PHS Journalism Students Earn Regional Awards

During a typical year, PHS journalism students would head to Indiana University Southeast in the fall for the annual High School Media Day Contests. For this event, the students would send in different articles and content to be rated in their class for all student publications in the region, as well as having the chance to take classes with journalists and media advisors in the area. Both individual students and the entire organization can win awards based on what the category is. Due to the pandemic, the event was not able to be held in person, but the contest still occurred. The awards our journalism department received are:

1st Place:

  • Best Column – Masden Embry
  • Best Feature Photo – Mackenzie Robertson
  • Best Feature Story – Michael Hannon
  • Best Photo Essay/Picture Story – Maddie DeCarlo
  • Best Sports Photo – Faith Wilder
  • Best Unsigned Staff Editorial – Paolite Staff
  • Best Yearbook Copy – Hillcrest
  • Best Yearbook Cover – Hillcrest
  • Best Coverage of Clubs and Organizations – Hillcrest
  • Best Opening Section – Hillcrest
  • Best People Section – Hillcrest
  • Best Theme and Divisional Pages – Hillcrest
  • Yearbook of the Year – Hillcrest

2nd Place

  • TV/Video Newscast – Kaulen Turner, Producer
  • Best Multimedia Package – Emma McCrary
  • Best Overall Design in One Issue – Maggie Vincent and Payton Ashley
  • News Organization of the Year – Paolite
  • Best Coverage of Academics – Hillcrest
  • Best Coverage of Student Life – Hillcrest
  • Best Design – Hillcrest
  • Bets Photography – Hillcrest
  • Best Sports Coverage – Hillcrest

3rd Place

  • Broadcast Organization of the Year – PHS News Today
  • Best Multimedia Package – Karyas Slaten
  • Best News Story – Jozalyn Kempf
  • Best Overall Social Media Presence – PHS Media News Staff
  • Best Advertising Section – Hillcrest

Story by Michael Hannon

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