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The Senior Class’ Last Hoorah

On May 17, the senior class will have the opportunity to travel to Kings Island in Mason, Ohio. The trip will cost $40, but students were able get a free ticket if they sold multiple boxes of chocolate during the senior fundraiser.

The students will be leaving around 6 a.m. and returning to the school around midnight that night. Students will need to bring money for any other things they want to buy on their own.

“The senior trip is a last hooray to be with your friends and do something as as class that you can enjoy,” said senior class sponsor Carol Fullington.

To attend the trip, students will need to sign up with senior class sponsor Melissa Higgin. Fullington and Higgins hope to see as many kids go as possible.

Story by: Madison Street

Chastain to Sign with Hanover Panthers

Senior Keaton Chastain will soon be signing with Hanover College to play basketball. She is extremely excited to have this opportunity and can’t wait to see what comes out of it. Although Chastain has not decided on her major, both she and Paoli girls basketball coach Scott Blankenbaker have high hopes for her educational and basketball career.

“I am proud of the fact that she is going to be attending at top notch school in Hanover, and that her basketball talent is helping her financially. Anytime you can get some of your education paid for makes all the time and effort they put into the sport worth it,” said Blankenbaker.

Blankenbaker is very optimistic that Chastain will be successful in whatever she sets her mind to.

Story by: Haley Owens

High School Gym Students Make Their Mark

Advanced physical education teacher Brian Wilson has recently had numerous girls break records for the all-time board.

Freshman Kacey McBride has broken two records. Squatting 245 pounds and benching 145 pounds has made her the fourth all-time on bench and squat. Freshman Kinsey McBride squatted 265 pounds making her second all-time for squat. Freshman Laykin Busick and senior Heidi Cochran tied for third all-time with 260 pounds on squat. For Cochran, this was one of her last opportunities to accomplish her goal.

Well, I’ve been trying to get on the board ever since sophomore year. Now, I’m a senior, and I finally made it up there. That is a big accomplishment for me,” said Cochran.

All of the girls have worked extremely hard to get to where they are, but their work is not over yet. They are hoping to improve further, but are happy to accomplish what they have. Wilson is extremely happy to see his students working hard and the excitement surrounding it.

“I’m proud of all the hard work these girls have put in and very happy to see it paying off for them. They come in wanting to get better and do the right things the right way every day. That’s simple secret behind their big accomplishments. It was a lot of fun to watch their excitement at becoming a part of history,” said Wilson.

Story by: Faith Wilder

PHS Choir to Perform Last Show of the Year

Tonight everyone is welcome to watch the final show of the year for the PHS choir. The variety show will begin at 6 p.m. in the auditorium and is free of charge.

The students, along with teacher B.J. Crowder, have been working on the show entitled “It’s a Total Mood” for five weeks. It incorporates different genres of music and will feature skits prepared by the choir members.

We will be singing songs from musicals such as Phantom of The Opera, Dear Evan Hanson, The Greatest Showman, as well as several pop songs,” said Crowder.

They are displaying color in their concert in order to portray the feelings of their musical performances. The songs Crowder and the choir have chosen are also being used to tell a story. The choir has carefully selected the music in order to maintain the emotions they want the audience to feel.

It is the final show for seniors Tessa Robbins and Jillian Keen, and Crowder wants them to finish on a high note. He also wants to bring excitement to the remaining students in the junior high, beginning and advanced choir classes for future years.

I hope we have a big turn-out,” said Crowder.

Story by: Masden Embry

Throwback Feature: Padgett’s Time at PHS

Not a lot of people stay in their hometown their entire life, but this is not the case for PHS graduate David Padgett. Padgett attended Paoli from kindergarten to senior year and graduated in 1977. Following graduation, he went to work at Brittany Factory for 8 years. Padgett was then a student at Indiana University Southeast and earned his teaching degree. With his degree, he returned to Paoli High School and became a fourth grade teacher at Throop Elementary.

Padgett got married to his wife, Kathy, on June 21, 1997 and has two children. His oldest child is Nick, a senior, and the youngest is Libby, a sophomore.

Having spent a lot of time at PHS, Padgett has the ability to offer important advice to the students here.

“Enjoy school as much as you can and participate in everything that you can,” said Padgett.

In high school, Padgett was involved in FFA and really enjoyed going to the football games, basketball games and cheering on the Rams. Padgett’s biggest regret was not playing sports in school.

“You may not think it is, but school is one of the best things in your life. So enjoy it while you can and make many friends and memories before you graduate,” said Padgett.

Padgett has been teaching at PHS for 22 years, and at the end of year he will be retiring.

“I am looking forward to retirement. I hope to be able to go camping more, working in my yard and doing things with the family. I am going to also try to find a job so I can work some to help with the bills,” said Padgett.


Story by: Haley Owens

Miller Encourages ISTEP Takers

A little encouragement can go a long way for students, and ISTEP is no exception. This is what English teacher Rachel Miller had in mind when creating The Testing Encouragement and Motivation Project (TEMP).

The Testing Encouragement and Motivation Project (TEMP) is a way for teachers and administration to show their support for the students during ISTEP testing and to reward them for putting forth their best effort,” said Miller.

This two-part project included staff members writing personal, uplifting notes to boost students’ confidence and prompt them to do their best on the standardized tests. An incentive was also put in place, which was watching Aquaman in the auditorium with snacks and drinks.

After noticing that there wasn’t much support for students who were taking ISTEP, Miller decided to do something about it. She chose to restart the project she had previously done at Marion C. Moore High School, her previous school in Louisville, Kentucky. With a little help from Principal Chad Johnson and guidance counselor Brandi Kerley, Miller was able to put her plan into action.

Students work very hard to prepare themselves for the ISTEP and it’s often not a very fun experience, so a little added levity can be encouraging,” said Miller.

Miller hoped that she would be able to motivate students, alongside other teachers and administrators, to look at ISTEP as something more than just another pointless exam, but as a preparation for the future.

“I want students to understand that although these tests may not be fun or seem relevant, they’re actually a good model for obstacles they will face in life,” said Miller.

Feedback from students showed they enjoyed the notes and rewards, and teachers saw that students were positively affected by them. Through this, Miller was able to see the ability staff had to help students. That only reaffirmed her plans to continue and expand this project in years to come.

Story by: Masden Embry

NJHS Headed to Bloomington

Every year, the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), takes a trip to reward students for their accomplishments in service throughout the year. NJHS is an international organization that consists of middle school students who excel in academics, leadership and character. On Friday, May 3, NJHS will be going to Urban air, a trampoline park, in Bloomington. While there, they will jump, eat and spend time with the other NJHS members. They will be leaving PHS at 9:30 a.m., and students are encouraged to wear comfy clothes and be ready to jump. NJHS sponsor Melissa Higgins and bus driver Aaron Reckelhoff will be supervising the event.

“The bus will leave Urban Air at about 1:30 p.m., so the people who are going will have plenty of time to jump and eat before we have to leave,” said Higgins.

Although all members are invited, there are requirements to participate.

“In order to come to the field trip, you need to have the required services and GPA,” said Higgins.

This year, in order to raise money to fund the trip, NJHS sold chocolate bars and paid dues at the beginning of the year.

“The students all sold chocolate bars to help with cost. If they didn’t, then they have to pay for part of it to attend the trip,” said Higgins.

Members attending are excited to spend a day away from the school to round out the end of the year.

“I am excited to hang out with my friends and be able to hang out with them other than at school,” said freshman Hayley Taylor.  

Students will arrive back at the school at 2:30 p.m. and attend their seventh period class.

Story by: Corinne Magner

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