POP in Search of New Drum Major

This past band season, the Pride of Paoli marching band was led by Drum Major Alicia Neale. Because Neale is a senior this year, the band will be in search of someone to take the position, and the auditions are already underway.

There are three steps to the audition process. First, the candidates have to meet with Neale. During this interview, the candidates will learn about what it is like to be a drum major, such as dealing with the stress and the duties a drum major has to perform. Neale will also discuss the impression the drum major should leave on the directors and staff of both the POP and competitors. Second, the interviewee will talk with Band Directors Bill Laughlin and Matthew Crozier. This interview will focus on the personal traits of the candidate, such as leadership skills, relationships with others, etc. Lastly, another interview will be held with the seventh period band class. The candidate is expected to conduct the Star Spangled Banner and the school song. Band members will be free to ask questions and express their comments and concerns at this interview. 

“I hope that the next drum major has a lot of fun conducting, as well as leading the band with success. I also hope that they are proud of every small accomplishment within themselves as well as the band as a whole,” said Neale.

Story by Gracie Walls

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