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Heather Nichols

Website Manager

Ashleigh Garcia

Paolite Editors-in-Chief

Masden Embry and River Fleming

Paolite Managing Editor

River Fleming

Paolite Staff

Ayla Anderson, Coy Busick, Shelby Chapman, Masden Embry, River Fleming, Ashleigh Garcia, Carley Higgins, Olyvia Mullinax, Taylor Patton, Taisha Robbins and Ellie Sims.

PHS News Today

Fletcher Cole, Jill Coleman, Brian Fullington, Nadia Garcia, Odin Gehl, Aurora Hays, Charlie Higgins, Oscar Lewellyn, Adin Monroe, Nolan Walker, Jacob Workman and Josh Zapien.

Social Media

Clara Henderson, Savannah Key, Cheyenne Madden, Keona Newlin, Lupe Pancheco, Lily Stroud, Zayne Thacker, Cambry Tinkle and Maddi Warren

Hillcrest Staff

Gracie Brown, Lainee Cox, Jerzie Crane, Mackenzie Gilliatt, Libby Newkirk, Harleigh Poe, Kaleb Ruth, Hannah VanMeter, Stella Windhorst and Jacob Workman.


PHS Media News is the official publication of Paoli High School, published by the journalism department. This publication is a limited forum. Contributions from outside the staff will be considered, but student editors and the adviser make final content decisions. The administration does not review this publication prior to press.

Unsigned editorials reflect the opinion of the staff. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the administration, faculty, adviser or school board. The Paoli Media Department does not accept free or discounted services or products from establishments they review. The Paoli Media Department does not accept unsigned letters to the editor. Signed letters may be submitted to room 115, by mail or by email [[email protected]].

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