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Robotics Class Hosting New Fundraiser

During the week of November 4, the Lost River Career Cooperative robotics class will be hosting a fundraiser during all lunches.

“We’re holding a fundraiser to raise money to enter robotics competitions and to purchase parts for robots. We’ll be selling stickers, dog tags, custom engraved cups and car stickers,” said robotics teacher Mable Zehr.

Custom engraving starts at five dollars, increasing with the difficulty of the design requested.

Anyone with questions should contact Zehr at mzehr@lrcc.k12.in.us.

Story by Chandler Hinton


Key Welcomed Baby Girl on October 10

Math teacher Aaron Key and his wife, Karson Stands Key, recently welcomed their little girl, Kamryn Grace Key, into the world. On October 10, 2019 at 12:01 a.m., these PHS alumni welcomed a huge change to their family. 

“There’s no feeling like it. Now I have this baby girl that I’m responsible for. I just want to be the best dad and give her the best life possible. I can already tell I’m going to be protective of her,” said Aaron. 

The Keys have experienced many changes because of their new addition, but they are looking forward to watching their newborn grow.

“Having Kamryn has been the biggest change and adjustment in my life. Karson has been great and is a fantastic mom. We are enjoying every second of this new adventure together. We wouldn’t change a thing about her, she is perfect,” said Aaron.

Story by Kinley Block

An Inside Look at Colleges

If students are looking to attend college after high school, college visits are very helpful in finding the right fit. 

College visits are the best way to learn about the university and determining if it is the right choice for you. To improve your college visit experience, do as much research about the university as possible before the visit. Have a list of questions prepared to ask admissions representatives during your visit,” said College Advising Corps volunteer Mary Lechner.

To arrange a college visit, students can contact the Office of Admissions of a college, visit Lechner in the guidance office or schedule a visit using the school’s website.

Story by Ruby Chesnut

Senior Hunter Roach Plays for His Final Season

Senior Hunter Roach shares his musical talents through many avenues. One way those talents can be seen is during a performance by the Pride of Paoli marching band.

This marching band season, Roach is featured throughout the show. In the first part, he plays the soprano saxophone in a duet with sophomore Michael Hannon, who plays the alto saxophone. In the second part, Roach performs another duet with Hannon and they both play the soprano saxophone. In the final part, Roach is a part of a saxophone quartet, in which he plays the soprano, Hannon plays the alto, sophomore Angie Ceja plays the tenor and freshman Brody Wilcox plays the baritone. 

“My favorite part of the show so far is in part two. ‘Gabriel’s Oboe,’ the music for part two, has always been one of my favorite pieces,” said Roach.

While he is featured numerous times in the show, Roach is no stranger to the spotlight. Roach has performed many solos and group features in past band shows, as well as in concert band. One of his proudest achievements was making it into the All State Band as a first part. After auditioning, Roach was selected to be a member, making him one of the top high school musicians in the state of Indiana.

Being a senior feels a lot better than being a junior. I expect good things this year because we have a lot of potential as individuals, so all we need is to coordinate our efforts,” said Roach.

After graduating high school, Roach plans on going to study business at Indiana University.

“I will miss the large group of friends that comes with being in the band, but my message is to not listen to anyone because the size of the band makes no difference,” said Roach.

Roach_EM (2)

Story by Michael Hannon

Senior Alicia Neale Leads the Band

This year, the Pride of Paoli has selected a new drum major, and senior Alicia Neale has been chosen to fill the spot at the podium. At the end of last school year, the POP held auditions open to anyone in the band who would like to fill the position. The audition process included writing an essay about why they wanted to be a drum major, being interviewed by the band and former band director Ben Werne and conducting the band through The Star Spangled Banner and the school song.

Over the summer, Neale went to a drum major camp at Ball State University called Music For All Summer Symposium.

“To help prepare for this season, I attended a drum major camp that lasted one week. It was very informative and it helped me improve my conducting skills,” said Neale.

Neale isn’t the only one in her family who has had the opportunity to lead the Pride. Part of her motivation to audition came from her grandmother and her mother who were drum majors before her.

“I wanted to become a drum major because I have had two people who were drum majors at Paoli many years ago. I thought it would be truly amazing to carry on the legacy in my family,” said Neale.

It takes a lot more than knowing how to conduct to be a drum major. For Neale, it also means being a role model for the rest of the band.

“What being drum major means to me is someone to look up to and someone to rely on, not only with the music, but also as a close friend,” said Neale.

Neale had to navigate a few changes when she transitioned from being in the hornline to being the drum major, including adjusting to a new director.

“Changing directors right before marching band season was very stressful. I was taught a lot of different ways to conduct the same music and it got very confusing. It was hard to tell who to listen to about my conducting style. Although it was challenging, it has gone quite smoothly since the change. Thankfully, we all adapted to the new director very quickly,” said Neale.

Neale looks to improve everyday and earn the band’s trust.

“I think the band, as a whole, needs to work on staying together musically because sometimes we tear apart. Personally, I want to improve on conducting well enough for the band to be confident in my tempo,” said Neale.

Even with all the new challenges, Neale is looking forward to this year’s marching band season.

“I am very excited for this season because we have a lot of potential as well as the talent of each individual. I see this season going exceedingly well and I hope that we can fully live up to our potential. I am so thankful that I have this position and I hope to be the best I can be for the band,” said Neale.

AliciaNeale_EM (1)

Story by Angie Ceja

PHS Veterans Day Program to Take Place November 11

For the 2019-2020 Veterans Day Program on November 11, Chris Lindley’s AP U.S. history class will be organizing and participating in the event, continuing a tradition that has been upheld for over a decade.

Aside from all the tradition the program holds, Lindley and his class have decided to add a new piece this year.

“Tentatively, we are looking to do the Missing Man table ceremony as part of this year’s program. This was developed to honor POWs and MIAs, but a veteran approached me with it this summer believing it would be a touching addition,” said Lindley. 

As usual, the band and choir will perform, the colors will be presented and “Taps” will be played at the conclusion of the program. AP U.S. History students will read selected pieces and introduce veterans and military guests.

This year’s guest speaker is Officer Doug Soltwedel.

“He will be challenging our students by honoring our veterans, who and what they are and what they’ve done for us as an example to our student body,” said Lindley. 

Students and staff are encouraged to share pictures of the veterans in their lives this coming week. These will be displayed for Veterans Day.

Story by Gracie Walls

Drama Student Board Members Ready to Take on Their Roles

Unlike most clubs, the Drama Club uses a student board to make decisions. Using a student board allows individuals to work different roles or jobs depending on the production, and all members of the board have the same amount of power.

“It allows us more flexibility to match our skills and interests with the current needs,” said Drama Director Maria Wishart. 

In the fall and spring of the previous school year, there were several new board members appointed that remain as current board members. These members are given the title of “captains.” The Admiral Captain, or longest serving member, is junior Chandler Hinton. Other captains include: seniors Alex Milligan and Megan Poe; juniors Paige Nicholson and Libby Padgett; sophomores Angie Ceja, Kylee Charles and Michael Hannon and freshman A.J. Lopez. Along with numerous other jobs, the group of captains work behind the scenes to assist with the setup, cleanup and warmup.

All of the members look forward to a successful play season.

Story by Kinley Block

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