McCrary Recounts COVID-19 Test Experience

At Paoli High School, over 120 students have been quarantined due to showing COVID-19 signs and symptoms. A vast majority of these students get tested to find out if they are actually infected with the coronavirus. One of these students include junior Emma McCrary. 

“I was coughing and had a sore throat, so my mom kept me home and we went to the doctor that same day. My doctor said it probably wasn’t COVID-19, but I should take a test to be safe,” said McCrary.

McCrary visited Dr. Daniel O’Brien in Orleans, but she could not get out of her vehicle, and had to take many precautions. 

“I couldn’t go inside of the building, so Dr. O’Brien came to my car to give me the test. I had to wear a mask up until the point where he was physically doing the test,” said McCrary. 

There are two kinds of tests available for COVID-19, the viral tests and the antibody tests. McCrary was tested with the nasal swab, or viral test, which is most common among those who get tested. This test collects material, like physical pieces of coronavirus in the area where the back of the nose meets the throat, while the antibody test is a blood test and is for individuals who are not yet showing symptoms. 

“The testing device he used looked like a thin cotton ear swab, and it was wrapped up in plastic. It felt uncomfortable and tickled a little bit. He had to wiggle it around in my nose for around 15 seconds, which really felt like 10 minutes. It made my eyes water, and afterward he put the nasal swab back into the plastic. He then told me I would get my results in 2-3 days, and until then my family and I should quarantine,” said McCrary. 

For McCrary, the suspense waiting for her results was the worst part of the experience. 

“It took three days after my test to receive the results. The waiting was prolonged and was scary, obviously. Being in that position of potentially having a virus affecting people all over the world can put you a little on edge. But, thankfully, my test came back negative, and I was able to go back to school shortly after,” said McCrary. 

Those that are showing symptoms or signs of COVID-19 should research potential testing stations in their area or contact a healthcare provider. 

Story by Gracie Walls

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