Sending Joy to Nursing Home Residents


Senior Margaret Naumoff is doing her part to make life a little better for nursing home residents during the pandemic. Naumoff started making cards to send to the residents at both Paoli Health and Living and Springs Valley Meadows for Valentine’s Day, simply to bring joy to the residents who are unable to see their friends and family. She is now looking for others to help her. 

“I wanted to start this project because my neighbor went into a nursing home right before Covid happened. Before, we could go up to Bloomington and visit her all the time. Now, with Covid, nursing homes are not allowing any guests and I know that is very hard on the residents. I send her cards and messages all the time, but I thought why just send cards to my neighbor when I could brighten up the day of the residents in our local nursing homes as well,” said Naumoff.

If you would like to help make cards, you can pick up supplies in chemistry teacher Melissa Higgins’s room, Room 101. If interested, please contact Naumoff at (812)709-2157 or [email protected]

Story by Haley Owens