JAG Closet Revamps for New School Year

Last year, the Jobs for America’s Graduates organization started the “JAG Closet” after it got passed to them from the PACT program. It was not until this year that they were able to finally start better organization and advertising for it. 

“One thing we do a lot of in JAG is service learning. We love giving back to our students and the community. We asked ourselves, what kind of project could we run that would benefit our school and our students? We realized that while the Essentials closet is amazing and provides lots of essential personal items for students, clothing can be a real need,” said JAG Advisor Katie Cook.

The overall purpose of the closet is to simply provide clothing to students in need. Whether a student gets a hole in their shoe or gets dress-coded, they can stop by the JAG closet and pick up some new items. 

According to JAG, there has been an overall great turnout for this project. Many students utilize the closet. 

The JAG Closet runs on donations. Any donations are thoroughly checked to make sure they are school appropriate and clean without any stains or rips in them. They also usually do not accept donations of clothing with names or dates. 

In the future, JAG hopes to have the closet in a separate room apart from the classroom, in order to better provide clothing for the students. 

“We want the closet to be something that students are not ashamed of utilizing. We try to keep things that teenagers want to wear. Having said that, we would love to have donations from our own student body so that everyone is involved,” said Cook.

Story by Haley Owens

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