Review: Skyrim

Skyrim is the fifth game in the Elder Scroll’s series. It isn’t a continuation of the games, but they are all connected together in a way of the maps.

Skyrim offers over 300 hours of game play and every quest differs in an extremely different way. This game also has the basic components of a RPG, but it has way deeper combat mechanics and bartering system.

This game takes off as you being an unknown person and soon after you discover who you are going to be playing as. Then, you choose your class and what you look like. There are many classes, such as: orcs, elves and humans. After the tutorial part of the game, you get to go into the open world and freely play. Once you level up high enough, or you complete part of the main quest line, you get to fight random dragons that attack you.

Some good parts of this game are the combat system and the huge world that is available to play in. The combat system is very well planned out. It offers the ability to wield a sword and use spells at the same time. Another cool part of the combat system is the finishing moves. There are endless possibilities of finishing moves and they all depend on where you are standing, the weapon you are holding and the opponent the player is facing. The map is also extremely large, so the player gets to roam around and faced random opponents who want to fight. There are also many towns and settles the player can attack or help out.

A bad part of this game is the graphics. The graphics are great as a whole, but when you get up and close to some things, they glitch out. You can sometimes see through them or they’ll flash different colors and start to spas out.

Overall this is a very good game and I plan on playing all 300+ hours of game play before I even think about moving onto another game. I can’t wait for the next game in the Elder Scrolls series to come out.

Todd Osborn