Students Take Control of Class

The education professions class is a course offered at PHS that gives students the opportunity to aid teachers at the elementary school. The students help in any way they can, whether that be assisting students with their work or gathering supplies, all while getting a first-hand experience on what it’s like to be a teacher.

Education Professions teacher Danelle Manship teaches five students from Paoli and four from Springs Valley. The students at Valley are all online. The course counts as a dual credit course and if students take it as a junior they are able to take Education Professions II as a senior.

“I want the students to get first hand experience on what it is like to be a teacher. Less and less students go into the teaching profession, so this is a good way to bring them into that experience,” said Manship.

Taking this class gives students many benefits, including earning college credits which can help them graduate early and get a teaching degree in college.

“I plan to pursue a career in education and this class allows me to prepare for my desired major in college. It is also a Dual-Credit course which will roll over credits in college and contributes to the Indiana College Core,” said senior Amanda Bowles.

Bowles goes down to Throop to get hands-on experience with third grade students.

“I do anything from reading to the students, monitoring tests, and practicing math facts. I love going down to Throop. Within the first week, the third graders that I work with already knew my name, and I get a bundle of hugs every time I leave. Since I am older, they enjoy working with me and I am always asked for help by them,” said Bowles, “Being a role model to these kids is really something that I cherish. This class allows me to get a head start on my future learning. I also plan to sub at Paoli Schools until I earn my degree so I will have even more classroom experience. Who knows I might be back at Paoli Schools as an elementary teacher by the time today’s seventh graders are seniors.”

The students are also involved in AVID teacher Tammy Noble’s program as certified AVID tutors.

“The education professions students help AVID students with their tutorials. They have been trained in the tutorial process and help guide the AVID students through the process. They keep the discussion moving in tutorials and help groups to stay on task to accomplish more during their tutorial time,” said Noble.

This course is available to any junior or senior and can be taken next semester or next year to those interested.

Story by Jeremiah Hutcheson

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