New Opportunities Within Special Olympics

Paoli High School and other surrounding schools in Orange County have started a Special Olympics basketball team. Special Olympics coordinator Pam Bond and coach Kim Anderson helped get the idea off the ground.

There are two 3-on-3 teams and one skills team. Coach Kim Anderson is the coach of Lightning, and coach Micheal Stevens Sr., who has a son with special needs, is the coach of Thunder. Freshman Ryleigh Anderson is the coach of Storm, which is the skills team.

“I love basketball and I thought that these people haven’t had the chance to try it if they want to, so my mom and I talked to Pam and she thought it was a great idea,” said Ryleigh.

This program gives others a chance to have fun and play basketball. The teams started practices in December and have participated in one tournament. The skills team is individually scored in shooting, dribbling and passing for its competitions. The 3-on-3 teams have 1 sub, and they play to 20 points or until the time runs out.

Anybody familiar with the game of basketball is welcome to help with the program. In order to get involved, contact Ryleigh, Kim or Stevens.

Story by Hayley Taylor-Norton

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