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Service Day Preview: Paoli Public Library

A lot of teachers at PHS are planning new Service Day activities, including geometry teacher Cindy Stout. This year, Stout will take a group of students to the public library for rearranging.

For this Service Day project, Stout and her group of students will organize the library space and bookshelves, learn about cataloging, clean and dust. They will also be completing outdoor work such as weed eating.

“The library is always happy to have young people in the building. It would be great to have students help do some cleaning and organizing that does not occur on a daily basis and can help make the building a better place overall for our customers,” said Paoli Public Library Board President Heather Nichols.  


Story by Gracie Walls

Umpleby Races to the Finish

Senior Rachel Umpleby has been a member of the cross country team since elementary school. Running four years of junior high cross country and four years in high school, Umpleby loved it from the start.

“I joined cross country in fifth grade because I wasn’t good at any other sports, so I decided to give cross country a chance. I loved it, so I continued running every year,” said Umpleby.

Not only does Umpleby love cross country, she is also very skilled at it.

“My freshman year, I won Most Valuable Runner and the Rookie Award, and I qualified for Regional. I won Most Improved Runner my sophomore and junior years. My best time during a meet is 21:43, but my best 5k time is 21:19. To attain those times, I worked hard in the off-season and every day in practice. I also had an excellent diet and overall took care of my body,” said Umpleby.

Aside from all seriousness of running cross country, Umpleby still manages to have fun with her team.

“My favorite memories from cross country come from freshman year. We were a small team, but we were a family. I also have always liked the laid back atmosphere of cross country. You don’t have to be a good runner to feel like you’re part of the team,” said Umpleby.

Umpleby also loves her team traditions.

“We eat popsicles after every practice, which is especially nice after a hard practice or if it’s really hot. We also eat pizza and watch funny YouTube videos at our end-of-year banquet,” said Umpleby.

Although Umpleby has enjoyed her past eight years of cross country, she does not plan on continuing running when she goes to college.

“I don’t think I will have enough time for it because I plan to dedicate a large portion of my time to school and studying,” said Umpleby.

Umpleby intends to attend Purdue University with a major in chemical engineering following graduation.


Story by Gracie Walls

College GO! Week at PHS

College GO! Week is an annual event recognized at PHS every year. This year, it will be the week of September 24-28. Guidance counselor Brandi Kerley is organizing and preparing for College GO! Week for PHS students.

“College GO! Week is an annual, statewide event to promote enrollment in two and four-year colleges across Indiana,” said Kerley.

Students at PHS will have the opportunity to gain more knowledge about college and be introduced to different colleges that are scheduled to visit. Information on why students should go to college, choosing the right college, preparing for college and the process of applying will be provided to the students.

“I have the college fair scheduled for October 26, and so far I have 35 college and career representatives confirmed, and I am waiting on answers from many more,” said Kerley.

In order to accommodate some of the college and career representatives unable to come during the college fair, other days have been set aside for them to visit PHS students.

“Indiana State University is coming during homeroom on September 19, and University of Southern Indiana and Indiana are coming on October 3. I am working on a few more,” said Kerley.

There is a College GO! Week contest that any person in grades 6-12 can enter. Each applicant will be entered in a CollegeChoice 529 direct savings plan, and one student from each grade level will be chosen for this cash prize. To enter the contest, you must fill out the form and create a picture or write a three paragraph essay about a career you are interested in. The grade level with the highest participation in the contest will receive a pizza party, and students who participate will be entered into a drawing for prizes.  


Story by Lili Seals

Herff Jones to Meet with Freshmen and Seniors

On Wednesday, September 19, there will be a meeting with the Herff Jones representative to discuss information for all seniors and freshmen.

The meeting for all seniors will begin at 8:15 on September 19 morning in the auditorium. All students will receive an envelope that contains the order form for their cap and gown, graduation announcements and senior memorabilia. The envelope will also include a catalog with information about ordering sweatshirts, t shirts, jewelry and other accessories.

“It is extremely important for all seniors to attend the meeting because they need to be informed on what is due, how much is due and when it will be due so they can walk at graduation,” said senior class sponsor Carol Fullington.

The Herff Jones representative will be back on Tuesday, September 25 to gather all order forms from the senior class. Along with that, they will share any important announcements.

The freshman class will be meeting in the auditorium at 9:15 on Wednesday morning. The meeting will cover all information needed to order class rings. Each class officer will model the rings to the rest of the class and encourage those who want to order a ring to attend the parent night on September 25.

Important information will be given to the students at both meetings. The staff and administration encourages all students in grades 9 and 12 to attend.


Story by Madison Street

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