Candy Grams Available Now

Student Council will be selling Candy Grams as a fundraiser in the coming weeks. The project is being organized by Student Council sponsor Alexis Speer.

“I will have dates for the candy grams when I meet with Dr. Wise to make final decisions,” said Speer. 

A single Gram sell for $0.75, four Grams for $2, and 10 Grams for $5. 

The Grams consist of candy canes that have tags which students and staff can send to others in the building.

Listen to the announcements for more information on when Grams can be purchased.

Story by Ella Spires

Spanish Students Learn the Cumbia

On November 18 and 19, students in Senora Shellenberger’s 1st period class learned to dance to a popular rhythm that originated in Colombia. Cumbia is a rhythm created by the incorporation of African, European and Indigenous cultures.

Juniors and seniors in Senora Shellenberger’s Spanish 3 class learned how to dance to the cumbia rhythm.
Senora Shellenberger’s class claps along during a class dancing lesson.

Photos by Ashleigh Garcia

Cheerleaders Start Early for the Basket Ball Season

On Thursday October 21, new and old Basketball cheerleaders got together for an optional practice. These girls made a lot of progress and learned new spirit chants to show the fans this basketball season.

Sophomore Faith Gammon learned a new chant alongside the other new cheerleaders.
Senior Tinsley Moffatt and Sophomore Gracie Brown teach chants during an optional practice.
Seniors Hayley Taylor-Norton and Chelsea Deweese learn new chants for the upcoming basketball season.
Freshman Chloe Smith perfects her skills by learning from old squad members.

Photos by Ashleigh Garcia

“Descendants” Take Stage in December

On December 2-4, the PHS Drama Club will be performing their fall musical Descendants, a movie adaptation centered around the children Disney’s worst villains and their integration back into a world of goodness. The shows will begin at 7 p.m. each night in the Uyesugi Auditorium and admission will be $5 a ticket