Adding Color to PHS

When students returned to school after fall break, they were surprised to see a giant coloring page on the wall of the main hallway, across from the Chambers Gymnasium. 

Booster Club sponsor Rachel Miller hung the black-and-white sketch over fall break so it would be ready for use when students returned. On the empty space of the bulletin board surrounding the page, she also hung multiple colors of markers. It will remain there until it is completed. 

“We don’t really have a plan right now,” said Miller, “once [the poster is completely colored] we’ll decide if it needs a permanent home elsewhere.”

Miller decided to hang this up after seeing advertisements for giant coloring pages over the summer. She thought it would be a good way to involve students and to make school more enjoyable. Her goal is to encourage creativity within students and to entertain them.

“Booster Club is always looking for new and interesting ways to make school enjoyable,” said Miller.

Story by Jozalyn Kempf

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