Wilson Tackles History

Former PE teacher Brian Wilson has switched teaching positions for the 2019-2020 school year. This year, Wilson will be teaching Geography and World History.

Wilson attended Indiana University, where he got his bachelor’s degree in secondary education. Through college, Wilson taught US History at different schools and was a student teacher at PHS under U.S. history teacher Chris Lindley.

Wilson has endured a few challenges associated with switching positions, but with each new week of experience, he enjoys the learning process more and more. 

“The students in my classes have made the transition easier on me with their great behavior and willingness to be my guinea pigs for the year.  Even my rowdy 7th period makes it enjoyable,” said Wilson.

Although the year has begun, Wilson is still working on his plans. He is looking to make new routines and connect more with his students. 

“Classroom management is easier because the kids aren’t so spread out. It is easier to connect with my students,” said Wilson.

Wilson is ready to take on this new experience and have a great year with his students. 

Story by Makiya Russelburg

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