Griffith to Compete in Cross Country Semi-State This Weekend

    Sophomore Tyler Griffith will be competing in semi-state for cross country tomorrow. It will be in Brown County with a starting time of 12:15 pm. He is looking forward to

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  • PHS

    First Football Sectional Game Tonight for the Rams

    The Paoli Rams football squad will be taking on the North Putnam Cougars in the first round of sectional play tonight. The team’s entire season has been building to this

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    Thank You to JSI!

    Designed by Allie Lowe

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    ASVAB Sign-Up Ends Today

    Juniors and Seniors! By now you have been sent information about signing up for the ASVAB coming up next Thursday. This is a reminder that those sign-ups are due today!

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    Friday’s Dress Up Theme: IU vs. Kentucky

    Tomorrow’s dress up theme for sectional week is IU vs. Kentucky.

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    Thank You to Hoosier Hills PACT!

    Designed by Lexi Stroud

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  • PHS Fan Bus

    Fan Bus on Friday

    There is a fan bus going to South Putnam on Friday. Sign up at the front office by Friday at noon. You have to pay a $7 deposit when you

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    Thursday’s Dress Up Theme: Crazy Socks

    Tomorrow’s dress up theme for sectional week is crazy socks.

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    Cross Country Feature: Stroud Runs Towards His Final Finish

    Growing up, most people start with a sport at a young age and keep with it throughout their life. Others will pick it up as they get older. For Senior

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  • pcs-forum-2016

    Paoli Community Schools 2016 School Board Forum

    Paoli Community Schools first School Board Forum, 2016

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Griffith to Compete in Cross Country Semi-State This Weekend


Sophomore Tyler Griffith will be competing in semi-state for cross country tomorrow. It will be in Brown County with a starting time of 12:15 pm. He is looking forward to advancing and having a good race and hopefully a new personal record, with the time to be around 16 minutes.

¨I will probably run my personal best, but it may or may not be enough to get to state,¨ said Griffith.

Come out and support Griffith in his race to state!

Story by Emma Osborn

First Football Sectional Game Tonight for the Rams


The Paoli Rams football squad will be taking on the North Putnam Cougars in the first round of sectional play tonight. The team’s entire season has been building to this very moment, and the group is committed to coming out on top.

The Rams finished the regular season with a record of 4-5, but they have left that all behind to focus completely on the playoffs. The team is ready to take the long road trip to North Putnam High School, something they have been preparing for.

“We just hope to work hard and give our best effort and not quit until we are on top,” said senior Tyson Whaley.

All students are encouraged to come out and show their support for PHS football in the first round of sectionals. The Rams have put the effort in on and off the field and are ready to show their skills to their peers.

Story by Dietrich Sears

ASVAB Sign-Up Ends Today


Juniors and Seniors! By now you have been sent information about signing up for the ASVAB coming up next Thursday. This is a reminder that those sign-ups are due today! Remember, this test is far more than just a military entrance exam, as it can help you not only determine academic strengths, but helps you narrow down future career choices based on your technical knowledge. Plus, taking the test gives you personalized access to the Career Exploration Program to help you plan for college and a career in a job you love. Sign-up today!

Cross Country Feature: Stroud Runs Towards His Final Finish


Growing up, most people start with a sport at a young age and keep with it throughout their life. Others will pick it up as they get older. For Senior Will Stroud, his motivation for a sport, which was originally only for simple fun, has evolved into more over time.

“I’ve been running cross country since my freshman year,” said Stroud. “My friend Kaison Ames told me to run it with him so I figured why not, it would be great training for wrestling and I’ve just stuck with it ever since.”

Since Stroud has started running, he has picked up on some techniques.

“My favorite part about running is probably the part when I’m done,” said Stroud. “But because I’ve been doing it so long, I’ve picked up different techniques along the way. For instance, for every three steps I take, I hold my breath and then exhale. I have found it to really help my running.”

While Stroud finds different techniques to help improve his running, he still finds his home trail the most difficult.

“The hardest course I’ve ever ran has been the course here at Paoli,” said Stroud. “On the outside, it doesn’t look like it would be but the hills by the cemetery are killer and it’s ¼ a mile too long.”

Even though Stroud has a difficult time running his home trail, it doesn’t prevent him from giving all he’s got. He is actively involved in wrestling, longboarding and snowboarding, and says that cross country lead him to love these other sports.

“If you truly have a passion for running, pursue it and never give up,” said Stroud. “I don’t have that strong of a passion for running as I do other sports, but my overall advice would be to give it your all and to never give up.”

Stroud’s coach, Summer Hudelson, has watched him improve as both a runner and a person over the course of four years.

“Will has improved tremendously because of his hard work and dedication,” said Hudelson. “He is very consistent throughout the time he runs.”

Stroud does not plan to run cross country in college, but does plan to keep running solely for health purposes.

Story by India Wong

Photo by Lauren Umpleby

Volleyball Feature: Smith Spends Her Last Season as Captain



Volleyball is now at the halfway mark of the season and senior Amber Smith is all about making the most of her time left with it.

Smith has been playing volleyball for the past five years. As the senior on the team, Smith has taken the role of captain. Smith likes to make sure her team is drama-free and determined.

In her many years of playing this sport, Smith has had the chance to develop a special spot on the team: the libero.

“It is important position because the libero is usually one of the best passers on the team,” said Smith. “And I love the feeling of getting a perfect pass to my setter and watching one of my teammates kill it.”

Smith has especially high expectations for her team this year since it is her last.

“I think the team has the capability to win conference and sectional only if we come together and play as a team,” said Smith.

Smith loves working hard for her team and getting better everyday, whether that be in practice or in a game. She makes more memories with them every day, it being in practice or at a game.

“My favorite memory is when we went into five sets with Orleans and won,” said Smith.

Casey Bowles, the varsity volleyball coach, has coached Smith for the past three years.

“I have seen Amber better herself in volleyball and as a person over the years I have been able to coach her. She is the leader of the back row and makes sure everybody knows where they are playing defense,” said Bowles.

Smith has been a very dependable person for the Paoli volleyball program and is always willing to do whatever is asked of her.

Smith is not planning on playing volleyball in college. She is commuting to IU Southeast after she graduates high school and will be studying criminal justice. Smith is making the most of her senior year before she goes off into the real world.

Story by Bela Brewster

Photos by Addison Wells


We would like to apologize for posting the sectional dress up theme for Thursday. Instead of clicking on the schedule button, the publish button was pressed. Keep an eye out for the sectional dress up themes to be posted throughout the rest of this week. Thank you.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month


A healthy relationship will never require you to sacrifice your goals, your dreams, or your dignity. Domestic violence often begins subtly with insults, a shove, or alienating a person from their friends and family. It is a crime rooted in power and control–it is never caused by making someone angry or upset. Information provided by The Joyful Heart Foundation. For more information, please contact Hoosier Hills PACT.

College and Career Fair Coming Up


PHS will be hosting a College and Career Fair to help seniors and other high school students prepare for college. The College and Career Fair will be in the auxiliary gymnasium on October 26. The fair will guide all or any high school students in the right direction for whatever career they choose to pursue. Guidance counselor Brandon Crowder is the head of this year’s fair.

“The purpose of the College and Career Fair is to provide students with the opportunity to explore several post-secondary (after high school) options,” said Crowder.

The majority of organizations are local and are places students hadn’t yet considered or known about before the fair. The College and Career Fair is for all high school students, the focus being on seniors. To be guided to a successful and well-planned future, come out to the College and Career Fair in the auxiliary gym.

Story by Jace Ingle

El Compadre Connection


As the annual service day approaches at PHS, many teachers may be wracking their brains for a project to pursue throughout the community. But for Spanish teacher Rachel Wyatt, this decision was easy.

“A couple weeks ago the owner expressed interest in learning English. I thought about bringing students to the restaurant and working one on one with anyone wanting to learn or practice their English. And, at the same time, my students could practice their Spanish,” said Wyatt.

Her project is called the “El Compadre Connection.” She is very excited for the school-wide service day and can hardly wait.

“Anytime my students and I can help our community–why not?” said Wyatt.

Story by Madison Street


Community Garden Upkeep


The annual service day is back at PHS for a second year. English teacher Maria Wishart could not be more excited for her community garden project.

“I think the service day is a great idea, and I was so excited when the community garden started back up in Paoli,” said Wishart.

One of her former students was involved in getting the garden started, and she had several personal reason as to why she wanted to help out the garden.

Since she is the sponsor of Tri-Hi-Y and does class service projects with her students, Wishart is no stranger to community service. She is very glad to have a part in helping out our community and would like to encourage everyone to help out whenever they can.

Story by Madison Street

Feeding Dogs at the Humane Society


For this year’s service day, social studies teacher Amy Tuell and science teacher Casey Bowles’s activity will be making dog-friendly biscuits for the Humane Society. This is the second year the teachers have chosen this project. Bowles came up with this idea last year, and it was very successful.

“The kids had a great time and I think the dogs appreciated the treats,” said Tuell.

Bowles’s dog Manning will be brought in to sample the treats students make. After lunch, participating students will take a mini-bus to the Humane Society and spend some time with the dogs and give them the treats.

“This is a great project to sign up for because it helps the community and dog lovers really would enjoy this project,” said Tuell.

Story by Dorothy Gofourth

Patoka Lake Clean Up


Math teacher Adam Stroud and science teacher Lori Stroud will be leading a group of students to Patoka Lake for this year’s service day. When they arrive, students will help clean up around trails and public areas to make the park a little cleaner for visitors wanting a healthy vacation.

The Stroud’s chose this volunteer option because they love the outdoors, and since it is an opportunity to teach students to take care of the outdoors.

“The best part of my volunteer is taking care of our beautiful outdoors and being with my wife all day,” said Adam Stroud.

Story by Emma Osborn

Care Packages for Foster Families


Junior High Special Ed teacher Josie Spaid will be joining a several other teachers in participating in PHS’s second annual service day. Spaid’s part will be putting together care packages for foster homes and foster families around the area. Spaid was inspired to come up with this idea because she herself is a foster parent.

“I became a foster parent in December of 2015 and have had four children in my home. So, I wanted to reach out and help other foster parents and help the children that are in the system,” said Spaid.

Spaid’s goal for this whole experience is to make the transition for people going into foster homes a little bit easier. Every item counts for the children going into foster homes.

“It’s a scary time for them, they need something to hold onto to feel more secure,” said Spaid.

Students will be adding things such as night lights, stuffed animals, coloring books, pillows and blankets into care packages. Not only are the items geared towards children, but foster parents too. As of right now, the packages put together by students will be sent to a local DCS office, which is a home where children are put until they can find an appropriate foster home.

Story by Sara Kesterson

Cleaning Up at Addie’s House


On October 13, Junior High English teacher Tammy Noble will be taking a group of students to Addie’s House in Paoli as a project for Paoli High School’s second annual service day. Addie’s House is a local homeless shelter sponsored by the Syria Christian Church.

“I hope my students will be able to see how people are being helped by Addie’s House and how the program is doing more than just providing temporary housing. It is about getting people back on their feet,” said Noble.

Students who have chosen this project will be doing maintenance and cleaning work throughout the day. Noble said that she chose Addie’s House as her service day project because she is a member of Syria Christian Church and that she knew the help would be appreciated.

Story by Rebekah Reeves

Helping at Head Start Pre-School


Service Day is quickly approaching. It will be taking place on October 13, and everyone in the school will be participating. Child Development teacher Danielle Manship will be going to Head Start Pre-School to do several different things. Twenty kids will accompany Manship to help out around the building.

“I am excited for my Child Development students who are going with me to get some one-on-one experience with kids,” said Manship.

Story by Kennedy Embry

Tour and Clean Up of the Lindley House Museum


On the school-wide service day, history teacher Chris Lindley will be taking multiple students to the historical Lindley House Museum located west of town.

Lindley’s students will take a tour of the home that day, along with doing cleanup work around the property and maintaining the grounds.  

The students will have an inside look most other visitors would not have, such as looking into the attic, under the the staircase, etc. at the museum.

Lindley hopes that the students will get a lot out of this visit and will learn more about the background of Paoli. He is a descendant of the previous Lindley’s that lived here, giving him a vast knowledge of the family.

Story by India Wong

Town Park Clean Up


On Thursday, October 13, PHS will be participating in a service day where teachers and students will be helping out around the community.

PE teacher Summer Hudelson and art teacher Chris Jones will be taking a group of 15 to 20 juniors to the town parks to do service work, such as cleaning up, putting down mulch, planting flowers and anything else the town needs them to do.

Hudelson hopes the students will realize how important it is for us to take care of our community.

‘‘I think students will see the amount of work that needs to be done to take care of the parks and hopefully, when they visit the parks, they will keep their trash picked up and be proud of what Paoli has to offer,” said Hudelson.

Jones thinks the kids need to understand their role in the community.

‘‘These facilities are here for everyone to use and enjoy, but it is also up to us as a community to help take care of them. Far too often we expect a cleaning or maintenance crew to ‘take care’ of our parks and public spaces. In reality, if all of us would chip in a little bit of time here and there, it would make it so much easier on everyone. And in doing so we establish a sense of pride, ownership and community among our students,’’ said Jones.

Story by Avery Owens

Helping at the First Chance Center


On Thursday, October 13, to go along with PHS’s service day, e-coach Aaron Hannon will be taking a group of students to the First Chance Center. On this day, PHS will be focusing on volunteer opportunities and what it means to provide a service. The First Chance Center has many functions and opportunities for students to help and be involved.

We will be spending the day at the First Chance Center here in Paoli. Activities include interacting with the adults in the Day Services program, cleaning out landscaping areas around the building, and anything else we can find to help the staff and clients have a better experience,” said Hannon.

The school will provide the transportation for the group to the center. Hannon hopes to bring the students that participate a better understanding of the First Chance Center and what its operations are.

Story by Dietrich Sears

Fire Department Clean Up


Study hall teacher Barbara Grabner, along with Fire Science teacher Dutch Parks, will be supervising a service day project at the fire department. Students will be washing large, red fire trucks and polishing fire equipment. Participators will also be weeding and sweeping the outside of the building.

“This is something that the fire department normally does, whether they have been out all night or not. These men and women respond to many different things at all hours day or night. Giving something back is a bit of an honor,” said Grabner.

Story by Jace Ingle

Cheer Feature: Cheerleading a Passion for Goldsby


goldsby1_ltCheer has been a lifelong passion for senior Laundon Goldsby. For someone who is not a cheerleader, this passion might be hard to grasp. For a member of the cheering team, it is a feeling they would not be able to replace.

“I love being able to support the school and lead the rest of my squad along with the booster club to cheering on our Rams,” said Goldsby.  

Her love for cheer and gymnastics started at the young age of four and has continued ever since. Goldsby’s mom was a cheerleader in high school, so she gave her the push to try it as well.

¨I was in gymnastics from the time I was four years old till I was fourteen. I started doing competition cheer in third grade, and I loved it so much I decided to try out for cheer in fourth grade and I made it. I have been cheering ever since,¨ said Goldsby.

Goldsby’s experience helps her become a captain that anyone can look up to.

¨Laundon is a really good captain, and I am glad that I got to cheer varsity with her for two years. She is the best leader for our team because she takes control and does her job very well,¨ said sophomore cheerleader Mahalia Taylor.

Over the last fourteen years, Goldsby has devoted her life to cheer. After high school, however, Goldsby does not plan to continue her cheerleading career.

¨I will miss the Friday nights lights, football games and basketball season most definitely. The games where it’s just a touchdown or a few points away, the crowd goes crazy, and I get to lead the chants and cheers going on in such a heat of the moment are what I live for,¨ said Goldsby.

After high school, she plans on attending Indiana State University and majoring in nursing with a minor in Spanish language culture.

Story by Madison Street

Photo by Lily Thompson

Academic Feature: Busick a Busy Bee


busick_luSenior Jaylin Busick is very involved in school and has an image of what she wants to do after high school. Busick is currently involved in Student Council, Archery and National Honor Society.

“She has a great asset to the archery team,” said Archery Coach Kyle Woolston.  “She always has a smiling face and has a positive outlook on all things. Jaylin is a great role model for the younger teammates. She takes care of her academic obligations and strives to do her best on the range no matter what the outcome.”

Her favorite club is archery because she has a lot of fun and loves spending time with other people. Busick learned to be confident in everything she does and learned to focus on everything she does at all times.

Another group that Busick is a part of is NHS.

“Jaylin is our NHS secretary,” said NHS Sponsor Jaye Brewster. “She makes serving her school and community a priority by working events throughout the year and tutoring students after school.”

Busick has also shared her time with Student Council for all four years of high school.

“Jaylin has been a very active member of the high school Student Council for four years and an officer for two years. She helps plan and implement school wide events such as homecoming, powder puff football, macho man volleyball, dances and pep sessions,” said High School Student Council Advisor Carol Fullington.

Busick is also involved in the volleyball team and is the Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook in the media department. After leaving PHS, Busick wants to continue on to college to study to be a Physical Therapy Assistant, but is not sure where she wants to attend school. She would rather go into a field where her subjects are stronger.

Story by Haley Owens

Photo by Lauren Umpleby

Helping at Springs Valley Meadows Senior Community


Guidance counselors Brandon Crowder and Brandi Kerley will take some students to the Springs Valley Meadows Senior Community for the annual service day. They will lead their students in giving manicures, playing games, visiting with the residents and cleaning up around the building.

Kerley feels like she has chosen a good project. She is very passionate about different generations learning from each other and about how much fun they can have while doing so.

“I hope the students gain an understanding of generations, bring joy to the residents, learn new perspectives and find happiness in providing a service to someone else,” said Kerley.

Story by Emma Osborn

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