The Essentials Project Continues at PHS

Now in its second year, the Essentials Project is continuing to help students at PHS. The Essentials Project provides all students with free personal care items as needed. More than 80 requests have been made in the first three months of the 2019-2020 school year. 

The project is headed by journalism teacher Heather Nichols, with help from health teacher Summer Hudelson, resource aides Angela Frank and Kylee Archer and other community members. The group understands that student resources run short and hope to help in any way possible.

“I am so proud of our project. We have helped so many kids and we hope to continue helping kids in any way we can,” said Nichols.

This year, the Essentials Project partnered with the Laundry Room, a free service that cleans students’ clothes if they do not have the resources to do it themselves.

The Essentials Project is always taking donations of personal care items, which includes soap, shampoo, deodorant, underwear and socks. Anyone interested in donating items to the project can bring them to room 115 or drop them off at the office. 

To request items, students need to complete a Google form through the school website or their email, but they can also contact any member of the Essentials team directly.

Story by Ruby Chesnut

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