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POP Trash Bag Fundraiser

The Pride of Paoli Band has big aspirations for this coming year. This past month, they have been selling trash bags to raise money for a special trip this fall. Their hope is to play in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this coming Thanksgiving.

Not only are they raising money for New York, but also a potential trip to Philadelphia as well as purchasing new uniforms.

“That is a very large expense and needs to be met without overextending our fall budget,” said Band Director Bill Laughlin.

The fall budget helps expenses such as travel, food, and staff.

Usually the band raises about seven to ten thousand dollars through the trash bag fundraiser as the first project they do. Each band member roughly sells 100 boxes of trash bags. The second project is hosting the Band Invitational every year here at Paoli.

The fundraiser will end February 3 so get your trash bags while you can!

Story by Maggie Vincent

Solo and Ensemble Festival

Solo and Ensemble Festival is a contest where students perform and receive feedback on their abilities and skills. While the students are performing, the judges keep notes on how well the performance is. The judge assigns numbers to nine different categories, and all of the numbers are added up.

Ratings are scored as follows:

Gold: 9-13 points

Silver: 14-19 points

Bronze: 20-25 points

White: 26-30 points

Participation: 31+ points

“Our goal is for everyone to earn a Gold rating. Silver is also a great accomplishment. We spend the month of January helping the students prepare for this,” said Band Director, Bill Laughlin.

The Solo and Ensemble Festival will take place on Saturday, January 28, at Jasper Elementary School.

“This allows our band to get better, and ultimately determines how good our concert and marching bands will be the next year,” said Laughlin.

The week of January 28, send your love and support to the band members participating in the Solo and Ensemble Festival.

Story by Avery Owens

You’re Invited to the Pep Band Invitational!

The Pride of Paoli Pep Band will be traveling to the Orleans Pep Band Invitational tomorrow. There will be a total of 14 bands from around the area playing, the POP will be playing at 12:30 pm, with awards at 3:45 pm.

Admission price is five dollars for adults and three dollars for students and senior citizens; concessions will be sold as well. So don your purple and gold, beads and face paint and come to support the POP and have a great time!

Story by Dorothy Gofourth

Bolas Leaving PHS

Choir teacher Chelsea Bolas has taught at Paoli for a year and a half, and at the end of this semester, she will be headed to Louisville to teach at Fern Creek High School in Louisville, Kentucky.

“I really appreciate all of the work Ms. Bolas has done for us. She has had an extremely positive impact on me personally, because she’s helped me improve as a singer and has been there for me when I have struggles,” said senior Chase Meehan.

Another student who is very grateful for Bolas, is freshman Megan Poe.

“Thank you Ms. B for everything you’ve done for me and the rest of the Choir, I will keep on singing and be the best I can be for the future choir teacher. I hope you make new memories with your new students in the future, but as for now, I wanna keep making memories with you and the rest of my Choir family,” said Poe.

Story by Dorothy Gofourth

Pride of Paoli Performing “Statuesque”

As of September 3, band season has begun. The band will be showcasing their program this year titled, “Statuesque”.

Statuesque follows statues that come to life and learn what it is like to experience human emotions and thoughts. The color guard is playing the role of the statues, while the members of the marching band will occasionally be represented as statues through choreography.

Each Saturday until October 20, the Pride of Paoli will perform at a contest.

“Each week is designed to learn more of the show, to make necessary adjustments and changes, and, once we get to October, to really start ‘dialing it in,’’ or working toward perfection,” said Pride of Paoli band director Bill Laughlin.

Members are hoping to make their way to State Finals this year. The last time the Pride of Paoli made their way to finals was 2013. Laughlin likes to encourage his students that the most important part of any show is that you are having fun while performing.

“We hope that all students of Paoli have a terrific fall season, be it in sports, band, other after school activities, academics, and just about anything that goes on,” said Laughlin.

Story by Rebekah Reeves

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