Alcohol Awareness for Seniors April 21

On April 21, School Resource Officer Andrew Streble, with the help of the Paoli Police Department and Orange County Prosecutor’s Office, will hold a convocation for seniors on alcohol and drug awareness. 

In the past, Springs Valley High School students participated in a similar program, so as a part of Prom preparations for the second year following the COVID-19 outbreak, PHS decided to introduce their own version of the program for students. It will focus on how serious of an offense it is to drive while intoxicated and how it can seriously impair someone’s future. 

“The purpose of the presentation is to show what effects drugs and/or alcohol have on the body with concentration on what happens when someone is driving while impaired,” said Streble, “We felt it would be more beneficial than just hearing us lecture about drugs and alcohol.”

The presentation will be a recreation of an Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) scene. It will also include an officer completing a Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST).

For more information, email Streble at or find him in his room located in the Main Office. 

Story by Joz Kempf

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