JAG Holding Halloween Costume Contest October 29

The JAG leadership team is sponsoring the costume contest on Oct 29. Students will go to room 111, the JAG room and sign up in the costume contest.

The JAG Leadership team is doing a costume contest as a fundraiser for the JAG closet and a fun way to incorporate dressing up for Halloween and put a twist on dressing up at school.

“I love seeing the creative costumes students and staff come up with!” JAG Specialist Katie Cook.

To participate in the contest, any student or staff member from grades 7th through 12th will go to the JAG room In the morning on October 29 with their costumes on for the day, and pay $1 to enter the contest. The JAG team will choose winners for the funniest, scariest, best duo/couples costume, and the best costume overall and announce the winners on Monday, November 1. Doing this Contest will switch up how we normally do the Halloween dress up day while raising money. 

Story by Paige Flick

Curtains up on Drama

The drama club hosted a murder mystery entitled “Alibis” on Friday, September 10, in the PHS Auditorium. The show consisted of eight people who were invited to a birthday party who became suspects in a murder. Each character was to give an alibi. The members were reluctant to give their alibis, but finally each of them confessed to the detective where they were when the crime happened. Each alibi was turned into a short play.

There were 18 actors involved in this show, along with eight crew members. Of the eight crew members, five were new members. Aside from the five new members, there were four new board
members inducted during the cast party. Junior Dawson Poe, sophomore Cameron Apple, and freshmen Riley Belcher and Kelly Royer joined veteran board members seniors Angie Ceja, Kylee
Charles, Haley Cox, Michael Hannon and A.J. Lopez.

“We were excited to be together doing a live performance. It gave us a chance to get back on the stage again. We had several students participating with us for the first time, so that was wonderful
too,” said Drama Director Maria Wishart.

Any student interested in becoming a part of Drama Club and activities similar to the Murder Mystery should contact Mrs. Wishart, or check the Activities List in their email which has the Google Classroom join code.

Story by Makiya Russelburg

Rams Unified Continues Bottle Cap Project

Rams Unified has been collecting bottle caps since last spring for their bench project. With the hope of completing the project by this spring, their goal is to collect at least 300 pounds. Working with only plastic caps, they have been able to collect 200 pounds so far. 

The club decided to take on this project because they felt it would be a good project for students to be more inclusive, and it was also a way to get the community involved. 

“Our ultimate goal is to acquire a bench for the high school. Our club also wants to practice recycling, demonstrate problem solving skills, and show others the results of their work,” said Rams Unified Sponsor Ashley Stroud.

Anyone can support this project by collecting and sending cleaned caps to Room 205. The caps or lids cannot be over 8” in diameter and should not contain metal or glass. All the caps need to be turned in by spring of 2021 to Room 205.

Story by Jericho Hopper

Caring Crew Promotes Spreading Sunshine

The Caring Crew recently started a new project called The Sunshine Project. This project was designed to spread positivity throughout our school. The Caring Crew and the Sunshine Project were started by 2020 graduate Lauren Rutherford and they are now being run by junior Amanda Bowles. Teachers and students can fill out a form and send “sunshine” to someone else in the form of a quote or personal message. 

“The sunshine project is a way to spread positivity through our school. So if a student is struggling a teacher can send some ‘sunshine’ showing the students that someone is concerned and thinking about them. Many teachers also include some helpful advice and inspirational quotes to help improve a students day,” said Bowles.

The Caring Crew is hoping to expand the project in the future and sell goody bags for $2 a piece in order to raise money for the club. At the moment, they are just taking donations. 

“With all the troubles the world has faced this year and the uncertainty of the coming year, everyone needs a little sunshine. The Caring Crew wants to promote that positive outlet and find a way to keep everyone’s spirits up in this dark time,” said Bowles.

Anyone interested in sending some sunshine should fill out the Google form in their email.

Story by Libby Padgett

New Club Emerges at PHS

On October 30, Choir teacher Chris Boveraux set the stage for a new club to take root at PHS. Boveraux advertised a virtual Dungeons and Dragons match to encourage new members to join.

Fifteen new members logged onto the Google Meet call. They didn’t end up starting a game after all because they were too busy discussing the future of the club. The match was rescheduled on a date to be announced. For now, the group is planning on playing D&D as well as other tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPG). 

“[TTRPG’s] are great for the school environment. [The games implement] creative writing, improvisational speaking, theater, math, logic, reading, and critical thinking, wrapped up in a vehicle for collaborative storytelling.The appeal of these kinds of games is the chance to tell stories, and the appeal of the stories is that they are told through the decisions and gameplay of everyone at the table,” said Boveroux.

At its roots, D&D is a game composed of ink, paper, and imagination. This makes it an easy game to start with as it can be done at a distance. The structure of the game is also flexible enough to allow players to join and rejoin as they please. 

“Without COVID, we’d have the option to be in-person, as well as use maps and figures to add elements to the game,” said Boveroux. 

Throughout the following week, he interviewed students interested in being in charge of the game play. He is also putting together a more regular gaming schedule. Anyone who is interested can still join the gaming club by entering this code on Google Classroom: soo4sq2.

Story by Jozalyn Kempf