Cole and Fullington Bring Back the 812 Sports Podcast

On April 7, freshmen Fletcher Cole and Brian Fullington rebooted the 812 Sports podcast for the Paoli Media Department. In the previous years the podcast was run by alumni Garrett Vincent and Dietrich Sears. In their podcast, Cole and Fulligton interview a member of a current sports team and discuss school sports as well as sports on a national level. 

“I really hope to see us move into the world of podcasting. I have already talked to Brian about becoming our producer for other shows if there is interest. I want more student voices telling stories here at PHS in a unique way,” said Media Adviser Heather Nichols.

The podcast will be published every Thursday and is available to all who would like to listen. In their first episode, Cole and Fullington discussed March Madness, the Masters Golf Tournament and the Rams kicking off spring sports.

“I started this podcast for two reasons: I thought it would be cool to create something and know it as my own, and also it makes media way easier than before,” said Fullington.

The podcast is available on the PHS Media News website and Spotify.

“For the rest of the year, I think we plan to perfect our craft and come back next year with a greater podcast than anyone will ever know,” said Fullington. 

Story by Aurora Hays

Culinary Trip Planned to Expand Horizons

On Friday, April 22, culinary teacher Debbie Andry is taking her Nutrition and Wellness class on a field trip to the St. Matthews Mall. At the St. Matthews Mall in Louisville, students will first go to the William Sonoma store. This store includes various amounts and kinds of cookware, bakeware, small appliances, kitchen utensils and seasonings.

“I plan to introduce them to as many different types of equipment and their uses as possible. I want to expand their knowledge of the culinary world, and share with them one of my personal favorite places to shop. I love kitchen gadgets and there is no better place to find them than William Sonoma,” said Andry.  

The students will also eat at the Cheesecake Factory to have an opportunity for a fine dining experience. Andry believes that students should be able to experience a 4 star restaurant and practice their etiquette skills that they are currently learning in their Nutrition Class. 

“The Cheesecake Factory is an excellent restaurant in food, decor and service all rolled into one. Many of our students have never had this type of experience,” said Andry. 

Not only does Andry want the students to learn etiquette skills and look at the different types of cookware, but she also wants to broaden her students’ horizons from their experiences they have from the trip.

“I am all about expanding student horizons and creating a ‘What If’ idea in their minds. ‘What If’ I became a chef? ‘What If’ I became a server at a fine restaurant? ‘What If’ I became a food photographer or entered another occupation in the culinary field? These are questions only my students can answer, but they may never have the questions if I don’t provide the experience,” said Andry.

Story by Corrine Magner

FFA Banquet Returns to Honor Leaders

On April 3, the FFA hosted a banquet to end the year. This was the first time FFA has had a banquet since 2018, however, they plan on continuing it in the future. Banquets weren’t held from 2019-2021 due to COVID-19 and other complications.

“We thought the best thing was to get the members involved in the planning process so they would be more bought in to the process. Planning for banquets in the past involved heavy student involvement. This allows us to tap into the natural leadership ability of our members,” said FFA Adviser Kyle Woolston.

The officer team put the banquet together, with help from other FFA members. The 2021-2022 officer team consisted of junior Serenity Sweet as President, junior Kenzie Gilliatt as Vice President, sophomore Carley Higgins as Secretary, junior Aliza Allen as Treasurer, sophomore Taisha Robbins as Reporter, junior Tucker Hooten as Sentinel, sophomore Jadlyn Lee as Student Advisor and sophomore Abby Tapp as Historian. The only Senior Adviser was Johnathon Garcia.

The week before the banquet, officer applications were sent out. Members of FFA could fill out an application for a variety of positions for the 2022-2023 year. During the banquet, new officers were announced by Woolston. The new members are Higgins as President, Tapp as Vice President, freshman Keeley Scott as Secretary, Lee as Treasurer, freshman Chloe Smith as Reporter, Robbins as Sentinel, freshman Haylie Gilliatt as Student Advisor and freshman Billy Bob Apple as Historian. There is also a senior committee made up of seniors Allen, Kenzie Gilliatt, Braydon Hayes, Hooten, Taylor Lashley and Sweet.

“I am very excited about this group of young leaders and what they are capable of accomplishing,” said FFA Adviser Cory Scott.

With new officers in place, they will start planning events immediately. The first event on their schedule is the annual Paoli FFA Jackpot Swine Show. This year it will be on May 28, in the Orange County Fairgrounds. More information about the show will be released later.

Story by Carley Higgins

Archery Students Go to State Saturday

On Saturday, March 12, three PHS students, seniors Taylor Becht and Kennon Scott and eighth grader Hannah Chestnut, will be traveling to the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis for the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) state archery competition. These students have participated in eight competitions this season, and their scores have been high enough to qualify them for state. Becht shoots at 7:00 a.m., Chestnut shoots at 9:35 a.m. and Scott shoots at 1:25 p.m.

“I am thrilled to be advancing to state this weekend. I have gone to worlds a few times in the past but we have not been able to shoot in two years so going to state feels just as exciting! I’m happy that I get to have this in my senior year,” said Becht.

Story by Michael Hannon