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Throwback Feature: Cole Continues Basketball Legacy

PHS class of 1999 alumnus Dusty Cole was involved in many activities as a student at Paoli. Cole was a member of the basketball team, football team and baseball team.

Cole was captain of the basketball, football and baseball teams. He also received many awards, such as Gold Glove in baseball, MVP in basketball, Highest Field Goal Percentage, Highest Free Throw Percentage, Most Assists, Offensive MVP in football, Academic All-State, Small School All-State and All-Conference in each sport.

Cole also set many school records, including most home runs in a game, most receptions in a season, most receptions in a career, most touchdown receptions in a season, most touchdown receptions in a career, most touchdown receptions in a game and most interceptions in a game.

“I have tons of stories, memories and experiences. To be honest, I remember the people and the relationships just as much as I do the events and the experiences,” said Cole.

Cole will always remember the athletic competitions, especially play-offs and tournament games. Cole’s basketball team went to state the 1998-1999 school year, which was his senior year. His football team had an upset against highly-ranked Southridge, who had defeated them earlier in the season.

Cole’s mentors throughout his high school years have also shaped him into who he is today.

“Mr. Magner, Mr. Stuckwisch, Mr, Kirby, Mr. Sutherlin, Coach Brown, Coach Hahn, Coach Bless, Mr. Stroud, Mr. Babcock and Dr. Combs were all were great mentors for me,” said Cole.

The people who Cole is most fond of persuaded his decision making when choosing to become a teacher and coach.

“I can look back at so many people and so many experiences that molded me into the person I am today. At times, I learned some hard lessons. I was successful, and I failed. I made good choices, and I made bad choices. Most importantly, I feel like I learned from all of those things. There was always someone there for me trying to keep me on the right path and trying to explain to me how to learn and get better from each experience. I was so blessed to have so many people who cared about me,” said Cole.

Cole is now married to Shae Cole and has three kids, Fletcher, 12, Finnley, 7, and Fitz, 5. Cole resides in Paoli along with the rest of his family, and is now approaching his tenth year as a teacher and coach at Paoli.

“I believe Paoli is a great community. That is why I am still here raising my family here,” said Cole.

Cole doesn’t live with many regrets in life, but he does believe he wished his high school experiences away too fast. His advice to the students now would be to enjoy the process, take it all in and don’t rush too much.

“At some point, you have to realize who the people are that are trying to help you and who really doesn’t care what you do or how you turn out. Always try to find the positive in people, no matter what happens, and don’t be one of the ones that complain about everything. Just find what makes you happy and try to be content with certain things in life. If you’re always looking for something better, you will never find true happiness,” said Cole.


Cole is pictured above.

Story by Makiya Russelburg

Throwback Feature: Minton Remembers Life at PHS

Former Paoli High School student Richard Minton graduated in 1972. After graduating, Minton decided to stay in his small hometown, and he has now lived in Paoli for 47 years. Minton believes his time at PHS helped him become the man he is today, thanks to some of his PHS teachers and coaches.

“During all of my years, my favorite teacher was Darrell Newkirk. He made my physical education class enjoyable, and he taught me many life lessons,” said Minton.
Minton was never a big fan of mandatory classes, but he enjoyed his history class with Gary Hagg.

“I took his class my junior and senior year and unexpectedly enjoyed it. I was never a huge fan of school. Sports kept my interest more than any of my classes,” said Minton.

Minton played basketball for the Rams for three years of his high school career. He played junior varsity during his sophomore season and was on the varsity team for his junior and senior years.

“My coach Mike Copper was a great coach. He would always joke with me and tell me that I needed to be taller, but he was a really good guy and taught me some great life lessons. I learned that I needed to be mentally tough and work hard to achieve great things,” said Minton.

Minton spent time outside of school with his friends Randy Chastain and John Huff.

“We spent lots of time driving around, playing basketball at the park, stopping by Chat-n-Snack and Shakeburger. We had some good times,” said Minton.

Minton worked at Shakeburger for part of his high school career and for some time after he graduated.

Minton met his sweetheart, Dinah Hypes, a sophomore at the time, his senior year of high school. Hypes was a basketball cheerleader and loved watching Minton play. They went on their first date at a restaurant called Tasty House after a basketball game one night, and the couple has been together ever since. The week after Hypes graduated, they were married.

After Minton graduated, he began working at Electricom and had several other jobs before working at REMC for twelve years. Minton now owns his own business, Minton Billiard Supplies, which has been going since 1989.

Minton, still married to Dinah, has two children, Kasie and Brent, and they also attended and graduated from PHS. Minton now has three grandchildren, Kaden, Benjamin, and Miley. Kaden also attends PHS while Benjamin and Miley are homeschooled.  

Minton has no regrets from his time at PHS, and he encourages today’s students and student athletes to work hard and never give up.

“Don’t get discouraged during practices. Put in the time and effort– it will be worth it. Keep practicing your sport and enjoy your time on the court. It won’t last forever,” said Minton.


Minton is pictured above with his wife.

Story by Kaden Lewellyn

Lunch Changes Coming for PHS Students

Due to a survey sent out to students by Principal Chad Johnson, new changes will be made to PHS’s lunch menu. The survey asked students to vote on new a la carte options, which are food items that can be purchased separately from the meal served.

Students will now have the option between three different a la carte options every day. For example, on Monday, April 1, the a la carte options are pork barbecue on bun, a hamburger or pizza. On April 2, the a la carte options are a beef patty, a hamburger or a chicken patty.

These are just a la carte options, so students can still get the additional food which is served as a meal.

“I’m just trying to give the students more opportunity of different choices that they like to eat,” said Head Cook Donna Wilder.  


Story by Sara Kesterson

Supermileage Preparing for Upcoming Races

In April and May, Supermileage will have the opportunity to compete in many different races with at least 50 teams throughout the state. The team will be participating in Division II in the ETEI SuperMileage Challenge, which consists of Indiana high schools labeled 1A and 2A.

The test and tunes with mini races are located in Columbus, Indiana and will take place on April 6. Supermileage will also be competing in races at Purdue University on April 20, and at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Indianapolis on May 4. The team will be participating in the EKS World Finals, held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, on May 15. The ETEI Supermileage Challenge at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis is on April 28 and 29. Supermileage will be competing against 50 teams from all over the state.

“We are setting up our kart and will be practicing in the parking lot as much as possible. We will be looking at and collecting data on energy use, gear ratios, weight transfers, tire temperatures and pressures, caster and camber settings and motor controller settings,” said Supermileage Sponsor Jason Goodman.

The team has been preparing in order to do well in their upcoming races.

“We have a quite sophisticated spreadsheet design we created that allows us to punch in some settings and it will provide us with data, charts and graphs to compare trials in order to help us to choose the best setup,” said Supermileage Sponsor Jason Goodman.

The team’s goal is to complete a race without any problems and finish in the top three.

“We are excited about this program fulfilling the Learn and Demonstrate Employability Skills Graduation Requirement this year and for the future. Next year, we will be offering a new class, Computers in Design and Production, that will allow us to partner with Purdue University.  Students in that class will be driving, testing and learning about go-karts,” said Goodman.


Story by Lili Seals

Throwback Feature: Lindley Recalls Life Accomplishments

History teacher Chris Lindley graduated as the salutatorian of the Paoli High School class of 1986. After graduating, Lindley went to Indiana University to obtain his bachelor’s degree. He graduated from IU with honors and was a 4.0 student twice. Lindley then transferred to Indiana University Southeast for his master’s degree. He majored in B.S. and M.S. Secondary Social Studies Education: U.S History, Government, Geography and Sociology.

Lindley has many accomplishments in other parts of his life as well. Lindley has been nominated by the DAR for Indiana History Teacher of the Year and has been head of the Social Studies Department. Lindley served as part of the building steering committee for several years while they were working toward accreditation in the early 2000s. He successfully coached the academic team for more than 20 years and had three teams advance to State, one of those teams getting a bronze during the 2014 competition in English. Lindley has played a big role in the drama productions since 2009. He has played roles in some of the plays if they needed a role filled during his time helping the drama production. He was an anchor for many television election coverage shows in 2003, 2004 and 2006 with former PHS English teacher Cynthia Webb’s television class and was a part of her telethons.

We also created a series of documentaries called ‘The Challenge of Democracy.’ As part of that project, we went to Washington, D.C., where we met with Lee Hamilton and with Senator Lugar’s staff. I interviewed Governor Mitch Daniels when he came to Paoli after his election win. I’ve helped create and emcee two School Board forums for our school district as well as the ‘Hoosier Genius’ show to celebrate Indiana’s bicentennial in 2016,” said Lindley.

Lindley’s advanced history class has produced an annual “Night at the Museum” for over 15 years and in the past three years have received awards and judges. Lindley is married to Michelle Lindley and has three children, Patrick, Dylan and Ashley Lindley. He also has three grandchildren, Dawson, Hunter and Jace.

“I love gardening and raising poultry, reading, learning history, and have a special interest in our local area’s history. I have been involved in 4-H both as a youth and now as an adult volunteer. I also judge horse shows and do equestrian workshops for 4-Hers,” said Lindley.

Lindley has served as on the 4-H Poultry Committee for the last 17 years and has been a chairman for the last eight years.  

“We were successful in growing the project to the point of needing more space and advocated for the move to the bigger building. After Billy Drury’s death, my wife and I were successful in getting the building named in his honor,” said Lindley.

From his time as a both a teacher and a student at PHS, Lindley has had the experience to be able to give important advice to students of today.

“In this life, many circumstances are beyond your control, but you can control how you respond to them. Look for the opportunities, and do not let the inevitable failures and heartaches prevent you from pushing forward to be the best person you can be, keeping the focus that people matter more than money or fame. Remember that no one arrives anywhere on their own, so surround yourself with quality people who will tell you the truth and love you and challenge you and find ways to give back for all the blessings that have been given to you,” said Lindley.


Lindley is pictured with his wife, Michelle.

Story by Faith Wilder

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