work hard, there should be no problems for the future.
“I love volleyball because it’s my favorite sport and I never get tired of it,” said Lewellyn.
Lewellyn’s favorite postions to play are all around for JV and an outside or right side hitter for varsity. Lewellyn is starting to like passing more and is becoming more confident at serving. Though she claims that it does not matter what she does, her all time favorite is outside hitting.
“I really hope we can put things together to do what we strive for,” said Lewellyn.
Lewellyn is confident her teammates can do anything as long as they work together. She is very excited for the season and has high hopes for everyone, including herself. For Lewellyn, every practice is a chance to get better.
“It has been rough, but I am getting familiar without coach Casey Bowles,” said Lewellyn.
Lewellyn feels the biggest difference from last year’s season of volleyball is getting used to the new coaches. This year, Lewellyn plays under assistant varsity coach Chelsea Shupe and JV coach Mark House. All of the new people in the program are finally becoming familiar to Lewellyn. She is excited for her team and hopes to grow closer and closer.
Lewellyn plans on playing volleyball after high school. She is not for sure where, but she knows that she cannot stop playing the sport that she loves.

Story by Kinley Block

Colorful Rams

The PHS art department is painting concrete rams again this year to help pay for some of the art supplies. This will be the fourth time the art students paint the rams. Local businesses such as Walmart and Wendy’s have these special rams sitting at the entrance for all to see when they walk in.
“The challenge of painting what the person wants onto the ram is difficult because of how the ram is made,” said sophomore Madison Robertson.
This year, the program will be painting 18 rams, each costing $100 for the customer. One ram is for Tom Willett of Hoosier Hardware in Paoli. Sophomore Parker Sullivan will be painting it purple and gold.
“I like that these rams will be in the community for people to see what students at PHS are doing, and it supports the rams,” said Sullivan.

Story by Kinley Block

Engleking: Girl’s Golf Sophomore

At PHS, a lot of people may not realize there is a girl’s golf team. Sophomore Jalyn Engleking has been playing golf for about two years now and has been pretty successful, along with the rest of the team. Engleking started playing golf last year as a freshman. Engleking had not considered playing golf until one day when she was out in her yard playing with her brother’s clubs. She hit a ball really far and decided to try out golf, Engleking has had a lot of fun with it so far.
To improve her golf game, Engleking has spent time getting out and playing. She also went to a golf camp this past summer and took lessons with former golf coach Mike Kerby.
Engleking’s favorite thing about golf is getting the chance to play with people from other schools. Although she enjoys golf, the late nights can be pretty rough, especially when she has a lot of homework.
This year, the team got to play in meets at various courses. Engleking’s favorite course to play is Lucas Oil in English.
Engleking’s goal for the season was to shoot high 40s or low 50s. Engleking finished the season with an average of 60.8, which was a big improvement from last year. Her biggest accomplishment was getting to play as number 3 most of the season.
“This is good for me because I played 5th and 6th place most of the season last year,” said Engleking.
Many memories were made throughout the season this year. Engleking’s favorite memory is of the team singing and dancing on the way to meets.
Engleking feels she finished the season off very well.
“Sectional went well for me, and I think the team did pretty well overall too,” said Engleking.
Girls golf coach Brad Bledsoe has seen a lot of the hard work and effort Engleking has put into her game.
“I have seen a lot of improvement from Jalyn from last season to this one. I was very proud of her effort in the Sectional,” said Bledsoe.
Engleking plans to play all through high school and continue to play in her free time after she graduates. There is a possibility Engleking will play golf in college as well.

Story by Avery Owens

McGowen’s Years in Band Leave Big Impression

Everyone has that one thing they’re good at, and for Grayson McGowen, that thing is band. Having participated in band for a total of six years, McGowen’s life revolves around the schedule of the Pride of Paoli and other aspects of the band.
McGowen plays in the marching band, pep band, jazz band and concert band. She first joined after admiring the work that her older sister, Maggie McGowen, had previously done in the band, and now they are currently in the band together.
The McGowen family’s life has been greatly affected by the girls’ involvement in the band at PHS. From practice to competitions, both daughters are very busy, as are the McGowen parents. Jodi and Scott McGowen feed band kids, make props, help with uniforms and do many other band-related activities on a daily basis. Overall, McGowen’s life is hugely affected by this program.
“Band has affected me in many ways. It has helped me make more friends, helped me open up more to others and find myself easier,” said McGowen.
McGowen’s biggest achievement in the band is placing third at State last year, which reminded her of her favorite memory of being in band: standing in the awards block at State. While doing this, band directors come around and shake band member’s hands and give them a sense of pride, which McGowen holds dear to her heart.
“Band changed my high school career for the better, and I’m lucky to be a part of such a successful program.” said McGowen.
Being in band has been a big part of McGowen’s life for six years now, but music has always been a huge aspect of her daily life.
“I knew music was going to be a big part of my life one day when I was at church. A man that I went to church with gave me his trumpet, and it inspired me to start playing,” said McGowen.
McGowen plans on pursuing music as her future career once she graduates high school. She also plans to continue using what she has learned from band and her other skills. Having the talent of playing the trumpet, flugelhorn, piano, ukulele and the guitar, she already has much musical talent to build off of. She is looking into IU’s music program but is unsure of her future plans. McGowen dreams of playing and living in New York City.

Story by Kennedy Embry

Golf Senior Lowe

Senior Allie Lowe is one of the two seniors on the girls golf team this year. Lowe began playing golf as a freshman. After Lowe chose not to continue with volleyball, she was trying to find another sport to play. Fellow senior teammate Callie Baker asked her dad show Lowe how to play so she could join the team.  When Lowe began playing, she played one of the last spots on the golf team, but now she has the honor of playing number two.
Lowe really likes how golf is an individual sport and how it makes you own up to your mistakes. She does not like how she gets in her head and becomes upset about a bad stroke or meet.
“Golf has shown me that you can’t blame your mistakes on other people, I have to own up to them,” said Lowe.
Golf does not take up a huge amount of time. She focuses when she needs to, but still has plenty of time to support her friends at their sports events. It’s all about prioritizing.
“You need a lot of self motivation, so if you don’t, then golf is not for you,” said Lowe.
Lowe’s goal for the season was to shoot in the low 50s or high 40s, and she successfully reached that goal at the Springs Valley match. She shot a 51 there and a 47 at practice at Paoli, which is really good for her.
Like most activities, time often improves an athlete’s skills in a sport.
“Golf is definitely a sport you have to stick with. There will always be good and bad matches or shots, but if you can get through the worst of it, the good that comes is amazing,” said Lowe.
When Lowe leaves high school, she is not going to continue to pursue her golf career.
“She has shown improvement each of the years that I had her. She was a sophomore when I first took over the girls golf program, and along with Callie [Baker], she has shown great leadership, has worked hard to improve her golf game and has been a pleasure to coach. Allie was named as an Academic All-State Honorable Mention this past season, so she has shown hard work in the classroom also and is a role model as a scholar athlete,” said varsity girls golf coach Brad Bledsoe.

Story by Haley Owens

Trip Planned for Seventh Grade to Actor’s Theater

On November 30, seventh grade English teacher Loretta Brown will be taking the seventh grade class to Actor’s Theater in Louisville to see a performance of A Christmas Carol.

“I wanted to take students on this field trip again because students learn to appreciate the theater as a result. Before going on the field trip in the past, I have students tell me they didn’t think it would be good. Once they see the performance with all of the special effects, they are excited about the experience,” said Brown.

In order for the seventh graders to attend, they must be in a general or pre-AP English class and not have an “F” overall grade in any class.

Prior to the day of the trip, a representative from the theater will be in Brown’s classes doing activities with the kids to prepare them for the performance.

Students will leave the school by bus at 8:30 a.m. and return by 2:45 p.m.

Brown has done this trip for many years and will continue doing so with the seventh graders.

Story by Noah Chaplin

Bosley Visits Purdue Campus

BosleyPurdueOn December 12, freshman Brett Bosley made a trip to visit the Purdue University basketball program. This trip was an opportunity for the freshman to learn about a possible college location where he could take his basketball talent.

“I got to visit the locker room and basketball facilities,” said Bosley.

Bosley has made several trips playing basketball around the country, and his talents have drawn the attention of many colleges in Indiana. Bosley’s visit to Purdue was his first real chance to learn about the college game, and see a place where he could possibly fit.

“They allowed me to meet all the Purdue players. I had a chance to shoot around a little bit on the court. The experience was very fun and interesting,” said Bosley.

While on campus, Bosley also attended a Purdue game. After this visit, Bosley has high hopes for his future, realizing that there may be some difficult decisions ahead.

Story by Dietrich Sears


Engleking Reflects on Tennis Honor

Senior Adam Engleking was recently named IHSTeCA Academic All-State Honorable Mention for boys tennis this past season. To be qualified for such an award, the tennis player must be a senior, have a minimum GPA of 3.6 and a minimum SAT score of 1100.

“It is nice to receive recognition based on my academic achievements in tennis. I am honored to receive this award,” said Engleking.

Engleking has been a member of the high school tennis team since his freshman year and has played tennis for as long as he can remember. Being a senior and concluding his last season as a player, Engleking is humbled by the award and is glad he left a mark on sports academics.

“It has been great playing tennis throughout my high school career, and I am happy to receive this as a way to end it all,” said Engleking.

By Jace Ingle


Photo By Kyla Lee

Board Adopts Meal Charging Change

The meal charging policy at PHS has been changed. Adopted on October 9, students are expected to pay for meals in advance or on the day the meal is served. Students may charge up to a $25 limit in their lunch or breakfast account before paying off their meals. Once the $25 limit is reached, the child will only be able to receive an alternate meal and not a meal of their choice.

Forgetting meal money is another story. Students can eat that day’s reimbursable meal only and then are expected to bring money for the meal the following day. The cafeteria will also be sending home payment reminders with those having $5 or less in their lunch account each Friday.

Not receiving payment for a longer period of time will result in a letter being sent to the child’s address on file to clarify the ability of the Board to take their parents or guardians to small claims court over the missing lunch payment. The parent will also be responsible for the cost of the court date, which will add to the amount of debt already on hand.

Story by Kennedy Embry

Peaks to Host Job Fair Saturday

Saturday, November 18, the Paoli Peaks will be hosting a Job Fair open to anyone looking to work from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Inside and outside positions will be available, including the following: tickets and cashiering, rental department, lift department, snow tubing, food and beverage, ski and snowboard school, pro shop retail store and mountain hosts.

The Peaks states there are many benefits of joining their team, consisting of a free season for those that work, discounted tubing, 50% off on food, incentives for working and a fun work atmosphere. Those that appear at the Job Fair will be able to fill out an application and interview on that day.

Story by Kennedy Embry

Honor Band to Perform Sunday

The District Honor Band is made up of 90-110 students representing approximately 35 schools. The Honor Band consists of the best musicians in each of the schools’ bands, also known as first and second chair players. Musicians have to be nominated by their band director in order to participate in the District Honor Band.

Once nominated, students are selected by a panel of directors who will review and evaluate applications sent in from various school. Once all the musicians are selected, they will meet and rehearse on Saturday, November 18 and perform a concert Sunday, November 19.

Participating in this year’s honor band are Breanna Ward, Rheanna Jones, Krista Tedrow, Alicia Neale, Morgan Apple, Dylan Terrell, Dayton Satterfield, Koby Durbin, Aaron Royer, Isaiah Jones, Keegan Anderson, Noah McSpadden, Jacob Tapp, Tony Caudill, Emmett Dunn and Devan Thompson.

The selected musicians will leave the school at 7:30 a.m. and will head to host school Bedford North Lawrence. The concert is open to the public and will begin at 4 p.m.

Story by Angie Ceja

Boys Basketball Opens Season Saturday

The Paoli boys basketball season is just around the corner with high expectations set for this years group of boys. For the past two weeks, the boys have been in the gym preparing for the upcoming season. The team lost no seniors from last year but moved up five seniors this year, causing expectations to be set high for their final season.

Returning seniors include Dawson Easterday, Dietrich Sears, Garrett Vincent, Mitchell Radcliff and Jacob Babcock.

“Expectations are extremely high this season.  An entire roster returns from a 15 win team from a year ago,” said varsity coach Dusty Cole.

Many players this season are projected to do very well, considering the team has multiple players who will be scorers.

“We have multiple kids that can score this year.  That will certainly be a strength.  I think we will have 5-6 kids average close to double figures,” said Cole.

Though a successful season is expected, the boys will have to be able to work as a team as well as stay healthy to reach their full potential. This season, the Rams will play a good schedule with tough competitors including Henryville, Salem and North Harrison.

“To be honest, we will have a target on our back every night.  Beating Paoli this season will be a really big win for multiple teams on our schedule. We will take everyone’s best shot, and we must be prepared and willing to accept that challenge,” said Cole.

Lapel was alse added to the schedule this season for a game that will be played in The Hoosier Gym located in Knightstown, Indiana.

This group of players is eager for a great season to begin with their first game on December 1 at Henryville. Come out and support the Rams as they begin what they hope to be a great season.

“I really like this group of young men this year.  They work hard, are very unselfish and represent the school well.  We have a lot of great student-athletes right now that are good role models for our younger kids,” said Cole.

The team will open up their season against the Clarksville Generals at PHS tomorrow, November 18, at 7 p.m.

Story by Maggie Vincent


Spaghetti Dinner and Other Fundraisers

With The Lion King play going on, the senior class took advantage of all of the extra people visiting the building. The 2018 graduating class sold spaghetti dinner tickets to help fund post prom.
“We want to do something different this year, so we are doing fundraisers to help raise the money,” said senior parent Pam Minton.
With tickets selling for just $5, the dinner was a huge hit. Many families and friends attended and helped raise money for a great time for anyone who attends the Paoli post prom this year. More fundraisers are in the works, but this one is the main event so far, raising $701 for the post prom fund.
The next upcoming event will be held on February 9. It will be a Paoli v. Orleans alumni game with a dance afterwards for the alumni and current seniors from both schools. There will be a loveseat and sofa ticket drawing at the game as well.
“Raising money isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it for the kids to have a good time,” said Minton.

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