Student Council Elections Tomorrow

The 2019-2020 Student Council elections will be held tomorrow, August 21, during homeroom. Sponsored by social studies teacher Neil Dittmer, Student Council is for any student interested in being involved for the school year.

“Students who are involved in Student Council will get to have a say in policy decisions, like the dress code. They get to help plan pep sessions, dress-up days, Homecoming and many other activities throughout the year,” said Dittmer. 

If you are wanting to be a member of this organization, you will be running against other members in your homeroom. One person from each homeroom will be selected by your classmates. You are required to say why you think you should be elected and what aspects you bring to make our school a better place. If you have been selected by your homeroom, and are in the club, you have different obligations you have to fulfill, including serving on committees.

“The committees include, Homecoming, which will plan and create the fall and winter Homecomings, Events which will plan student events, like dances, bonfires, macho man volleyball and many other things. Their is a spirit committee, which will help with pep sessions, spirit weeks, hall decorations and policy which will work with administration on policy decisions like the dress code, grade book, and any other requests from the administration,” said Dittmer. 

If you are not selected for Student Council, there are other routes you can take to get in the club. Dittmer will have at-large position applications available after elections are complete.

“If you want to be involved, help the school, create school spirit and make Paoli better, you should run for election tomorrow,” said Dittmer. 

Story by Corinne Magner

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