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Golf Senior Lowe

Senior Allie Lowe is one of the two seniors on the girls golf team this year. Lowe began playing golf as a freshman. After Lowe chose not to continue with volleyball, she was trying to find another sport to play. Fellow senior teammate Callie Baker asked her dad show Lowe how to play so she could join the team.  When Lowe began playing, she played one of the last spots on the golf team, but now she has the honor of playing number two.
Lowe really likes how golf is an individual sport and how it makes you own up to your mistakes. She does not like how she gets in her head and becomes upset about a bad stroke or meet.
“Golf has shown me that you can’t blame your mistakes on other people, I have to own up to them,” said Lowe.
Golf does not take up a huge amount of time. She focuses when she needs to, but still has plenty of time to support her friends at their sports events. It’s all about prioritizing.
“You need a lot of self motivation, so if you don’t, then golf is not for you,” said Lowe.
Lowe’s goal for the season was to shoot in the low 50s or high 40s, and she successfully reached that goal at the Springs Valley match. She shot a 51 there and a 47 at practice at Paoli, which is really good for her.
Like most activities, time often improves an athlete’s skills in a sport.
“Golf is definitely a sport you have to stick with. There will always be good and bad matches or shots, but if you can get through the worst of it, the good that comes is amazing,” said Lowe.
When Lowe leaves high school, she is not going to continue to pursue her golf career.
“She has shown improvement each of the years that I had her. She was a sophomore when I first took over the girls golf program, and along with Callie [Baker], she has shown great leadership, has worked hard to improve her golf game and has been a pleasure to coach. Allie was named as an Academic All-State Honorable Mention this past season, so she has shown hard work in the classroom also and is a role model as a scholar athlete,” said varsity girls golf coach Brad Bledsoe.

Story by Haley Owens

Boys Basketball Opens Season Saturday

The Paoli boys basketball season is just around the corner with high expectations set for this years group of boys. For the past two weeks, the boys have been in the gym preparing for the upcoming season. The team lost no seniors from last year but moved up five seniors this year, causing expectations to be set high for their final season.

Returning seniors include Dawson Easterday, Dietrich Sears, Garrett Vincent, Mitchell Radcliff and Jacob Babcock.

“Expectations are extremely high this season.  An entire roster returns from a 15 win team from a year ago,” said varsity coach Dusty Cole.

Many players this season are projected to do very well, considering the team has multiple players who will be scorers.

“We have multiple kids that can score this year.  That will certainly be a strength.  I think we will have 5-6 kids average close to double figures,” said Cole.

Though a successful season is expected, the boys will have to be able to work as a team as well as stay healthy to reach their full potential. This season, the Rams will play a good schedule with tough competitors including Henryville, Salem and North Harrison.

“To be honest, we will have a target on our back every night.  Beating Paoli this season will be a really big win for multiple teams on our schedule. We will take everyone’s best shot, and we must be prepared and willing to accept that challenge,” said Cole.

Lapel was alse added to the schedule this season for a game that will be played in The Hoosier Gym located in Knightstown, Indiana.

This group of players is eager for a great season to begin with their first game on December 1 at Henryville. Come out and support the Rams as they begin what they hope to be a great season.

“I really like this group of young men this year.  They work hard, are very unselfish and represent the school well.  We have a lot of great student-athletes right now that are good role models for our younger kids,” said Cole.

The team will open up their season against the Clarksville Generals at PHS tomorrow, November 18, at 7 p.m.

Story by Maggie Vincent


Hutcheson: Volleyball Senior

Being a senior on a high school sports team is no easy task. The seniors are often looked upon to be a role model, leader and even a mentor. Seniors are the ones who have been perfecting their skill for four years, and they are the ones who know how routines, schedules and different team procedures go. The role of senior athletes is more challenging when there is only one on a team. Anna Hutcheson knows all about that struggle.

Hutcheson has been playing volleyball since she was in sixth grade. Throughout the past four years, Hutcheson has been awaiting the role that she knew she would have to play as a senior. As a junior, Hutcheson enjoyed much success, as she and the rest of the volleyball team won Sectional, Regional and advanced to Semi-State before losing to Covenant Christian.

“Last year was surreal for me. My goal as a freshman was to have a picture up on the cafeteria wall before I graduated high school. I only dreamt of winning Sectional. My freshman and sophomore years disappointed me because we never got out of the first round of Sectional. The dream almost seemed out of reach for me, but I did not stop working for it. The moment we won Sectional was the greatest feeling ever.  That next week, we go into our Regional game, and I knew we had it. We warmed up really well, there were more people at that game than we have ever had, and I knew we were going to win,” said Hutcheson. “When we scored that final point, I was overjoyed with the excitement from the crowd as they ran to the floor to greet us. The coaches were jumping up and down and crying. All of the players were smiling and hugging. It was one of the best experiences of my life.”

This year, Hutcheson’s goals fall no shorter than they were last year. With multiple returning starters and plenty of momentum, Hutcheson looks to lead her team to even more championships.

“Our goals for this year are to win conference and go back to Semi-State or farther. So far this year, we are doing pretty well, but we still need to improve before we go into Sectional. We have Christian Academy in our Sectional now. They are very beatable, but everyone on the team needs to believe that and continue to work towards beating them if we want to go back to Semi-State,” said Hutcheson.

Being the lone senior on an aspiring championship team is no easy task. However, Hutcheson has embraced the challenge and looks to continue to be a tremendous leader on and off the court.

“Being the only senior has put a bunch of pressure on me to make all the decisions of what we are wearing, when to meet, things we need to change and dealing with drama. Coach Clark confides in me often. She asks for my opinion on things and gives me the responsibility of dealing with drama on the team. I think of the girls as MY team. I am responsible for them and what they do. There are times I wish I could divide the responsibility with other seniors, but honestly I feel like that would only stress me out more. I enjoy being the only senior and being in charge on the court,” said Hutcheson.

As for her future in volleyball, Hutcheson says that she has had some colleges contact her about playing for them. Though Hutcheson is very intrigued by the offers and the idea of continuing the sport she loves, she is still weighing out the pros and cons of playing in college. Hutcheson plans to pursue a career in the medical field; therefore, being a college athlete could be challenging at times.


Story by Garrett Vincent

Ingle’s Cross Country Bonds

Many senior athletes are focused on winning and perfection for their senior season. However, for senior Damon Ingle, running cross country is more than that.

Ingle has been a loyal member of the Paoli cross country team for four years now and has participated since his freshman year. By lettering all four years, Ingle has only experienced improvement.

“Getting impressive times is always something a runner strives for, but I feel that improvement is more important,” said Ingle.

When joining cross country almost over four years ago, the motive for Ingle was not a passion for long distance running. He joined to stay in shape for track, his priority sport at the time. The transition from being a sprinter to running over 3 miles every meet was a difficult one for Ingle. However, he now considers cross country a main sport in his life due to the great experiences he had. These experiences have become his favorite part of running cross country.

“My favorite part of running cross country is definitely my teammates. The bonds we create throughout the season is something I love,” said Ingle.

Ingle has made goals at the beginning of the season that he is hoping to accomplish by the end. These goals are not only personal, but also goals he hopes to accomplish as a team.

“Personally, I hope I get as many PRs as I can throughout the season. As a team, I believe we plan on winning conference and starting there,” said Ingle.

Ingle believes that his senior season has definitely had a bigger impact on him than any prior seasons.

“I feel like this cross country season means a little bit more to me than other ones have. Maybe because it’s my last season or maybe it’s because of what we’ve gone through together. Whatever it is, it’s very special to me,” said Ingle.

Due to experiences and adversity the team has encountered, stronger bonds and connections have been made along the way. To Ingle, this is what makes running long distances in unbearable weather bearable.

His expectations for the season are pretty simple. Ingle’s priority is making memories and having fun doing it.

“I expect great memories and even faster times.”


Story by Jace Ingle

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