Additional Nurses Help PHS Stay Open


A lot of things had to function well for PHS to be able to make it through the first nine weeks of school. One of these contrivances included the nurses and the additional nurses office. 

With the addition of a new nurses office comes a new purpose for each. One is for students who take medications, have an injury or any other non-illness health-related issue. This one is in the nurse’s office inside the main office. Anyone who visits that office must first check their temperature before being allowed to enter. Only three people total are allowed in the nurse’s office in order to maintain social distancing. The other is an isolation area utilized only for students reporting symptoms of an illness (ie. nausea, a headache, sore throat). Students are escorted to that area (Room 103) to be assessed and to either rest if their symptoms do not meet school exclusion criteria or to await someone to pick them up if their symptoms fall on the list of potential COVID-19 symptoms.

Nurse Emme Moore is the main nurse in Room 103, the isolation room. Moore advises anyone with symptoms to let a staff member know. 

“If in doubt, I choose to err on the side of caution and place students on an extended absence rather than risk keeping a student who could potentially have COVID-19 at school. COVID-19 has forced everyone to be flexible and adaptable. I am so thankful to my nursing staff, the secretaries (Kim Bostock and Barb Grabner), the administrators, and Mr. Walker for working so closely with me. It takes all of us working together and maintaining constant communication to keep everyone safe and healthy. Also, our custodial staff has done an excellent job. The school has never looked better,” said Moore.

Story by Makiya Russelburg