All in the CARDS

On October 28, the Tri-Hi-Y students decorated Halloween cards during a homeroom meeting. The group makes cards for the nursing home three to fours holidays a year to be delivered as a service project. Any students interested in helping out with the project in the future should contact Wishart or join the club’s Google Classroom using the code: gbiymp2.

Junior Serenity Sweet finishes decorating her card.
Seventh graders Addilyn Peyton and Addilyn Moffatt gather their supplies to create cards.
Senior Luke Gibson and sophomore Micaela MacDonald construct their cards.

Photos by TyLynn Taylor

Curtains up on Drama

The drama club hosted a murder mystery entitled “Alibis” on Friday, September 10, in the PHS Auditorium. The show consisted of eight people who were invited to a birthday party who became suspects in a murder. Each character was to give an alibi. The members were reluctant to give their alibis, but finally each of them confessed to the detective where they were when the crime happened. Each alibi was turned into a short play.

There were 18 actors involved in this show, along with eight crew members. Of the eight crew members, five were new members. Aside from the five new members, there were four new board
members inducted during the cast party. Junior Dawson Poe, sophomore Cameron Apple, and freshmen Riley Belcher and Kelly Royer joined veteran board members seniors Angie Ceja, Kylee
Charles, Haley Cox, Michael Hannon and A.J. Lopez.

“We were excited to be together doing a live performance. It gave us a chance to get back on the stage again. We had several students participating with us for the first time, so that was wonderful
too,” said Drama Director Maria Wishart.

Any student interested in becoming a part of Drama Club and activities similar to the Murder Mystery should contact Mrs. Wishart, or check the Activities List in their email which has the Google Classroom join code.

Story by Makiya Russelburg