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Lion King Rehersal

Lion King Rehearsal

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By Katie May

Paoli Jr. Sr. High School drama club is putting on the original Disney Lion King Junior performance. Their first performance will be held this Thursday, December 30. Drama club has been practicing since the beginning of October to make this play a memorable experience for all of the audience.

NHS and NJHS: Get Involved In Your Community

National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society are organizations that get students involved in their community and school. There are four aspects of NHS and NJHS: character, scholarship, leadership and service. Each one is extremely important. Every student in NHS or NJHS must maintain and encourage these aspects.

The NHS and NJHS Tapping took place on September 13. Any student who has a GPA of 3.3 or higher in grades 10-12 was eligible to apply for NHS. They also had to write an essay for the members of our faculty to read and approve. Similar to NHS, NJHS must have a 3.3 GPA or higher, but you have to be an eighth grader or a freshman. Once you become part of either organization, you must complete a certain amount of services to the community and school. NHS members must complete 20 service hours throughout the entire school year, while NJHS members must complete three service opportunities. Students in both NHS and NJHS have to fill out a form for the service and get it signed by the advisor.

During the Tapping, all new members were escorted by old members. The old and new members walked through an arch signifying how the old members will lead new members into the organization.

“I would definitely recommend joining NHS or NJHS. It has already taught me so much in terms of being a good student and member of my society,” said senior NHS President Ali Kerby.


Story by Kinley Block

Clubs New to Our School

The following story was published in Issue 1 of The Paolite, 2017.

Clubs are a great way for students to be able to be involved in things they are passionate about and find other people with the same interests. This year, there are two new clubs for students to be involved in. One is a sewing club and the other is the Junior Humane Society club.

The new sewing club is sponsored by FACS teacher Debbie Andry. Called “Sew You Can”, this club will help students learn the basics of sewing. There are currently 24 students who have signed up for the club, and Andry hopes the students will walk away with a feeling of accomplishment and want to keep serving the community.

In the club, students will learn techniques in sewing which could be used throughout your life. The students will make pillowcases and blankets for the Orange County Police Department and the Division of Children Services. These pieces will be given to children who are living in a crisis, and will hopefully help to comfort them.

“I have a passion for sewing and for children, so I decided to put the two passions together and sew for kids who are in distressing circumstances. These children are often taken from their homes with little to nothing. I believe a pillowcase or a blanket would bring them some comfort during these times. I want us as a community to reach out to suffering children and let them know they are cared about,” said Andry.

The other new club focuses on helping animals and is sponsored by journalism teacher Heather Nichols. The second new club is called the Junior Humane Society, and there are over 100 students who have signed up for the club. The purpose of the club is to raise funds and help support the local Orange County Humane Society.

Over the summer, Nichols worked at the Humane Society and saw firsthand how easy it is for people to help out at the shelter. Nichols wants the students to learn how to give back to their community. There will be trips to the shelter and monthly collections of items that can help the shelter operate.

“Anyone can help or support our project. We hope to make a difference with the projects,” said Nichols.

If anyone is interested in participating in either one of these clubs, contact the sponsors or attend a meeting.


Story by Haley owens

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