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    Monday’s Dress-Up Theme: “Woke Up Like This”/PJ

    Tomorrow’s dress-up theme for Homecoming Week is “Woke Up Like This”/PJ.

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    See You At the Pole

    Join millions of other students as they gather around their schools’ flagpoles to pray for their schools, their communities, their nation, and their fellow students. Paoli’s “See You At the

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    Thank You to Babcock Motors!

    Designed by June Hobson

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  • reasor-chiropractic-1-page-001

    Thank You to Reasor Chiropractic!

    Designed by Adam Engleking

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    Ram Herd Passes and Shirts

    If you have not received your Ram Herd pass or your Ram Herd shirt, you need to see Coach Newkirk ASAP. Passes and shirts can be picked up in the athletic office.

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    Mary Poppins Auditions

    Auditions for PHS Drama’s production of Mary Poppins will be September 27, 28, and 29 after school. See flyers in the hallways for more details.

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    Thank You to PHS SADD!

    Designed by Lexi Stroud

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  • hometown-carpets-1

    Thank You to Hometown Carpets!

    Designed by Harli Wilder

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    Junior High Gym Photos

    Mrs. Hudelson’s third period gym class completes stretches. Mrs. Hudelson gives directions for the period to the class. PE students get ready to walk out to the tennis courts. Eighth

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    Thank You to Bailey Bros Used Cars!

    Designed by Lexi Stroud

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Junior High Gym Photos



Mrs. Hudelson’s third period gym class completes stretches.


Mrs. Hudelson gives directions for the period to the class.


PE students get ready to walk out to the tennis courts.


Eighth grader Libby Padgett returns the ball to her opponent.


Jr. High PE students play tennis outside during their class period.

Photos by Jericho Drake

New NJHS and NHS Members Tapped Today


Today, the NHS Tapping took place at 8:15 during homeroom, broadcast live on the school televisions and on the PHS News Today YouTube channel.

On September 25, NHS and NJHS Sponsor Jaye Brewster and the members of the club will be hosting a ceremony to induct all of the new students into National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society. The ceremony will be taking place in the Ruth Farlow Uyesugi Auditorium.

“I am very excited for the wonderful students we have who will be inducted into National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society,” said Brewster.

The induction will follow the same format as previous years, with the officers in control of the ceremony.

Brewster and current members of NHS and NJHS hope everyone can make it to the ceremony for an afternoon of fun and to congratulate all the new members on their induction.

Story by Madison Street

Indiana Bicentennial Torch Coming Through Orange County


The celebration of the 200th anniversary of the establishment of Indiana deserves no less than a parade through the very streets that call it home.

Tomorrow, the Indiana Bicentennial Torch will find its way to Orange County. The torch will be passed using a wide variety of transportation, and will complete its journey in three and a half hours.

On the day of the celebration, PHS will be in full participation. As the torch journeys around Paoli in everything from trucks to tractors, the PHS students will be waiting for their duty in exchanging the flame. Our very own Jacob McDonald will be transporting the torch using the Supermileage team’s car and Band Director Bill Laughlin will also take a turn carrying the torch. Students will be called out of class to see the two PHS representatives carry the torch.

Students are encouraged to come ready to celebrate and participate in this monumental event in Indiana history.

Story by Dietrich Sears

NHS and NJHS Tapping


National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society Tapping will take place on Friday, September 16 immediately after the announcements during Homeroom. Please keep your televisions on so you can watch this special ceremony. Students who applied will be informed Thursday afternoon of the Faculty Council’s decision. All current and new NHS and NJHS members should meet in the hallway by the Studio.

Seventh Graders “Owning Up”


Owning Up is a new class that is being taught to all seventh graders through PACT. Janet Harrison, from Hoosier Hills, teaches the class. It started on Tuesday, August 30.

Owning Up teaches about social cruelty, standing up and not being a bystander to bullying.

“Our goal with this curriculum is to give students another way to deal with conflict and how to confront social cruelty without resulting in physical violence or aggressiveness,” said Harrison.

Seventh graders can expect to go to room 208 on Fridays during either their Health or Gym classes. Eighths graders will begin the class next semester.

Story by Dorothy Gofourth

Second Annual Service Day to Be Held Next Month


On October 13, the PHS students and staff are going to take part in the second Service Day.

This is a school wide event where the students get the opportunity to leave school and spend the day giving back to the community. They do this through service projects of their choice.

Last year, Media Teacher Heather Nichols and former Principal Todd Hitchcock went to a conference and listened to a speaker who did the same thing at their school. The two thought it was a great idea, so they decided to bring the idea to PHS. Since it was such a big success, they pitched the idea again for another year.

“I am so excited about Service Day. I was so proud of everything we accomplished last year. The community gives so much to our school, I am so happy we have a chance to give back,” said Nichols.

Story by Madison Street


Detention Downfall


Behavior is not something that is taken lightly at PHS. With such an emphasis on good behavior, improvement in this aspect of the school is a great feat. In the past years, the number of people attending after school and friday school detention have greatly decreased.

Students who have remained off the after school detention and Friday school lists. Seeing those numbers dwindle down over the past couple of years has been an enormous improvement compared to where we once were,¨ said Assistant Principal Kyle Neukam.

This improvement has not gone unnoticed and further improvements would be great for the school atmosphere.

Story by Garrett Vincent

Students Demonstrating Tasks in Speech Class


During the third week of September, English teacher Carol Fullington’s general speech class will be doing demonstrations. Each student is required to demonstrate how to do something such as cook, create or fix.

Demonstration speeches help the students deliver and help others understand how to do a specific task.

“It is important to be aware of the direction you give, as well as your audience is understanding of those directions,” said Fullington.

While the audience members and classmates listen to others’ speeches, they become aware of the verbal and nonverbal signals they send while speaking. Students usually like to demonstrate skills that they have learned at the co-op building across the street, so the class may take a mini field trip to the co-op or even go outside, depending on topics that the students choose.

“It is a great opportunity to learn from their own and others experience and examples,” said Fullington.

Story by Avery Owens

Fall Homecoming This Month


Fall Homecoming is an event happening at our school in the month of September. Students who have been involved in a fall sport will vote upon any fellow student in their grade as prince or princess and everyone will help vote upon a king or queen in the senior class.

On September 30, there will be a pep session at school with a game for the contestants. Later on that night, there will be crowning at Cook Field.

I think the idea is to welcome students and former students back to school,” said Student Council Sponsor Carol Fullington.

“Student Council hosts the events for the week which are designed to drum up school spirit and give students a sense of pride in their school .”

You can become involved in Homecoming by participating in the voting, cheering during the pep session or by coming to the football game to watch the crowning.

Story by Emma Osborn

Booster Club Looking Forward to a Great Year


Booster Club will be thriving with new activities and fundraisers this year. Recently, Booster Club advisors, Secretary Pam Minton and study hall teacher Barb Grabner, have set some updates as for what Booster Club will be doing for the next couple of weeks.

“Booster Club is a wonderful organization that helps to support all students, not just athletes,” said Minton. “We decorate halls and lockers and there is a cheer block at all games.”

Students of PHS can still join Booster Club. To join Booster Club students must bring $10 for dues to the front office or to Grabner’s room (room 101).

Booster Club recently sold cancer shirts. All of the profits will go to the Orange County Community Foundation to help families affected by cancer around the area.

Come help Booster Club support our Rams in action!

Story by Sara Kesterson

Pride of Paoli Performing “Statuesque”


As of September 3, band season has begun. The band will be showcasing their program this year titled, “Statuesque”.

Statuesque follows statues that come to life and learn what it is like to experience human emotions and thoughts. The color guard is playing the role of the statues, while the members of the marching band will occasionally be represented as statues through choreography.

Each Saturday until October 20, the Pride of Paoli will perform at a contest.

“Each week is designed to learn more of the show, to make necessary adjustments and changes, and, once we get to October, to really start ‘dialing it in,’’ or working toward perfection,” said Pride of Paoli band director Bill Laughlin.

Members are hoping to make their way to State Finals this year. The last time the Pride of Paoli made their way to finals was 2013. Laughlin likes to encourage his students that the most important part of any show is that you are having fun while performing.

“We hope that all students of Paoli have a terrific fall season, be it in sports, band, other after school activities, academics, and just about anything that goes on,” said Laughlin.

Story by Rebekah Reeves

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