Hybrid Test Begins Thursday

During the January 11 School Board meeting it was decided that the school will test the hybrid schedule tomorrow, January 14, and Friday January 15. The two days are currently the only days the school will be on a hybrid schedule.

The hybrid plan divides students into a Gold team and a Purple team, based on their last name. Students in the Purple group will attend school on Thursday in-person, and then switch to eLearning on Friday. Students in this group have last names starting A-K.

Students in the Gold group will have the opposite schedule and will learn through eLearning on Thursday, and attend school on Friday. Students in this group have last names starting L-Z.

Students at the high school were assigned their color in December in anticipation of a possible hybrid schedule.

All students will resume in-person on Tuesday, January 19, after the three-day weekend.

As stated in the board’s minutes, “The upcoming Thursday and Friday [will be used] as hybrid days in order to troubleshoot any unforeseen issues in case we need to use the hybrid model.”

Story by Jozalyn Kempf

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