Studio Art AP Class Supports Creativity

One of the many classes offered at Paoli High School is Studio Art AP, taught by Chris Jones. Drawing 1, Drawing 2, and Studio Art Pre AP are prerequisites to enroll in AP Studio Drawing. Students in this class have higher expectations and are given more freedom and creativity to express themselves. 

“Students must be responsible and stay on top of the expectations of the class. Each student has their own set of projects for AP Studio Drawing, letting every artist do their own individual portfolio,” said Jones.

Each student’s portfolio has to meet specific requirements. 

“Students have two sections of quality and sustained investigation. For quality, students must send the AP College Board 5 physical pieces of art that are scored. In the sustained investigation, 15 slides of student’s art that share a common theme or thread are again sent to the Board,” said Jones.

Current students appreciate the freedom they get to express themselves while completing their portfolios. 

I get college credits and it’s a great opportunity to get colleges interested in you. I feel like a bigger door has been opened for me to choose ideas and mediums I want to use,” said Junior Brycen Long. 

Story by Amanda Bowles

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