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JAG Looks to the Future

Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) is an organization that helps prepare students for future jobs. JAG members and coordinator Katie Cook will meet with other schools’ JAG programs to address multiple topics on Wednesday, September 26.

“This year the students that will be attending this conference from our school will be juniors  Samantha Shields and Conner Taylor and seniors Kyana Newlin, Avrey Richards, Isiah Beavers and Myranda Hickman. They will meet up with different schools and start planning to be up to date on events,” said Cook.

There are seven schools in Paoli’s region that will be attending the meeting, which are Mitchell, Eastern Greene, Owen Valley, Edgewood, Washington, Brown County and Bedford North Lawrence high schools.  

“We will have guest speakers and learn about developing as leaders, taking initiative, planning and following through,” said Cook. 

This year, the meeting will be held at Spring Mill Inn. Part of the meeting will also be focused on communication skills and team building skills for all members, while the other part will be planning for the upcoming years of JAG. 

“We will also form a plan for the school year and a timeline for implementing each activity,” said Cook.  

If students are interested in planning and preparing for their future, JAG would be a potential organization to look into for next year.

Story by Corinne Magner and Hayley Taylor

PHS Weight Room to be Used for Defense Tactics Training

From September 16 through 20, unfamiliar faces may be seen throughout the building of PHS.

12 to 15 police officers will be using Paoli High School’s weight room to conduct Defense Tactics training. Officers have used PHS’s facilities in the past and chose to use them again because of its central location in Orange County.

“I love the fact that they are here. They do so much for the community and our facilities allow them the necessary training they need to do their jobs effectively. Anytime police are present in our building the whole school benefits from it,” said Assistant Principal Ed Wagner.

Story by Makiya Russelburg

Three PHS Choir Members Selected for Honor Choir

The 2019-2020 Honor Choir auditions were held at Forest Park on September 8. Every participant was required to go through an audition process, and only the best were selected by a panel of judges from the Indiana Choral Directors Association. Honor choir allows students to learn more difficult music and sing with students from other schools. “Awake the Harp” by Joseph Hayden is the piece that all participants used for auditions. The same piece will be performed at Fort Wayne on January 18 by the Honor Choir.

This year, three students from PHS’s Advanced Choir were selected: senior Megan Poe, sophomore Christopher Frias and freshman Ryleigh Anderson. These students will again travel to Forest Park on September 31 for a mandatory practice with all accepted Honor Choir Members.

I was honestly shocked! I thought I did terrible on the audition and had convinced myself that I didn’t make it. It was a wonderful surprise to find out I had made it,” said Anderson.

Aside from the excitement of being selected, these students have a long road ahead in order to prepare for their performance.

“My practicing technique will not change. I’ll make sure to continue to use our recordings that we have and practice nonstop,” said Poe.

Choir Director B.J. Crowder was very pleased with the results. Although some members were not selected, they gained valuable experience through the auditions.

“My advice for the three honor choir members is to practice and challenge yourselves to be the best that you can. More importantly, cherish every minute of it, make new friends and create lifelong memories,” said Crowder.

Story by Amanda Bowles

College Fair to Take Place on October 23

This year, the annual College Fair at PHS will be held on October 23. The event will take place in the auxiliary gym during all lunches. At the time guidance counselor Brandi Kerley was interviewed, 24 colleges had confirmed their attendance. A total of 80 schools were invited, and Kerley hopes to see at least 50 present at the fair.

“[The College Fair is a way] to expose students to many colleges and careers in Indiana and surrounding states. We want students to be able to speak with college representatives and talk about what their University has to offer in terms of majors, degrees, housing, scholarships and many more topics. It is also a great opportunity to speak with college reps about admissions requirements and what to do to prepare,” said Kerley.

Story by Faith Wilder

Macho Man Volleyball and Powder Puff Football Given Tentative Dates

This year, the tentative dates for Macho Man Volleyball and Powder Puff Football are set for September 30 and October 21, respectively.

Every grade level will be responsible for making their own team. There is not a maximum number of players per team, so anyone is welcome as long as they are eligible to be involved in extracurricular activities. Each grade level will have a different dress-up theme for the game, which is something each team will decide later on. 

“I enjoy the fun the kids have, seeing how competitive they are, as well as seeing how bad they are most of the time,” said Student Council advisor Neil Dittmer.

Story by Haley Owens

Higgins and Stout Hope for Another Successful Year of Study Tables

National Honor Society sponsor Melissa Higgins, along with NHS members, will be sponsoring study tables for another school year. 

“Study tables is a quiet environment where students can come and finish their homework for the day. It is also a place where they can get some extra help to be successful in their classes,” said study tables supervisor Cindy Stout. 

Study tables are available to all students Monday through Thursday 3:15 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the PHS Library. Stout supervises study tables on Monday and Tuesday, while Higgins oversees it Wednesday and Thursday. Honor Society students sign up to work at study tables and are there for free tutoring and help.

“Hopefully this year is another successful year with study tables and students will take advantage of the service and help we provide,” said Higgins.

For more information about study tables, contact Higgins at higginsm@paoli.k12.in.us

Story by Gracie Walls


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