U.S. History Students Examine the Roaring 20s with Museum Project

After being unable to do this project with last year’s class, history teacher Chris Lindley will resume the Museum Project with his current U.S. history honors class. This year’s theme is the Roaring 20s, and the event will be held on Sunday, May 17.

As of now, the projects will be displayed in the high school cafeteria. 

“I have always done it in the cafeteria, but I am considering placing them throughout the halls so the spacing will flow better,” said Lindley. 

Although judges are not set in stone, President of the Historical Society Robert Henderson usually helps judge the projects, along with other individuals from the community. The Historical Society often provides a $50 prize to the ‘Best of Show’ project, and Lindley is working on more prizes for his students. 

“My hope for this project is that we can reveal that the 1920s was more than just a partying, drinking, and dancing decade. It really laid the foundation for modern America,” said Lindley. 

The Museum Project will be open to the public and anyone else who wants to attend.

Story by Gracie Walls

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