PHS Media Department Welcomes New Upgrades


The PHS Media Department has recently acquired some new upgrades and technological advances in their studio, which is where PHS Media News Today and other clips are filmed, senior headshots are taken, and news and sports videos are edited. Not only will these upgrades improve the production and quality of news for the Media Department’s Studio Staff, but for the school as well. 

The Media Department hasn’t seen new equipment since the early 1990s. The new equipment includes smaller touchscreen soundboards and new lightweight portable cameras, creating a quick setup process and allowing the studio to be portable. Out of those a part of the Studio Staff, the ones that are most impacted by these upgrades are junior Kacey McBride and sophomore Adin Monroe. 

McBride controls the switcher board and what viewers are seeing on the other end.

“The new switcher board makes things a lot less complex and a lot easier to switch from screen to screen. I am also now able to control audio and I wasn’t able to before,” said McBride. 

Monroe manages live streaming and uploading the daily show to YouTube. 

“Our switcher used to be connected to every TV in every classroom. Now, we have a platform, YouTube, to stream the show directly from the switcher. We can have teachers watch it live and wireless, which is much more convenient,” said Monroe. 

Senior Kaulen Turner is the show producer for PHS Media News Today. Along with his technology placement through PHS, Turner works as an Audio Visual (AV) Technician at the French Lick Resort.

“I think my job at the hotel helps me with the production of the show. I knew how to set up the new equipment because of what I do at work. I also would like to graduate and go into a career related to audio visuals and technology production, so working with tech related stuff on a daily basis helps me to prepare for my future,” said Turner.

Story by Gracie Walls