Homecoming Crowned

On Friday, September 17, Student Council sponsored the annual Fall Homecoming. The coronation was held before the start of the Paoli vs. West Washington game.

The underclassmen nominated one boy and one girl to represent each class. Later in the week, high school students voted for their favorite senior pair to be Queen and King.

Seniors Rylie Atkins (right) and Preston DeWeese (left) were crowned the 2021 Fall Homecoming Queen and King.

“I am beyond thankful. I can’t thank anyone enough. The support and encouragement I got made it feel like a dream!” said Atkins.

Homecoming candidates (left) Rylie Atkins and Aiden Dooley (right).
Homecoming candidates Angie Ceja (left) and Michael Hannon (right).
Homecoming candidates Kylee Charles (left) and Kizer Threlkeld (right).
Homecoming candidates Hallie Graves (left) and Marcus McGuire (right).
Homecoming candidates Corrine Magner (left) and Preston DeWeese (right).
Junior Princess River Fleming (left) and Prince Marty Higgins (right).
Sophomore Princess Gracie Brown (left) and Prince Kayson Simpson (right).
Freshman Princess Chloe Smith (left) and Prince William Baker (right).

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