Sports Stats

Below is a weekly list of PHS sporting events and how the Rams competed. GO RAMS

Monday April, 23

HS Golf @ BNL

HS Baseball vs. West Washington-W

JH Track @ Scottsburg

JH Tennis @ Brownstown

HS Track @ Borden ­

HS Softball @ Perry Central-W

Tuesday April, 24

JH Golf vs. Corydon

JH Tennis vs. Oolitic

HS Softball vs. E. Greene-L

HS Boys Track @ Dubois Invite.-4th

HS Baseball vs. Perry Central-W

Wednesday April, 25


Thursday April, 26

HS Golf @ Crawford

HS Baseball vs. Loogootee-L

JH Track @ Mitchell

JH Tennis vs. St. Vincent

­HS Softball vs. Mitchell-W

JH Golf @ Jasper

Friday April, 27

HS Baseball vs. Mitchell

­HS Softball vs. Lanesville

HS Tennis vs. South Central

Saturday April, 28

HS Tennis@ Southridge Invite.

HS Baseball vs. Corydon

HS Golf @ BNL Invite

April 16 – April 21

Monday April  16th

Girls HS Tennis vs. Pekin-W

HS Softball vs. Salem-W

HS Baseball vs. Southridge-W

Tuesday April 17th

HS Softball @ Loogootee-W

Girls HS Tennis vs. North Harrison-W

JH Track vs. Dubois/Valley

JH Golf vs. North Harrison/Orleans

HS Track @Dubois-W

Wednesday April 18th


Thursday April 19th

HS Softball vs. West Washington-W

Girls HS Tennis vs. New Albany-

JH Track @ Salem

JH Golf vs. Bedford/Orleans

HS boys Track vs. Valley/Shoals-L

HS Golf vs. Crawford County

HS Girls Track @ Dubois

Friday April 20th

JH Tennis vs. Henryville

JV Baseball @Pekin-L

HS Softball @ South Central-W

Saturday April 21st

HS Softball @ Henryville-W and L

HS Baseball vs. Pekin-L

JV Track @ Mitchell

April 9 – April 14

Monday April, 9th
V- Baseball (DH) vs Orleans-W

JH Track vs Forest Park

V Girls Tennis @ Bloomfield

V/JV softball vs Corydon Central
Junior Varsity-TIE

 Tuesday April 10th
JH Golf vs Jasper/Washington

JH Track @ Mitchell-

Varsity Golf vs Dubois, Orleans, Springs Valley-

V Girls Tennis @ Providence-W

Varsity Track vs Mitchell-

 Wednesday April, 11th
No Sporting Events

 Thursday April, 12th
JH Girls Tennis vs Crawford County

JH Golf vs Orleans/Crawford County/Perry Central

V Girls Tennis @ Salem-W

V/JV Softball @ Orleans
Junior Varsity-W

V/JV Baseball @ Mitchell
Junior Varsity-L

Varsity Track @ Perry Central Crawford County, Mitchell

 Friday April, 13th
 Saturday April, 14th
V- Golf @ Old English

Spring Football- Scrimmage # 1

V- Baseball (DH) @ Brownstown-L

Varsity Golf @ Washington Catholic Invitational

Monday 2 – Saturday7

Monday April 2, 2012

Varsity and Junior Varsity Softball @ Dubois
Junior Varsity-W

JH Track @ Home-L

Junior Varsity Baseball @ Tell City-L

Tuesday April 3, 2012

Varsity And Junior Varsity vs. Shoals-W

Varsity Boys Track @ Borden-W

Varsity Girls Tennis @ Crawford County-W

Thursday April 5, 2012

Varsity and JH Boys Golf vs. Mitchell-

JH Girls Tennis vs. North Harrison-W

JH Track @ East Washington-

Varsity Girls Tennis @ Tell City-W

Varsity Boys Track vs. Dubois-L

Friday April 6, 2012

Varsity Baseball @ Salem-W

Varsity Softball @ Mitchell-L

Saturday April 7, 2012

Varsity and Junior Varsity Girls Tennis vs. Southwestern, Washington, and Corydon-W

Varsity and Junior Varsity Baseball @ Dubois-L

Varsity and Junior Varsity vs. Tell City

Monday 27 – Saturday 3

Monday February 27
JH Wrestling vs Mitchell
Paoli vs. Pekin- W
Paoli vs. Mitchell- L

Tuesday February 28
Boys Basketball Sectional

Wednesday February 29

Thursday March 1

Friday March 2
Boys Basketball Sectional

Saturday March 3
JH SWIAC Wrestling@ Home

Boys Sectional Championships

February 20 – February 25

Monday February 20

Tuesday February 21

JH Wrestling vs. Southwestern- L
HS Boys basketball @ North Harrison
Junior Varsity- W
Varsity- L

Wednesday February 22

Thursday February 23
JH Wrestling vs. Salem

Friday February 24
Paoli Girls Shootout
HS Boys basketball @ Crawford
Junior Varsity- L
Varsity- L

Saturday February 25
HS Girls basketball Semi-State
JH Wrestling @ Highland Hills Invitational
Paoli- 6th

February 13 – February 18

Monday February 13
JH Wrestling @ Mitchell-L

Tuesday February 14
Varsity Boys Basketball @ Eastern Greene
Junior Varsity- L
Varsity- L

JH Wrestling vs. Jasper- L

Wednesday February 15
No Sporting Events

Thursday February 16
JH Wrestling@ Washington- W

Friday February 17
Wrestling Individual State

Varsity Boys Basketball Senior Night vs. Perry
Junior Varisty- L
Varsity- L

Saturday February 18
Girls Basketball Regional
Mater Dei moving on to Semi State

Wrestling Individual State

February 6 – February 11

Monday February 6
Boys C team Basketball @ Perry Central- L

Tuesday February 7
JH wrestling @ Mitchell- L

Thursday February 9
JH wrestling @ home vs Southridge- L

Friday February 10
HS Girls Basketball Sectional @ E. Pekin
Paoli- W

Saturday February 11
Varsity Girls Sectional
Paoli – W

Wrestling Semi- State @ Regionals

Semi-State Wrestlers Include:
C.J Andry -L
Nate Burton -L
Garrett Shepard -L

Varsity Boys @ Salem
Varsity- W

January 30 – February 4

Monday January 30

JH Boys Basketball @ Mitchell
8th L

Girls C Team Basketball @ Eastern Pekin-W

Tuesday January 31

Girls Basketball @ Southridge
Junior Varsity-W Varsity-L

Wednesday February 1

JH Wrestling @ New Washington-L

Thursday February 2

Girls Basketball @ Brownstown
Junior Varsity-W VarsityL

Junior high girls and boys Basketball @ Shoals
8th grade boys-W 8th grade girls-W

Friday February 3

Boys Basketball Vs. Orleans
Junior Varsity- L Varsity- L

Saturday February 4

Wrestling Regional @ Jeffersonville

Regional Wrestlers Include:
Nate Burton
Tristan Murphy
Josh Rice
Garrett Shepard
C.J Andry
Ian Bostock and Mark Miles

JH Boys Basketball tourney @ Orleans
7th grade- L
8th grade- L

Boys Basketball @ Brownstown
Junior Varsity- L Varsity- L

January 23 – January 28

Tuesday January 24

Girls Basketball vs. Pekin
Junior Varsity-W Varsity-W

Friday January 27

Boys Basketball vs. Corydon Central
Junior Varsity-W Varsity-L

Saturday January 28

Wrestling Sectional- Moving on to Regional
Nate Burton- 1st place
Josh Rice- 2nd place
Tristan Murphy- 4th place
Garrett Shepard- 2nd place
C.J. Andry- 1st place
Ian Bostock and Mark Miles

Boys Basketball @ Rock Creek
Junior Varsity-W Varsity-L

Girls Basketball @ Orleans
Junior Varsity-W Varsity-W

JH Girls Basketball Tourney @ Orleans

January 16 – January 21

Monday, January 16
Freshmen Boys BB @ North Harrison-L

Freshmen Girls BB @ Eastern Greene-W

JH Boys BB vs. Oolitic
7th-L 8th-L

Tuesday, January 17
Girls Basketball @ Mitchell-W

JH Girls BB@ Orleans
7th-L 8th-W

Thursday, January 19
Freshman Boys BB @ BNL-L

JH Boys BB @ Rock Creek
8th- L 7th- L

JH Girls BB @ Shoals- Rescheduled for February 2

Girls Basketball @ West Washington
Junior Varsity-W Varsity-W

Varsity Wrestling vs. Madison-L

Friday, January 20
Boys Basketball vs. Springs Valley
Junior Varsity-L Varsity-W

Saturday, January 21
Boys Basketball  vs. Southridge
Junior Varsity-L Varsity-W

Girls Basketball vs. Salem
Junior Varsity-W Varsity-W

Varsity Wrestling @ Milan
Paoli- 3rd

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