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PHS Media News

History Teacher Chris Lindley speaks during the 2022 Veterans Day Program.

Veterans Gallery Celebrates America’s Heroes

Olivia McSpadden, Sports Photographer November 28, 2022

The Varsity Wrestling team will travel to Jenning County. Their meet will begin at 6 p.m.

Rams Set to Take Mat

Austin Benales, Sports Writer November 28, 2022

The Varsity Wrestling team will kick off their season on tomorrow, November 29 at Jennings County, starting at 6 p.m. While the team has struggled in the past with not having enough wrestlers on the...

Junior high students play games during their STEM activities.

Game Day Develops STEM Skills

Eden Stroud, Junior High Staff Writer November 22, 2022

On November 2, PHS held its monthly early release day for all students. While the high school participated in Speech Contest and college and career tours, the junior high students participated in a day...

Students in Spanish teacher Crystal Shellenbergers class look at the Locotubre bracket.

Classes Go Loco for Music Contest

Cambry Tinkle, Social Media Staff November 21, 2022

Starting in 2020, Spanish teacher Crystal Shellenberger began participating in Locotubre, a world-wide bracket competition that strives to grow appreciation for and celebrate popular music and culture...

News to Know

Band Heads to Disney

Taisha Robbins, Paolite Staff Writer November 21, 2022

Members of the Pride of Paoli Band will be leaving for Florida Tuesday, November 22, to spend Thanksgiving with Mickey Mouse.  The 27 band members and 17 chaperones will go to Disney World and will...

Semi-regular random thoughts and self-reflections from the mind of Senior Editor Masden Embry

Wasted Potential: The Failure to Succeed or to Try?

Masden Embry, Copy Editor, Editor in Chief November 18, 2022

“I wish I could say I will spare the theatrics, but Nichols knew what she was getting into when she gave me this space.” I am a fairly fearful person. I scream at the sight of virtually any winged-insect...

Principal Ed Wagner and Vice Principal Adam Stroud model their pajamas.

Laying Rumors to Rest

Masden Embry, Copy Editor, Editor in Chief November 18, 2022

As a media department, one of the core ethical responsibilities we have is to uphold the truth and maintain accuracy and a recent incident here at school has given us the chance to help set the record...

Sophomore Taylor Patton eats a snack before her next class.

Patton Finds Enjoyment in Favorite Snacks

Taylor Patton, Paolite Staff Artist November 18, 2022

With Thanksgiving around the corner, there is one thing on my mind that I am sure is on others’ as well: eating. Giving thanks may play a large role, but it is the food that serves as the main event...

Junior Braeden Campbell kneels during the beginning of part four of the show. The musicians performed lots of 
choreography during their show.

The Top Five

Brian Fullington, PHS News Today Staff, 812 Podcast Producer November 18, 2022

On Saturday, November 5, the Pride of Paoli band performed at the ISSMA State Finals. They took the field at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The performance was the last for seniors Brody Wilcox...

Senior Dawson Poe poses with his painted ceiling tile.

Custom Made Art Showcases Student Talents

Taylor Patton, Paolite Staff Artist November 18, 2022

This year, PHS Art Department continued their annual ceiling tile project. Art teacher Chris Jones has been participating in this project for the past six years. “We use the Ceiling Tile Project...

Senior Nova Nichols car after the accident.

Chapter 1: The Accident

Ashleigh Garcia, Sports Editor, Web Editor, Senior Editor Assistant, Paolite Staff Writer November 17, 2022

It is Friday, October 14 and the Rams are headed to North Knox to face the Warriors. On the last day of Fall Break, the varsity cheer squad is waiting on the bus to leave for the game. The bus leaves at...

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