New Dress Code Policy Implementation Continues

New Dress Code Policy Implementation Continues

Joz Kempf, Paolite Staff Writer

On Friday, August 16, students of Paoli High School were entertained by a fashion show presenting the new dress code policy at a pep session. Despite the light-hearted introduction, the administration hopes the students paid attention to the underlying rules. 

Assistant Principal Ed Wagner has dealt with numerous violations since the beginning of school and feels students should educate themselves on the new policy.

“It allows students to express themselves in some manner, but they should follow the guidelines and not try to push the limits,” said Wagner. 

A few of the changes include that shorts, skirts, and holes in ripped jeans can now hit mid-thigh and tank top straps should be 2 inches in width. If you have any questions about the dress code, refer to the student handbook or ask Wagner.