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Senior Cambry Tinkle poses with her niece and nephew.

Staff Column: Hometown Path Started for One Senior

Cambry Tinkle, Business Manager May 10, 2024

I have lived in Paoli for 17 years and have always attended PHS. As I approach graduation, a day we have been waiting for since we started high school, I can’t help but think I am falling behind. At...

Junior Fletcher Cole stands in front of the WWE sign in Indianapolis.

Staff Column: You Can’t See Him: Cole a Fan of the ‘Fake’

Fletcher Cole, Staff Writer March 1, 2024

Professional wrestling is very popular throughout the United States and is growing throughout the entire world. The company at the forefront of professional wrestling is definitely World Wrestling Entertainment,...

Column art for friendship piece about the difference between girls girls vs. guys girls.

STAFF COLUMN: What Kind of Girl Are You?

Harleigh Poe, Hillcrest Senior Editor February 6, 2024

In elementary school, we are taught to be friends with everyone. But as you grow up, you will notice that not everyone you are friends with treats you the same way. I have realized that most girls who...

Cat Graphic

Ask For Help

Lola Beavers, Staff Writer December 20, 2023

Six months ago, I could stand in an empty room, no one there but myself, and hear a thousand different voices. Many people make light of this, and I can’t sit here and try to say I don’t because...

Our White Out cheer block poses for a picture.

Stay Fully Connected

Brian Fullington, News Editor October 10, 2023

All of my life, I have made it a point to always have community. Community in my mind does not exactly mean a large group of people. In fact, I believe community could just be a person, or maybe even your...

You Say

Abby Tapp and Kaylee Baxter October 9, 2023

Fleming poses with her grandmother after graduating the sixth grade in 2017.

Senioritis: Fleming Shares the Reality of Her Final Year

River Fleming, NP Design Editor, Editor in Chief March 28, 2023

After spring break, we only have about two more months left in this building. April and May are going to come and go fast, with finals and AP testing. As a senior, I should be excited about this last...

Senior Clara Henderson poses with the mother Katherine Henderson and her father Matt Henderson.

A Year of Grief: Henderson Shares Her Journey After Tragedy

Clara Henderson, Social Media Staff February 10, 2023

If this column can help even just one person know they are not alone in their grief, then I’ve fulfilled the purpose of writing it. Just over a year ago, I was faced with an unfortunate reality:...

Senior Amelia Hess poses with her dog, who is her biggest supporter.

Hess Feels Long-Lasting Impacts of Pandemic and Perceptions

Amelia Hess, Advertising, YB Design Editor December 17, 2022

In March of 2020, the world stopped. A global pandemic altered the lives of millions. When I look back on the diabolical months that the Coronavirus primarily thrived in, three words appear in my mind:...

Benales holds his hand high after a win. This match marked 
his second conference title as a sophomore 
in 2020.

Benales Reflects Before Final Wrestling Season

Austin Benales, Sports Writer November 17, 2022

Sports have been one of the biggest and most influential parts of my life. Everyone at Paoli knows me as an athlete and rightfully so. When I was little, I fell in love with sports. I played baseball,...

Senior Adin Monroe had the lead male role during the play Fiddler On The Roof Jr.

Senior Looks to Lend a Hand

Adin Monroe, Video Feature Editor, PHS News Today Staff October 27, 2022

I am what I have invested in. The choices I have made in the past 18 years now reflect who I am on a deep and personal level. For better or for worse, our decisions make us. I am lucky enough to live...

A now seventeen-year-old Garcia poses with a photo of 
her younger self in recovery after the accident. Garcia’s 
scars cover her arm and shoulders in the photo.

The Marks We Carry

Ashleigh Garcia, Business Manager, Sports Editor, Web Editor, Senior Editor Assistant, Paolite Staff Writer September 23, 2022

When I look at myself I see someone different than everyone else. I see a girl littered with battle scars. Scars that show what I once went through. When I was around three-years-old, I was burned with...

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