Curtains up on Drama

The drama club hosted a murder mystery entitled “Alibis” on Friday, September 10, in the PHS Auditorium. The show consisted of eight people who were invited to a birthday party who became suspects in a murder. Each character was to give an alibi. The members were reluctant to give their alibis, but finally each of them confessed to the detective where they were when the crime happened. Each alibi was turned into a short play.

There were 18 actors involved in this show, along with eight crew members. Of the eight crew members, five were new members. Aside from the five new members, there were four new board
members inducted during the cast party. Junior Dawson Poe, sophomore Cameron Apple, and freshmen Riley Belcher and Kelly Royer joined veteran board members seniors Angie Ceja, Kylee
Charles, Haley Cox, Michael Hannon and A.J. Lopez.

“We were excited to be together doing a live performance. It gave us a chance to get back on the stage again. We had several students participating with us for the first time, so that was wonderful
too,” said Drama Director Maria Wishart.

Any student interested in becoming a part of Drama Club and activities similar to the Murder Mystery should contact Mrs. Wishart, or check the Activities List in their email which has the Google Classroom join code.

Story by Makiya Russelburg

Happy Homemakers

Students Participate in Groundbreaking Event for House

On September 7, the construction students took part in the ground breaking ceremony for a new construction project on E. Water Street in Paoli.

The construction classes working on the project include students in Intro to construction, construction tech 1 and construction tech 2.

This will be the construction trades program’s 15th housing project in Paoli. The homes being built for this project will benefit the community with quality housing at more affordable prices.

“We are incorporating a lot of advanced building techniques to make the home very energy efficient, storm resistant, and more affordable for the future homeowners,” said Building and Trades teacher Jon Shellenberger.

Junior Chris Nunez is in his third year in the program.

“I chose this class because I feel like this is the right thing for me and I’m really excited about getting this house done because watching it all come together is pretty neat,” said Nunez.

According to a press release, “The Paoli Housing Task Force strives to build and renovate 25 homes by 2025 through partnerships with community organizations, developers and builders, financial institutions and local, state and federal programs.”

During the groundbreaking ceremony, numerous representatives from the Orange County Economic Development Partnership, the Orange County Community Foundation and the Indiana University Center for Rural Engagement were also in attendance.

“One person can make a difference, but together we can make an impact. That is what we are doing today,” said Imojean Dedrick, Executive Director of the Orange County Community Foundation said in a press release.

In addition to working on the local home, the students are currently working on other projects for the school.

Keepsake Carpenters In addition to building a house, students are also working with the old gym floor to create new projects. Pictured from left: Jacob Young, Isaiah Apple, Jareth Nunez, Garret Hickman, William Baker, Ian Drake, Ashton Jones, and Preston Flick.

“We are also working on different projects in the shop at school such as building a 15 foot shuffleboard table made out of a piece of the old PHS gym floor,” said Shellenberger. “There will be many more projects that we’ll build throughout the school year but these are several that we’re currently working on.”

Story by Jeremiah Hutcheson

Art Students Compete in Annual Calendar Contest

For the past week and a half, art classes have been working on their entries for the annual Cooperative Calendar of Student Art Contest. The Cooperative Calendar of Student Art Contest is sponsored by the Rural Electric Cooperative (REMC/REC) and Indiana Connection.

Art teacher Chris Jones’s students have participated in the competition for over 20 years now.

Students in his Drawing II, Drawing III, and AP courses are creating submissions for the 2022 calendar, having to follow only the one rule of illustrating the month that corresponds to their grade. For example, sophomores (10th graders) must draw or paint for October (the 10th month).

One winner will be selected for each month and an honorable mention will be featured as well in the calendar. Winning artists will receive a $200 prize and honorable mentions will receive $75. Students are eligible to receive an extra $100 if their entry is the one chosen to represent the ‘Best in Show’ category. 

Many PHS students have been selected in the past, with four or five winning overall and nine or ten earning honorable mentions.

Jones continues to have his students do this project because it helps the young artists to get exposure.

“I think this is a great way for our kids to get their work out there for lots of people to see,” said Jones.

Submissions must be made by March 19, though PHS art students are wrapping theirs up by January 20. Contest winners will be notified before the end of the school year.

Story by Masden Embry

Pride of Paoli Celebrates Their Season

On Monday, October 26, the Pride of Paoli marching band wrapped up their season with their annual band awards followed by a trophy auction. Just like their season, this year’s band awards were a bit different. Usually after their season they’d have a band banquet in the cafeteria, but for safety reasons they didn’t have a banquet and held their awards ceremony in the auditorium. 

The program started with their annual trophy auction. This is when the trophies they won from their previous season get auctioned off. Some trophies auction for a few dollars while others can be sold for as much as $40-$50. The money earned by the trophy auction goes into the Band Booster Account, which helps pay for the Chow Wagon expenses, the props for the show, and the uniforms for the band.

“This gives everyone in the program an opportunity to make a small donation to the band program, as well as have a personal memory of his/her time in the band. The trophy auction has become quite popular over the years, especially if there are any particular trophies available (such as Outstanding Field Commander for the Drum Major). Some of the 1st Place or Grand Champion trophies are quite large and very sought after by students,” said Former Band Director Bill Laughlin.

The program closed with band awards.There were many different awards given out to the band this year. The Rookie of the Year Award was given to seventh graders Brooklyn Weber and Gabriele Brown. The Most Improved Award was given to sophomore Chloe Shalkowski and eighth grader Christian Longest. The Best Field Commander Award was given to junior Angie Ceja. The Best Soloists Award was given to junior Michael Hannon and sophomores AJ Lopez, Brody Wilcox and Gavin King. The Best Marchers Award was given to sophomore Micaela MacDonald, junior Marissa Fleenor, and seniors Tessa Cranfield and Shawna Phegly. The Best Musicians Award was given to sophomore Adin Monroe, junior Michael Hannon, and seniors Chloe Thacker and Trey Cranfield. There were also section awards given. The Outstanding Clarinet Award was given to freshman Olivia McSpadden and senior Margaret Naumoff. The Outstanding Mid-Voice Award was given to seventh grader Connor Bowman and freshman Mark Drzewiecki. The Outstanding Percussionist Award was given to seventh grader Lydon Poe. The Outstanding Guard Member Award was given to seventh graders Jazmen Mitchell and Neveah King and freshmen Braxton Clarkson and Caitlyn Taylor. The Keeper of The Beat Award was given to sixth grader propling Marcus Longest. The Low Brass Section was awarded with the Outstanding Section Award. Low Brass members include seventh grader Tyler Drzewiecki, freshmen Daniel Adams and Braeden Campbell, junior Elijah MacDonald and senior Trey Cranfield. Grade awards were given out to outstanding band members from each grade. The seventh grade award was given to Tabitha and Tyler Drzewiecki. The eighth grade award was given to Rylee McKenna, Isaiah Holiday and Kelly Royer. The freshman award was given to Nena Goana and Cameron Apple. The sophomore award was given to AJ Lopez, Adin Monroe and Brody Wilcox. The junior award was given to Michael Hannon, Kylee Charles and Haley Cox. The senior award was given to Chloe Thacker, Trey Cranfield, Dan Breedlove and Christian Ruth.

Story by Angie Ceja

Art Students Paint Ceiling Tiles for the Fourth Year

This year marks the PHS Art Department’s fourth year of painting ceiling tiles. 

This month, students in Drawing 2 and Drawing 3 Honors classes painted a total of 16 tiles for teachers around PHS.

Staff members signed up via email and provided an idea of what they wanted to the students making their ideas come to life. 

The money raised was put into an account that will pay for extras the Art Department needs, each tile costing $20.

“We’ve purchased new software, a bluetooth speaker and things like that with the ceiling tile money,” said art teacher Chris Jones.

In the spring, another round of tiles will be painted, although this time by junior high students in Art 2. These will be specifically for Throop Elementary teachers.

Story by Masden Embry