Junior High Spell Bowl Kicks Off Their Season

Junior high Spell Bowl is continuing at PHS this year. Seventh grade English teacher Loretta Brown is coordinator of the team and has been for the past six years. Spell Bowl is a club presented by the Indiana Association of School Principals. It allows students to compete in spelling bees and contests. Students are given lists of various words to study and memorize.

“I think spelling is important. I enjoy encouraging students to do their best,” said Brown. 

Anyone in seventh or eighth grade are eligible to join regardless of their spelling skills.

“It’s a fun opportunity and it helps you learn more vocabulary,” said eighth grader Lina Zheng. 

Junior high Spell Bowl has meetings every Monday and select Wednesdays during homeroom. Competitions will be announced in October and the state contest will be held at Purdue University.

Story by Ruby Chesnut

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