Building Relationships Within School Walls

With the new semester starting up, PHS administration came up with a way to use homeroom time to help students and teachers build relationships. 

During homeroom, teachers and students do different relationship building activities together. Some of these activities are from a purchased program called SEL while others are just fun relationship building activities. Administration decided to start up these activities to help students and teachers create a bond.

“Everyone knows the importance of building relationships, especially between teachers and students. The SEL activities will hopefully help students to deal with the emotional strains they may be experiencing,” said Principal Dr. Sherry Wise.

WIth all of the stress both staff and students have dealt with, especially with COVID, these activities can help relieve that stress and make the school day more enjoyable.

“Covid is weighing on everyone. Hopefully, students will feel more comfortable opening up to teachers and asking for help if they need it.  Also, I felt we needed to add a little ‘fun’ to our days with the relationship activities,” said Wise.

Story by Angie Ceja

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