Paoli Media Department Staff


Heather Nichols

Writing Team

Bela Brewster, Alexis DeCarlo, Kennedy Embry, Dot Gofourth, Jace Ingle, Sara Kesterson, Emma Osborn, Avery Owens, Haley Owens, Rebekah Reeves, Dietrich Sears, Madison Street, Garrett Vincent, Maggie Vincent, and India Wong

Design Team

Jaylin Busick, Adam Engleking, Carter Elliott, Chloe Elliott, Isabelle Goff, June Hobson, Renee Lee, Leitha Levi, Allie Lowe, Lexi Stroud, Mahalia Taylor, Heather Tinkle, Raigan Tinkle, Lexy Underhill, Noah Weiss, Kelsi White, and Harli Wilder

Photo & Social Media Team

Joni Blackburn, Jericho Drake, Cody Laws, Dawson Long, Katie May, Ty Minton, Lexie Stroud, Lily Thompson, Trinidi Turner, Lauren Umpleby, Olivia VanMeter, and Addison Wells

PHS News Today

June Hobson Producer

Nick Douthitt Director & Show Recorder

Ali Kerby Main Anchor

Joni Blackburn & Kaulen Turner Sports Anchors

Ean Wilder Weather Anchor

Dawson Long Floor Manager

EB Kerby Switcher

Dorothy Gofourth & Landon Tharp Tech

Brett Bosley Teleprompter

Tatum England Show Sub

Madison Collins Graphics Editor & Social Media

Rachel Perkins Cafe Announcements

Business Team

Laundon Goldsby Business Manager

Lindsay Morasch Assistant Business Manager

Chase Meehan Web Editor

Dorothy Gofourth Assistant Web Editor

Tatum England Copy Editor

Hannah Sanders Advertising Editor

Landon Tharp Senior Tribute Editor



PHS Media News is the official publication of Paoli High School, published by the journalism department. This publication is a limited forum. Contributions from outside the staff will be considered, but student editors and the adviser make final content decisions. The administration does not review this publication prior to press.

Unsigned editorials reflect the opinion of the staff. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the administration, faculty, adviser or school board. The Paoli Media Department does not accept free or discounted services or products from establishments they review. The Paoli Media Department does not accept unsigned letters to the editor. Signed letters may be submitted to room 115, by mail or by email [thepaolite@gmail.com].

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