Booster Club Looks to Spread Positivity


Corinne Magner, Paolite Staff Writer

This year, Booster Club Sponsor Rachel Miller started a new trend at PHS. Every Friday, the Booster Club will have music playing in the hallways during passing periods. 

After playing the music for the first time, Booster Club received positive feedback, and 100 people filled out a Google form requesting songs to be played. 

I’ve received good feedback from other teachers and some of my 9th graders. The teachers like positivity, and the students like hearing their favorite songs,” said Miller. 

Last year, before Miller was Booster Club sponsor, she heard students in the halls give positive feedback toward the music. She knew that would be a great way to kick off this school year.

“Mr. Dittmer played music once last year when he was spearheading Booster Club and everyone loved it. People were nodding their head to the beat as they walked down the halls and everyone seemed to be in a good mood that day. I wanted to recreate those good feelings every week,” said Miller.   

Booster Club will not only be playing music for athletics, but also for other special events that happen throughout the school year. If anyone has a song request, Booster Club is looking for good beats that are school appropriate.

“I‘m trying to create an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie. We’re together for 35 hours a week, we might as well enjoy it,” said Miller.