New Books Available in Library

The new librarian Rachel Miller has made many improvements and changes to the library. A recent change is adding new books to the library. Miller spent many hours at Books-A-Million to purchase the books. 

“I went with the intention of buying primarily nonfiction and graphic novels, but I was also able to get a number of new fiction titles as well.  I purchased nonfiction books with topics that are relevant to PHS students like robotics, technology, and folklore,” said Miller. 

The junior high was lacking books that appealed to them, and that is where Miller started her shopping.

“When purchasing books, I think about the topics and types of books that students and teachers have requested. Teachers have requested more nonfiction books and students have requested more middle grades books and graphic novels, so that’s where I started when I began to make my lists,” said Miller.

Students can check out books by writing their name on the card in the back of the book and leaving it on the card counter.  The library is in the process of putting our collection online, so eventually students will simply scan their lunch card (or enter their lunch number) to check out a book.

Story by Stella Windhorst

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