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Drama Club Performing November 22 and 23

This year, Paoli High School’s Drama Department will be performing Roger and Hammerstien’s The Sound of Music. The musical will be performed on November 21, 22 and 23 in the Ruth Uyesugi Auditorium. There are approximately 28 cast members, not including the chorus. This musical will feature the iconic songs “Do-Re-Mi” and “My Favorite Things.”

This musical is a classic tale about a Nun postulate, Maria, who becomes a governess for the Von Trapp household. She looks after seven children who have lost their mother. Their father, Captain Von Trapp, is a strict man who forces his children to live in a military fashion. However, Maria changes that. She returns music and happiness to the home. 

“This musical offers action, intrigue and an unlikely love story,” said Drama Director Maria Wishart.  

The two lead characters of this performance are Maria played by junior Libby Padgett and Captain Von Trapp played by freshman AJ Lopez. These two will be accompanied by the Von Trapp children, which include Liesl played by sophomore Amanda Bowles, Freidrich played by junior Christian Ruth, Louisa played by sophomore Kylee Charles, Kurt played by sophomore Christopher Frias, Brigitta played by sophomore Angie Ceja, Marta played by sophomore Annabell Bledsoe and Gretl played by freshman Rylie Belcher. 

Other characters include Elsa played by freshman Ryliegh Anderson, Max played by junior Chandler Hinton, Mother Abbess played by senior Megan Poe, Sister Berthe played by senior Vanesa Swartz, Sister Margaretta played by senior Micayla Chism, Sister Sophia played by junior Haley Owens, Frau Schmidt played by sophomore Haley Cox, Franz played by sophomore Luke Gibson and Rolf played by sophomore Michael Hannon. Along with the main cast there are other supporting roles, including backstage, tech, props and costume crews. 

“The Drama Club hopes that many members of the community will come and be a part of the audience to experience the magic of this musical,” says Wishart.

Story by Amanda Bowles

Robertson Throws the Flag a Final Time

This year, Senior Maddie Robertson says goodbye to marching band and color guard. She has been a member since her freshman year, making this her fourth and final season.

“It’s like a habit to keep coming back. After doing it one year it just seemed weird if I didn’t do it again,” said Robertson.

She has also participated in three seasons of Winter Guard and plans to do it again this year.

“For the past years I’ve pushed myself to keep doing it, but this season my mom pushed me to do it since it is my last,” said Robertson.

Out of the two , she prefers color guard because she enjoys performing with the band and finds it less stressful. 

“Over all, color guard is more organized and Winter Guard gives me tons of stress because it can’t be organized properly because we are both in Tri-state and IHSCGA (Indiana High School Color Guard Association) competitions,” said Robertson.

Of the many shows that she has performed, A View From the Top from 2017 is her favorite. She enjoyed the music, the color guard’s choreography, and the props used during the show. At the state competition, the show received 3rd place behind Springs Valley and Forest Park. 

“The whole show turned out amazing. Even the Springs Valley families were surprised we didn’t win state,” said Robertson.

After high school, Robertson plans to go to college. Although she is currently undecided, she plans to apply to Indiana University Southeast, Ball State, and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

“The thing I’m going to miss most about high school is how close I am to home. Going to college means distance from home and I’m going to miss it more than anything,” said Robertson. 

Robertson doesn’t plan to pursue guard after high school, but she appreciates the impact it has had on her life.

“Being in guard has made me more outgoing in a way. I talk a lot more than when I started. It’s just easier,” Robertson said. 

Through her years of high school, Robertson has learned some valuable life lessons.

“Start focusing on stuff now rather than later. It’ll kick you in the butt later on if you don’t,” said Robertson.


Story by Jozalyn Kempf

The Pride of Paoli Travels to Indianapolis for Bands of America Grand Nationals

On Friday, November 15, many members of the Pride of Paoli marching band will be taking a field trip to Indianapolis to watch the Bands Of America Grand Nationals Preliminaries. The band will have the opportunity to watch some of the best and biggest bands in the country.

“The trip is important because it allows our marching students to observe high quality performances and to understand where the marching arts are headed from a format and design standpoint. It is important in this activity to stay modern and current, while also retaining the traditions and identity of our program. Going to watch Grand Nationals give us a broad sampling of how other programs are approaching the current trends in the marching and performing arts,” said band director Cory Chapman.

After the competition, the band will be attending a leadership session with Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, the Vice President of Education for Conn-Selmer, which is a musical instrument manufacturing company.

Those going on the trip will be leaving PHS around 7 a.m. and should arrive back to the school around 10 p.m.

Story by Angie Ceja

Drama Student Board Members Ready to Take on Their Roles

Unlike most clubs, the Drama Club uses a student board to make decisions. Using a student board allows individuals to work different roles or jobs depending on the production, and all members of the board have the same amount of power.

“It allows us more flexibility to match our skills and interests with the current needs,” said Drama Director Maria Wishart. 

In the fall and spring of the previous school year, there were several new board members appointed that remain as current board members. These members are given the title of “captains.” The Admiral Captain, or longest serving member, is junior Chandler Hinton. Other captains include: seniors Alex Milligan and Megan Poe; juniors Paige Nicholson and Libby Padgett; sophomores Angie Ceja, Kylee Charles and Michael Hannon and freshman A.J. Lopez. Along with numerous other jobs, the group of captains work behind the scenes to assist with the setup, cleanup and warmup.

All of the members look forward to a successful play season.

Story by Kinley Block

Art Students Brighten Up Classrooms

Paoli High School art teacher Chris Jones is continuing the tradition of making ceiling tiles for teachers this year.

Jones’s drawing 2 and Pre-AP drawing students are tasked with creating the tiles during the first semester of the school year. Every teacher is given the opportunity to purchase a tile to add to their classrooms. Teachers are also able to select a certain student to design their tile and can contact their artist to give them ideas or discuss their desired design. Tiles are $20 a piece, and the funds help the art department purchase new art supplies, computer software or any other necessity that the budget set does not cover. 

“Every classroom has about 100 boring white ceiling tiles. This project adds something a little more interesting. Bringing color to the space that could brighten up someone’s day,” said Jones.

Story by Amanda Bowles

Fall Musical Auditions Begin October 7

On October 7 through 9, the Paoli High School Drama club will be hosting auditions for their fall musical, The Sound of Music. Auditions are open to any student in grades 7 through 12 and will take place in the Ruth Farlow Uyesugi Auditorium.

The main consideration for casting is how you audition, who best fits which part. Other considerations are dependability, ability to cooperate, availability, seniority, what we already know about you,” said Drama Club Director Maria Wishart.

Anyone wishing to audition for a featured or lead role are recommended to prepare a karaoke or an a cappella song to sing for the audition panel so they can determine each person’s strengths.

Story by Michael Hannon

Choir Students Prepare for Their First Show

On October 10 at 6 p.m., the Paoli High School choir will be performing their first show of the year, An Autumn to Remember

Three choirs from PHS will be performing at the event. First, the junior high choir will be singing “Why We Sing” by Kirk Franklin. Then, the Singing Sensations will be presenting “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman and “When I’m 64” by The Beatles. Finally, the Harmony Singers will perform “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and “For Forever” from Dear Evan Hansen. Together, the three choirs will showcase “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor” by Emma Lazarus and “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. 

“Students have been working really hard to give a mixture of music from modern to music from musicals and some classic rock and pop. We try to do a variety of music for everyone to enjoy. There will definitely be something in our concert will connect to and enjoy,” said Choral Director B.J. Crowder. 

During the show, donations will also be collected. Junior Libby Padgett from The Harmony Singers is preparing to go to The National American Miss beauty competition in Anaheim, California over Thanksgiving break, and the money collected will help fund that trip.

“Admission is completely free, but we will be taking donations to help a choir member, Libby Padgett get to nationals for a beauty pageant in California,” said Crowder.

The choir is still hard at work in the weeks leading up to their concert. More information will be posted in the hallways of PHS as the date grows closer.

Story by Jozalyn Kempf

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