Ag Department Welcomes New Life

On December 20, the first litter of piglets was born in the Paoli Pig Barn. The first pig to give birth was Rosie, owned by seventh grader Graydan Padgett, and Rosie had 11 babies; six were boars and five were gilts.

Since then, there have been two other litters born. On December 24, Reba, owned by senior Carson Little, had six babies; three boars and three gilts. On December 26, Buffy, owned by freshman Keeley Scott, had eight babies; five boars and three gilts. On January 10, Rose, owned by freshman Mary Cook, had one baby; one gilt.

“My favorite part about having pigs is when they have the babies. It is more exciting than Christmas presents.” said

Padgett. He plans to continue raising pigs, and might try working with different breeds in the future. Padgett will use the money he earns this year and use it to help pay for expenses with his next pigs.

Two pigs in the barn didn’t give birth this time; Naomi owned by freshman Haylie Gilliatt, and Margo, owned by Hannah Woolston. Margo was bred on December 18, and her piglets will be
ready in time to be used in late fall and early winter shows. Naomi will be sent back home with Gilliatt.

The pigs that the students observe off campus have also started to mother their litters. Four out
of five pigs off campus have given birth.

Sixth grader Lucas Carmickle’s pigs were the first to give birth. Hella had 11 babies, six boars and
five gilts, and Hazel had five babies; four boars and one gilt. Patches, Scott’s pig, had 14 babies; nine boars and five gilts. Sixth grader Lucas Carmickle’s pig was next. Astrid had five babies; three boars and two gilts.

“I have raised pigs since I was really young, and I started showing them in third grade. My favorite part about raising pigs is the experience I get from it, and being able to help other people with their pigs when they need it,” said Scott.

If you are interested in learning more about the pig program visit the PHS website and click on the Paoli Farm-to-Table Program site link located under Menu.

Story by Carley Higgins