“See You at the Pole” to Take Place September 23


On Wednesday, September 23, the 20th annual “See You At The Pole” event will take place before school starting at 7:30. Any student interested will have the opportunity to gather around the flagpole for prayer and encouragement. Every year on the fourth Wednesday of September, students world-wide have been organizing and hosting an annual prayer circle to support their fellow students, teachers, and community. It began when a small group of 10 kids gathered around the flagpole in prayer. Then, it was taken over by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization, who now direct the event.

“Generally, we will have a little bit of singing, but that depends on the students organizing it and whether there is someone who wants to lead. The main activity is prayer, and we have in the last few years divided the students into smaller groups and allowed each group to decide how they will pray,” said FCA sponsor Chris Lindley. 

This event is open to any student who wishes to participate and members of the community, such as ministers and other concerned adults. There is typically donuts and milk offered to students afterward. For more information, go to syatp.com or contact Lindley at [email protected]

Story by Jozalyn Kempf