PHS Seniors get involved with Election Day

PHS Seniors get involved with Election Day

Maggie Vincent, Editor-in-Chief

With the election right around the corner, the candidates are not the only ones gearing up for November 3. Some of PHS’s very own will be participating in the big day as poll workers. Seniors Chandler Hinton and Trey Cranfield both have a passion for politics and will be taking it to the polls this election. 

“I was influenced enough to sign up for the primaries just because I read an article that said that the average age of a U.S. poll worker is 68. With COVID, I was worried that they would be short workers and wouldn’t be able to run an election as well. Then I found out you got paid and now I’m for sure a permanent worker,” said Hinton. 

Cranfield was drawn to work the polls because of his fascination with the voting process. 

“It didn’t take much influence for me, I’ve always been interested in the civic system of our electoral process. The fact that even us, in little Paoli, Indiana, can make a difference the same way as the urban business insider in LA or New York City simply by casting a ballot has always been fascinating to me,” said Cranfield. 

Despite the fact neither Hinton nor Cranfield are able to vote in this election, it still piqued their interests. To both students, voting is a civic duty all Americans possess and they should use their freedom in the upcoming election. For this generation it is important to understand the value of their vote more than ever. 

“Our generation needs to know — above all — that the right to vote is a sacred tradition in our nation’s history, and while seemingly insignificant, partaking in the process gives us more power than any elected government official,”  said Cranfield. “Never take your vote for granted and never assume your vote doesn’t matter, because it is the strongest executive authority we have as a democratic nation.”