SAT Now Required for Indiana High School Juniors

As of October 2020, the SAT is now a standardized test for Indiana high school students.

“All juniors will be required to take the SAT, however, it won’t be a graduation qualifying exam like the ISTEP+ has been. [It] will instead be a school accountability exam,” said Corporation Testing Coordinator Brenda Eubank.

This spring, juniors will still be required to retake the ISTEP+ as part of their graduation requirements. It is required to determine a school’s federal accountability rating. A school accountability exam is a test for a school to administer and students to take.

“[The federal accountability rating] is a score given to schools based on whether or not they are on track. The formula used takes into account test scores, graduation rates, growth scores, etcetera,” said principle Sherry Wise. 

The date of the SAT exam has yet to be determined. For more information, email Brenda Eubank at or go to

Story by Jozalyn Kempf

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