ISTEP and ILEARN Testing on the Horizon

In the upcoming months, students at PHS will start taking the yearly standardized tests taken in the spring. All seventh graders, eighth graders and sophomores will take them, along with some juniors and seniors.

Juniors or seniors who have not yet passed the English/Language Arts or Mathematics sections will retake the test on February 10 through 14, as it is a requirement to graduate. The sophomores will have their first round of ISTEP on March 3 through 6 and their second on April 7 through 10. All students who are in biology class this year will also take the Biology section on April 27 through 30. The seventh and eighth graders will be taking their English/Language Arts and Mathematics ILEARN April 21 through 24.

Proctors of each section teach the tested subject, and the testing on these days will take place in their classrooms.

Story by Elizabeth Workman

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