Review: Breaking Dawn

Many are familiar with the Twilight Saga, for over two years the series has sent many adolescent girls everywhere in a frenzy. I too have read the books and have seen the movies. Although I do not think I could call myself “obsessive” over the books and movies; however they are interesting reading material. The Twilight Saga movie production of the series has not been near as disappointing as I imagined.

Breaking Dawn, the first part of the fourth book came out in theaters November 18 of this year, along with many other girls and boys around the world I too went and watched the movie.  Throughout the series I questioned whether they could really make the last movie as good as what the book had been. From start to finish Breaking Dawn as relatively close to the book, but certain details were altered and at times scenes were entirely different. I am aware that some scenes just will not work in a movie, but I do believe that sometimes sticking to what had originally been published is best.

When I first sat down to watch this movie for the first time I questioned if this movie was really worth it, because the amount of twelve year old girls in the theater was unsettling. The movie started okay, but suddenly Bella and Edward were married and kissing. I had no idea where it came from. For about 5 minutes, I had sat there thinking of how badly they may have butchered the movie. Within 30 minutes of the movie, I started to get disappointed, just by how fast the movie switched from place to place. It seemed like the director could have done a little better job at tying all of the events together rather than being in Forks, then ending up dancing on a street and somehow ending up in a boat.

The only part I was actually really impressed with was the scene where Bella was giving birth to her child; they captured the seriousness of the situation along with the emotion of the characters presented in the book.

Even though I am somewhat disappointed with the time frame of the movie, the feel of the movie was pretty good. Kristen Stewart’s acting improved as well, instead of being a stuttering fool, her awkward persona in general somewhat disappeared. She seemed more comfortable with being an actress in a very popular movie series than the previous movies.  The visual effects in the movie were also very good, the wolves looked better than what they had when they had first been introduced in the second and third movie.

I admit the movie was better than I expected but I still feel that some of the not so good things should not be present this late in the series. All the kinks should have been worked out in the first and second movie. Breaking Dawn earned a 4.8 out of a ten point scale in the box office. This is not the best rating compared to the previous movies. I agree with this because they spent quite some time working on the movie it could have been a little better in my opinion.

Brianna Phillips