IU Electric Guitar Orchestra to Perform October 29


Shae Dillard

On Friday, October 29, choir teacher Dr. Chris Boveroux has scheduled a performance by the IU Electric Guitar Orchestra for his students and all of the band students. This performance will be taking place in the auditorium during fifth period and is scheduled to be over by the beginning of 7th period.  

Students are expected to get any work that they will be missing from their sixth period beforehand. Any work not completed during that time will not be excused if not finished. 

“I’m excited for students to see what a group of trained musicians, all of whom are either professional or nearly professional level, can do as an ensemble. The Electric Guitar Orchestra will also talk about the history of the guitar and the electric guitar, which is always interesting. I’m also looking forward to the opportunities for the students to actually conduct the group, which will be a wonderful way to explore a whole new side of music,” said Boveroux. 

The Jacobs School of Music, a part of IU, is working with Paoli to share some of their resources. 

Story by Shae Dillard