Senior Jalyn Engelking Looks to the Future

On January 15, senior Jalyn Engelking was accepted into the pre-vet program at Purdue, with future plans of getting her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.

Engelking has taken many different classes at PHS which helped her solidify her decision about the future. 

“I have been involved with the animal science classes provided at our high school over the past four years, and I have really enjoyed them. When I got involved in those classes, I changed my mind on what I wanted to do for my future career. I have wanted to be a veterinarian ever since, and I have wanted to go to Purdue because they offer a great veterinary medicine program,” said Engelking. 

This past summer, Engelking also had the chance to go to a veterinary medicine class at Purdue.

“I was able to stay on campus and I fell in love with the campus more and more every day and I loved getting a look into the vet program,” said Engelking. 

Engelking is looking forward to the next phase of her life at Purdue and cannot wait for what is to come. 

“I am really excited to continue my education at my dream school,” said Engelking.

Story by Corinne Magner

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