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Super Mileage

Super-mileage is an activity that may be new to some students but is offered here at PHS. The super-mileage participants get all kinds of opportunities and one of them is coming up soon. They will be traveling to Detroit, Michigan on April 29th for the Shell Eco Marathon. The Shell Eco Marathon is competition where both high schools and colleges compete in designing the most fuel efficient vehicle.

“We compete against all high schools and colleges in North and South America,” said Super-mileage advisor Jason Goodman.

The members of the super-mileage team have been working hard in preparation for this huge event. They have been building a new vehicle and preparing for some off track opportunities as well. The participants include Alex Jones, Jacob McDonald, Tyson Lawson, Brayden Rutherford, and Kyle Marshall.

“We have come up with a new car design and will be very excited to see how well it does,” said sophomore Jacob McDonald.

Being a part of this event also allows the boys to learn about careers, conservation, and the world around us, and a chance to win possible scholarships.

“I am looking forward to being with friends and helping make the car better,” said junior Kyle Marshall.

Story by Maggie Vincent

Ag Department Selling Pork Patties

The PHS Agriculture Department has recently made a huge accomplishment within the program. As many may know, the department raises pigs as a learning experience for the students.

Now available at the Lost River Community Co-op in the freezer meat section are ground pork patties from the Agriculture Department. You can buy them in boxes of roughly 30 patties for $13.59 that are lightly salted and peppered.

“In the Ag department, we are very excited about this partnership. The first line in our school’s vision statement is to Promote Partnerships. This also gives us an opportunity to expand and reach the community.  It makes our production even more ‘real world’ for our students which is a very good thing,¨ said Agriculture teacher Cory Scott.

The profits from the patties sold is going to be reinvested into the program for further growth and expansion.

Everyone at PHS would like congratulates Scott and his students for making the partnership a reality.

Story by Madison Street

Denim Day

Sexual assault is problem in our world today. Wednesday, April 26 is Denim Day, where we can  stand together against sexual assault.

In Italy of 1997, an 18 year old girl was raped by her 45 year old driving instructor, who was later convicted and sent to jail. The perpetrator appealed the sentence and his case made it all the way to the Italian Supreme Court, where the case was overturned. The driving instructor was released and the head judge released a statement arguing that because the girl wore tight jeans, she must have helped the man remove them. The women in the Italian Parliament were enraged by this claim. These women took immediate action, and protested by wearing jeans at the steps of the Italian Parliament building. This was the beginning of what has become a worldwide event to wear jeans to protest against misconceptions that surround sexual assault.

“It doesn’t matter what a person is wearing, sexual assault and rape is never okay. No means no, and the absence of a no does not mean yes or that consent is given. Consent cannot be given if a person is under the influence of alcohol or some substance,” said PACT teacher, Janet Harrison.

PACT would like to invite everyone to wear jeans with a purpose on April 26 and stand together against sexual assault and rape.

Story by Avery Owens

NHS Canned Food Drive

NHS donates canned goods to the food pantry twice a year in November and April. These months are chosen to correspond with the Thanksgiving and Easter holidays.

“These are the two busiest times each year for the food pantry and when they are in the greatest need,” said NHS Sponsor Jaye Brewster.

NHS members are required to, and agree to, bring in ten canned goods each semester. The organization will collect approximately 1,000 this semester.

“It is important for us to donate to our local food pantry because we are helping our community, which means our classmates are benefiting, as well,” said Brewster.

NHS sponsored a school wide food drive first semester and collected around 3,500 from the school corporation.

If you are wanting to donate goods, direct them to Mrs. Brewster’s room or the office.

Story by Bela Brewster

Speech Contest Winners

This past Wednesday, April 12, PHS had its annual speech contest. Students had the opportunity to choose from, including: classic poetry, original speech, oratorical, dramatic monologue contemporary poetry, humorous monologue, humorous reading, bible reading, humorous duo, dramatic reading, humorous poetry, narrative poetry, and inspirational reading.

Winners of the categories are as follows:

Scott Caruso in Classic Poetry

Lily Thompson in Original Speech

Haley Roach and Ming Wang in Oratorical

Tristan Manship and Travis Mefford in Dramatic Monologue

KC Warren in Contemporary Poetry

Isaiah Jones in Humorous Monologue

Whitney Choate in Humorous Reading

Jalyn Engleking in Bible Reading

Callie Baker and Ali Kerby in Humorous Duo

Josh Roberts in Humorous Poetry

Laundon Goldsby in Dramatic Reading

Tara and Tessa Robbins in Dramatic Duo

Jillian Keen in Narrative Poetry

Lily Thompson in Inspirational Reading

The reserve Grand Champion of the Speech Contest is Ming Wang, and Lily Thompson is the Grand Champion of the 2017 Speech Contest.

Congratulations to all the winners of Speech Contest!

Story by Tim Leone


Supermileage Competition

The PHS Supermileage team will be competing in a Lucas Oil Raceway racing event in Indianapolis. The team will test out their energy efficient car they have built from scratch for the first time.

Supermileage president, sophomore Jacob McDonald, is excited to see how the car will do in a competition against other people.

“The team and I are looking forward to seeing how the car will do in a real competition. We have worked on the car for a long time and put a lot of hard work into it,” said McDonald.

The competition will be held April 9 and 10 at Lucas Oil Raceway. The event is hosted by the Engineering/Technology Educators of Indiana, which sponsors many racing events for student engineers. Members of the team are looking forward to compete and would appreciate good thoughts for a safe trip and an excellent competition.

Story by Jace Ingle

FFA Banquet

FFA does a lot of remarkable things, and this Sunday, April 9, FFA members will be coming together and getting recognised for their hard work and success at an FFA Banquet.

Lunch will begin at 1 p.m. in the PHS cafeteria, and awards will take place at 2 p.m. in the PHS auditorium. FFA members along with their families will be attending the banquet, and attendance is free.

At the banquet, everyone will have lunch, awards will be passed out and the officers for next year will be announced.

“It is a wonderful time to stop and appreciate all of the things we have accomplished this year,” said FFA sponsor Cory Scott.

Story by Avery Owens

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