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    Lilly Scholarship Available to PHS Seniors

    If you recall, Alyssa Cromwell, a former PHS student, was the Lilly Scholarship recipient last year. To receive this scholarship, students can fill out an application online but there are

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    PHS News Today for Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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    PHS News Today for Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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    Ram Recap for the Weekend of August 19-21, 2016

    Boys Varsity Football vs. Brownstown – August 19 Brownstown beat Paoli 42-14 Girls Varsity Volleyball vs. Henryville, North Harrison, Hauser, and Edinburgh – August 20 Paoli beat Henryville 2-1 Hauser beat Paoli 2-0 North Harrison beat Paoli 2-1 Edinburgh beat

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    Junior High Student Council Members Announced

    Congratulations to the newly elected Junior High Student Council Members! 7th Grade Katie Amonett Laykin Busick Kaitlyn Dickey Hallie Graves Michael Hannon Tayleigh Sharp Karyas Slaten Gracie Walls Lillie Warren

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    Orange County Youth Council Applications

    Any student in 8th-12th grade who is interested in joining Orange County Youth Council needs to pick up an application from Mrs. Manship in room 301. Applications are due back

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    Football Season Underway

    As falls rolls in, the students of PHS begin to look forward to more than pumpkins and trick-or-treating. This, of course, is the football stadium jam-packed on a Friday night.

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  • Pigs2

    Pig Project at PHS

    Over the past few weeks, the FFA room has received a couple of new additions for this school year. They may not walk the hallways, or have lunch in the

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    Pep Session Preview

    On August 19, PHS will be having our very first pep session for the school year. Before every big sport, band, or school related event takes place, our school comes

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    Senior Meeting Recap

    As the school year kicks off, seniors are being prepared for all of the costs they will face this year and reminded of the strict timeline. Annual chocolate sales have

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Lilly Scholarship Available to PHS Seniors


If you recall, Alyssa Cromwell, a former PHS student, was the Lilly Scholarship recipient last year.

To receive this scholarship, students can fill out an application online but there are some requirements. This scholarship is for students who are receiving an Academic Honors Diploma and are in the top 25% of their class. Also, having a certain SAT or ACT score, completing a financial assessment, and having an acceptance letter for an Indiana College or University are required. This helps the board of people deciding who the scholarship recipient is get the list from about 25-45 applicants down to a top ten. This information is all coming straight from the source, Lauren Goodman from the Orange County Community Foundation.

¨Personally, I would just like to say that being a staff member at the Orange County Community Foundation and being a part of changing a high school senior’s life forever is one of the most incredible feelings,¨ said Goodman.

Applications are due Monday, September 12 at 4 pm for the scholarship. For those of you that meet the requirements and would like to be the lucky winner of this scholarship, make sure to start now and get your application in on time.

Story by Kennedy Embry

Football Season Underway


As falls rolls in, the students of PHS begin to look forward to more than pumpkins and trick-or-treating.

This, of course, is the football stadium jam-packed on a Friday night. This year, the Paoli football team is waiting to prove themselves after their three win season last year. They can be seen dotting the hallways with purple and white, and also on the field every day after school. In the upcoming months the team will play every week on Cook field, located just South of the high school.

The players are not the only ones preparing for the big show. Head coach, Brian Balsmeyer had some comments about his team’s chances this year.

“All I know is we better have some kids ready to play football. I love the sport and couldn’t be more excited for the season, but it’s up to our players how it turns out,” said Balsmeyer.

The games this season will be every Friday at 7, unless there is conflict with time zones. Athletic schedules can be found in the office.

Students are strongly encouraged to come out and support their school during the 2016 football season. The players would greatly appreciate your attendance, and a chance to show off all of their hard work.

Story by Dietrich Sears

Pig Project at PHS



Over the past few weeks, the FFA room has received a couple of new additions for this school year. They may not walk the hallways, or have lunch in the cafeteria, but these special beings have a unique part in the teaching of Paoli agriculture students.

These pigs, Miss. Stacey, Miss. Mable, Miss Lucy and Miss Reba, have arrived at Paoli over the course of the last three weeks.

The most important part of the pig project is that it gives our schools the opportunity to eat the product that we are producing here in our building,” said Agriculture teacher Cory Scott.

The pigs are fed and taken care of by the students in Scott’s and Woolston’s AG classes. As well as taking care of the pigs’ daily feeding and other routines, the students also run tests and study the pigs very closely to learn more about their anatomy and physiology.

“It makes learning animal science easier, more fun and makes it real,” said Scott.

Story by Maggie Vincent; Photos by Alexis Decarlo

Pep Session Preview


On August 19, PHS will be having our very first pep session for the school year.

Before every big sport, band, or school related event takes place, our school comes together for a pep session to show their support to those involved. This will take place around 2:45 pm in the upper gym.

Senior cheerleader Laudon Goldsby gave us an inside look at what is going to happen at the pep session.

¨We worked really hard this summer at camp and will be performing a cheer we learned there,¨ said Goldsby.

Other events that will be included at the pep session will an introduction of the fall sports and hearing some words from the captains and seniors. The band will also be playing songs for the students to cheer along to.

Booster Club Representative Barb Grabner is excited to plan additional fun activities for members this year.

¨I would like to see the student body embrace the cheering on of fellow students in all that they do,¨ said Grabner.

Story by Bela Brewster

Senior Meeting Recap


As the school year kicks off, seniors are being prepared for all of the costs they will face this year and reminded of the strict timeline.

Annual chocolate sales have started and the chocolate bars are $1 each with flavor choices of caramel, almond, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and crisp. All money made from the sales will go to senior prom, the senior trip and graduation expenses.

The goal is for every student to sell at least one box of chocolates. Each box contains 60 bars and all seniors who sell a full box by August 24 will be put in a drawing for a 5 pound chocolate bar.

A few other subjects were discussed. Herff Jones will be at the next class meeting, which will be September 21, they will be showing order forms and will be back a week later to have order forms ready to be picked up.

Journalism Director Heather Nichols touched base on the pictures that will need to be turned in for the Senior Tribute as well as headshots for the yearbook.

Be sure to buy a chocolate bar from one of the PHS students!

Story by Alexis Decarlo

New Algebra Teacher at PHS



PHS is welcoming another staff member for the 16-17 school year, Kassi Harkness.

Harkness graduated from PHS in 2010 as well as from IU Bloomington in 2014.

Harkness previously taught Pre-Algebra at Clarksville Middle School, but now teaches Algebra 2 at PHS. When asked about her decision to teach at PHS, Harkness said it was because she loved how familiar she was with the area.

“I wanted to teach here because I went to school here and I live here. Also, I am really familiar with most of the staff and administration,” said Harkness.

Overall, Harkness is really happy about her progress with her students and her decision to teach here.

“I am really happy about my decision to teach here, I would definitely make the same decision again,” said Harkness.

Story by Sara Kesterson; Photos by Alexis Decarlo

Agriculture Department Provides Food


There are new changes to be brought to the lunchroom this year, but they are only for the better. The Agriculture Department, taught by Cory Scott and Kyle Woolston, are able to produce meals for the school.

“Every time there are large sausage patties, sausage gravy, or pork BBQ, it is ours. In a few weeks when you start seeing dark green lettuce; it is also ours. Hopefully by Christmas, people will start seeing our tomatoes,” said Scott.

While all classes students take are to teach something valuable to apply in life after school, Scott and Woolston’s classes are even more applicable.

“Our students are learning sustainable food production methods, by actually producing the food we eat here at school,” said Scott.

Look forward to seeing more home grown food in the cafeteria soon to come.

Story by Alexis Decarlo

New Principal



Former principal, Todd Hitchcock, left PHS at the end of the 2016 school year to become the assistant superintendent at Jasper High School. New principal, Chad Johnson, took the vacant principal’s position.

“I wanted to become a principal when I was in my early career as a teacher,” said Johnson. “I have always wanted to come back to Paoli. I graduated from here, loved the community and really saw this building as my home. I can say that I am happy to be back.”

Johnson is very excited to be working with a great staff and a wonderful group of students. If you catch him in the hallway, be sure to tell him hello and welcome him to our school.

Story by Haley Owens; Photo by Alexis Decarlo

Honor Society Applications


National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society applications are ready to pick up for those who are eligible and interested in applying. Lists of eligible students are posted by the Library and in each hallway. Also, lists are posted in Mrs. Brewster’s room and Mrs. Noble’s.

Please see Mrs. Brewster in Room 119 for an application. Eighth graders can pick up an application from either Mrs. Brewster or Mrs. Noble.

An optional meeting for applicants is in Mrs. Brewster’s room on Tuesday, August 23 at 7:45 am for those with questions about the application and advice on how to fill it out properly. In addition, an email was sent to each eligible student.

Applications are due to Mrs. Brewster ONLY by 3:20 pm on August 26. No late applications will be accepted.

Changes for the Paoli Cheer Team


Calling all students of PHS, it is that time of year again! Football season, which also means cheerleading. This year, the Paoli Cheer Program has a new coach, Brooke Goerres.

¨I am very excited to be working with the JV/Varsity cheerleaders this year. My goal is the same as the coaches that came before me, to continue to build the cheer program at PHS,” said Goerres.

The rule that was put into place last year for the cheerleaders is still in effect. The cheerleaders can choose if they want to cheer for football, basketball or both, considering potential conflicts.

The cheer team has been practicing and even went to a UCA camp at Indiana University for three days where they learned things like cheers, chants and stunts. The team has also earned some trophies by participating in competitions for both the Junior High and JV/Varsity squads.

The cheerleaders will be cheering at the first home game on August 19, and for everyone wondering, the annual cheer clinic will take place from September 6-9 this year.

Story by Kennedy Embry

Boys Varsity Tennis Beginning Their Season


The Boys Varsity Tennis team will be kicking off their season on Tuesday, August 16. This event will begin at 5 pm at Salem High School.

Sophomore Dawson Long is a vital part to the boys tennis singles event. Long has some high hopes for the upcoming season.

¨I feel like the team has a lot of potential. We just need to go out and see what we can do,¨ said Long.

Many of the boys compete for playing spots every week during practice. Competition will be shown throughout the season.

¨There is definitely some competition at practice for playing spots,¨ said Long.

The Boys Varsity Tennis team would greatly appreciate lots of support at the away match on Tuesday at Salem. Lots of home support and fans this season would also be helpful to all of the boys.

Story by Jace Ingle; Photo by Alexis Decarlo

Ram Rally


After the lady rams kick off their opening season with a home game today, there will be a familiar event happening in the bus parking lot. The Booster Club will be putting on the Ram Rally.

“We are really looking forward to the Ram Rally,” said Booster Club Sponsor Pam Minton. “The students seemed to have loved it last year and had a great time.

At the Ram Rally, the band will be there to perform, along with the cheerleaders, as well as dancing and talking to senior athletes. The Booster Club started sponsoring this event since they could no longer do bonfires, but this is just as big of a hit.

Come out after the volleyball game and have some fun with the PHS students!

Story by India Wong

Foreign Exchange Students


This year, two students from different countries got the opportunity to see what school was like in the United States. Emre Sevhan, a male student from Turkey, said that being a foreign exchange student is a life changing experience. The other student is a female from Germany that goes by Tugba Vildiz.

¨It is sad being this far away from your family, but you find friends so it makes it easier,¨ said Vildiz.

Both students can agree that this is a very life changing experience, but at the same time challenging. They are hoping that throughout the school year they get more comfortable and meet a lot of new people.

Story by Madison Street; Photos by Alexis Decarlo

Cross Country Takes Off


On your mark, get set, go!

The PHS Cross Country team will start running for competition on Tuesday, August 16 at 4:30 pm at Orleans High School. The team has 21 runners, and head coach, Summer Hudelson, is hoping to keep all of her runners motivated to run throughout the whole season.

This early in the season, it is hard for Hudelson to tell how strong the team really is. Although, she has had several strong runners return for another season.

Hudelson is expecting a lot of hard work from her runners.

¨My goals for this season is to do well at the conference meet and have some that will make it out of the sectional,¨ said Hudelson.  

Come and cheer on your PHS cross country team to victory.  

Story by Avery Owens

Chocolate Bar Sales


Starting August 17, the PHS senior class will be selling chocolate bars to benefit graduation flowers, the programs handed out at graduation, the diplomas, prom tickets and part of the senior trip.

“Selling chocolate bars is a great way to earn money for the students’ prom and graduation cost,” said senior class sponsor Carol Fullington.

The 2015 school year was the first year PHS started selling chocolate bars. It has been a big success for the students versus the previous strategy.

Students will sell chocolate bars until they run out of boxes. Make sure you grab yourself a delicious chocolate bar!

Story by India Wong

Congrats to AP Incentive Recipients

Front Row: Nikki Stewart, Angel Pierce, Levi Retherford, Row 2: meagan Dooley, Darrian Breedlove, Alyssa Cromwell, Tim Leone, Row 3: Avery Rogers, Shelby Meredith, Chase Meehan, (Orleans Student), Row 4: Rachel Cadle, Olivia Becht, Claire Cornwell, Lily Thompsom, Last Row: Mason Deaton, Kyle Street, (Orleans Student) and Judah Gehl.

Front Row: Nikki Stewart, Angel Pierce, Levi Retherford; Row 2: Meagan Dooley, Darrian Breedlove, Alyssa Cromwell, Tim Leone; Row 3: Avery Rogers, Shelby Meredith, Chase Meehan, Linza Busick; Row 4: Rachel Cadle, Olivia Becht, Claire Cornwell, Lily Thompson; Last Row: Mason Deaton, Kyle Street, Jaxton Smith and Judah Gehl.

Today seniors Angelena Pierce, Chase Meehan, Claire Cornwell, Meagan Dooley, Timothy Leone, Levi Retherford, Avery Rogers, Nikki Stewart and Lily Thompson received an incentive check from the Orange County Community Foundation grant as a result of their individual AP test scores.

The AP incentive Program is funded by a grant through the Orange County Community Foundation. If students earn a 3, 4 or 5 on any AP Exam, students receive incentive money,” said PHS Counselor Brandon Crowder.

The students were joined for a photo by some recent PHS graduates and two students from Orleans. 

AP courses offered at Paoli include Biology, Chemistry, Calculus AB, Physics 1, Physics 2, United States Government and Politics, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Music Theory and Studio Art Portfolio: Drawing.

Congratulations to all the check recipients.

Story by Rebekah Reeves; Photo by June Hobson

Congratulations Class Officers


President – Meagan Dooley
Vice President – Claire Cornwell
Secretary – Jaylin Busick
Treasurer – Laundon Goldsby
Historian – Avery Rogers

President – Callie Baker
Vice President – Ali Kerby
Secretary – Rachel Lowe
Treasurer – Bailey Bush
Historian – Devan Smith

President – Rachel Umpleby
Vice President – Madison Street
Secretary – Ming Wang
Treasurer – Emma Osborn
Historian – Jacqlyn Rice

President – Avery Owens
Vice President – Kyla Lee
Secretary – EB Kerby
Treasurer – Lauren Rutherford
Historian – Audrey Blankenbaker

Season Starting for Girl’s Varsity Golf


Girls’ Golf is one on of the many fall sports we have at Paoli High School. This year the team includes Callie Baker, Allie Lowe, Audrey Manship, and Addison Wells. The girls have been practicing at Paoli Country Club, where all of their home meets will take place. Callie Baker says she is hopfull the girls will push their way through sectional with a win. ¨We need to improve on our short fairway shots,¨ said Baker.

All of the girls are hoping to qualify at their conference meet this year. The Girls Varsity Golf team will kick off their season on August 11 at Crawford County. They will continue on with six other season meets that will lead into their sectional. They are requesting that they get support from our school, and that people come to their meets if they can make it.

Story by Bela Brewster

Varsity Volleyball Kicking Off Their Season


The Paoli Varsity Volleyball team will be starting the season with their first game on Monday, August 15. They will be facing off against Loogootee at home game in the Auxiliary Gym, beginning at 6:00 pm.

“The volleyball team has been working hard for the past two weeks preparing to compete,” said Varsity Coach Casey Bowles. “I believe we have a very well rounded team with a competitive spirit. I am proud of their efforts so far and we are excited to start matching up against area schools.¨

Fans can assist the team by cheering for the players in the cheer block and dressing the theme of the game, which will be summer fun.

Come out and support your Lady Rams Volleyball team in their first match of the season!

Story by Emma Osborn

Club Fair


All students are welcome to attend the Club Fair, which will take place during homeroom tomorrow, Wednesday, August 10, 2016, in the lower gymnasium. A variety of clubs will have tables with information on each club. “I hope students will find something to be involved in,” said director Summer Hudelson. There will be a total of thirteen clubs, they are as follows:

  • Booster Club
  • Drama Club
  • High School Student Council
  • Honor Society
  • Junior High Drama Club
  • Junior High and High School Choir
  • Junior High Student Council
  • Kayak Club
  • Orange County Youth Council
  • Paoli FFA
  • Spell Bowl
  • Supermileage Team
  • Tri-Hi-Y

Come out during homeroom on Wednesday and find a club to join!

Story by Dorothy Gofourth

Lady Rams to Face Blackhawks Saturday

Freshman Ali Low sends a pitch to the plate in a recent game. Photo by Ty Minton

The Varsity softball team will travel to Springs Valley on Saturday on April 16 to face the Lady Blackhawks.

Head Coach Neil Dittmer sees positive change in his team that is currently 1-5.

“We are progressing, they are starting to put what we worked on in practice into games,” said Dittmer.

Dittmer also explained how he thinks the team has improved from their first game.

“We have been playing better defense and we are continuing our approach at the plate,” said Dittmer.

It is well known Valley is a big rival school, so Dittmer explained one strategy that might help win.

“Yes they are a big rivalry and it’s always nice to beat them, but we have been scouting them and looking at stats to see what their weaknesses are and how we can attack them,” said Dittmer.

The game will be Saturday, April 16 at 5 p.m. at Springs Valley High School. Come out and support the Lady Rams in action.

Story by Jacqlyn Rice


Freshman Ali Kerby sends a pitch to the plate in a recent game. Photo by Ty Minton

Band Preps for Floyd Central Festival


On Friday, April 15, Paoli Junior Senior High School band members will participate in the High School Concert Band Festival at Floyd Central High School. The Concert Band Festival will begin at 12 p.m.

“The high school band has been working on the three required pieces for performance at Floyd during the months of March and April,” said Band Director Laughlin. “We expect to play well, demonstrating proper balance, intonation and style in our musical performance (Gold Level).”

The band is nearing the end of their preparations for the Concert Band Festival. Though, Laughlin says the next thing the band has to work on is sight reading, which is being able to read, understand, and perform the music by themselves. Laughlin anticipates they will serve a very good performance.

“After we play our concert on the stage, we move over to another room, the judge will pass out a piece of music we have never seen and we are to look at it for a few minutes, then play it for a score as well.  That score, along with the points given for our stage performance – all of it combines for our total score and final rating.  A ‘Gold’ rating is the highest and we expect to receive that (if everything goes well),” said Laughlin.

Laughlin feels that the band is pretty strong these days but, there is always room for improvement.

“There is always work to be done, and, always improvements to be made, whether in tone, style, blend, etc. That is one thing that is really cool about music: Does not matter how old you are, a musician is always looking for ways to get better,” said Laughlin.

Since every individual student is different, Laughlin’s main expectation out of his students is improvement.

“Band expectations are different for each student, for everyone is at different stages of expertise,” said Laughlin. “What we, the teachers, look for is improvement from each student every semester.”

Laughlin predicts, and expects, the high school band will perform well at the High School Concert Band Festival.

Anyone interested is welcome to come enjoy the band’s performance at Floyd Central at noon on April 15 and 16.

Story by Victoria Hobson


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